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Iran says Israel's Days are Numbered

Iranian leader, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, said Israel, like the former Soviet Union, will soon disappear.

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Tuesday told delegates at an international conference questioning the Holocaust that Israel's days were numbered.

Ahmadinejad, who has sparked international outcry by referring to the killing of six million Jews in World War Two as a "myth" and calling for Israel to be "wiped off the map", launched another verbal attack on the Jewish state.

"Thanks to people's wishes and God's will the trend for the existence of the Zionist regime is downwards and this is what God has promised and what all nations want," he said.

"Just as the Soviet Union was wiped out and today does not exist, so will the Zionist regime soon be wiped out," he added.


Delegates at the meeting earlier on Tuesday agreed to form a "fact-finding" committee to study the Holocaust.

The head of the new committee, identified as Iranian academic Mohammad Ali Ramin, said its members were "not racist or opposed to any particular group".

"Rather they are just seeking the truth to set humanity truly free," the ISNA students news agency quoted him as saying, without naming the committee members.

Robert Faurisson, a French scholar who has described the Holocaust as a "historical lie", said the committee included members from the United States, France, Canada, Switzerland, Austria, Iran, Bahrain and Syria, ISNA reported.

I'm not sure how he is able to make the statement that Israel will go the way of the Soviet Union when the Soviet Union collapsed under the weight of its non-existent economy and failed communist government and Israel's economy is doing just fine.

The purpose of this so called Holocaust conference is to attempt to undercut the world's support for the Holocaust so as to further argue against the need for an Israeli state, which was created because of the Holocaust. Of course, the rest of the world will not accept the conference's assertion that the Holocaust is a myth and did not happen. As it stands right now, the majority of the world's countries don't support Israel. Just take a look at the countries in the UN. The vast majority of them would love to see(let me restate that) probably wouldn't care if Israel were wiped out. Sadly, even the ISG report recommends that the US sit down diplomatically with the leaders of Iran and Syria as if they are reasonable and rational members of the world community. The mere suggestion cuts off Israel at the knees. Added: The ISG's suggestion that the problems in Iraq can be solved if we find a solution to the Palestine/Israel conflict is just plain nuts. That conflict won't end until Israel no longer exists because that is the ultimate goal of the Palestinians and their terror organizations. The say they want Israel pushed back but that's not what they are really after. How do we know this? Everytime Israel concedes land back to the Palestinian territories, the Palestinians still find reasons to attack and then the fighting continues. What they really want is Israel destroyed.

Update: Question: Was Olmert's accidental acknowledgment that Israel has nuclear weapons really accidental?

Update II: Germany's Angela Merkel and the United States are denouncing the meetings while Tony Blair says it's shocking that the conference is taking place. Why? These people have not denied who they are. Instead, they have made it perfectly clear that as far as they are concerned, Israel and the Jews are the cause for everything that is wrong in this world. Ahmadinejad and his like-minded compatriots are dangerous. They will continue to say things that are shocking until people get so used to hearing them that they aren't shocking anymore.

Hitler's Nazi Germany began this way.

Take a look at this 1932 poster from Nazi Germany, which publicized a meeting with Nazi Julius Streicher. It declared "The Jews are our Misfortune!"


And how is this Holocaust conference any different from Hitler's "The Eternal Jew" exhibition in 1937? They both have the same purpose: to destroy the Jews.

No one wanted to take on Hitler until it was too late. I'm afraid the world will make the same mistake again.

Update III: Be sure to check out Bruce Kesler's piece at Democracy Project.

Update IV: David Duke gave a presentation at Iran's Holocaust denier conference that illustrates what was probably the point of view by all those who attended:

The Zionists have used the Holocaust as a weapon to deny the rights of the Palestinians and cover up the crimes of Israel," Duke told a gathering of nearly 70 "researchers" in Tehran at Ahmadinejad's invitation.

"This conference has an incredible impact on Holocaust studies all over the world," said Duke, a former state representative in Louisiana who twice ran for president.

"The Holocaust is the device used as the pillar of Zionist imperialism, Zionist aggression, Zionist terror and Zionist murder," Duke told The Associated Press.

Also at the end of the conference, Mohammad Ali Ramini, an Ahmadinejad adviser who has called the Holocaust a "myth," announced that he will chair a committee to find "the truth on the genocide of Jews."

And a Syrian representative sees this as the truth. Behold the insanity:

Nabil Soleiman, an adviser to the ministry of religious affairs in Syria, said, "If the Holocaust ever occurred, it was a conspiracy against the Arab-Islamic world as today the Middle East is still paying the consequences."

Get that? If the Holocaust took place, the Jews weren't the victims, the Arab-Islamic world was. According to this guy, the Jews conspired to kill themselves en masse just to get back at the Arab world.


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Comments (21)

<a href="http://www.freere... (Below threshold)
Assuming that Isreal has th... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

Assuming that Isreal has the bomb, which in all likelyhood they do, I doubt that they will go quitely into the night. If I were old hack-on-my-dinner-jacket, I'd be a little worried that I just might be ground zero for the first one out of the plane.

Time after time, Ahmadineja... (Below threshold)
Paper Tiger:

Time after time, Ahmadinejad publicizes his plan to annihilate Israel.
Time after time, an intimidated West refuses to listen.
Israel will have to go it alone and they have been forced to decide between striking first or being destroyed. Hell of a choice.
They'll hit first.
The West will breathe a collective sigh of relief, clean their soiled britches, then rush to
condemn Israel in the hope of currying favor with the U.N. and Islam.
We are, after all, ...a Paper Tiger.

USMC Pilot,My prev... (Below threshold)
Paper Tiger:

USMC Pilot,

My previous post, in no way means our military.
It means those who do not allow our military to engage.

Does anyone really need a b... (Below threshold)

Does anyone really need a better explanation for why the "why should Israel be allowed to have nukes but Iran shouldn't" argument is nonsense than the nutball heading up Iran?

How 'bout them Chinese subs... (Below threshold)

How 'bout them Chinese subs stalking our our fleet and ringing our coastlines? They hate Jews, too. Hell, they hate everybody! And quit being so "concerned" for Israel; as they say: With friends like Neo-cons, who needs enemies?

Kim - I believe the referen... (Below threshold)

Kim - I believe the reference to the USSR relates more to how we were able to precipitate their demise via the SDI planning and the Pershing II missile (nuke-tipped). ie - through military strengh. Iran probably thinks they can defeat Israel - consider the following: (1) Mahmoud has said Iran can absorb an Israeli nuke attack and survive, (2) they have tested the Israel ground forces in Lebanon and deem them beatable, (3) Russia is supplying Iran (and thus Syria/Lebanon) with missile defenses, and (4) a nice touch would be to own the Golan Hts via a proxy country. All this chatter is to prepare the world to do nothing in defense of Israel. With the dems running congress we wouldnt be able to declare war - at best, dems would insist we go to the UN. Mahmoud is crazy like a fox!


"Just take a look at the co... (Below threshold)

"Just take a look at the countries in the UN. The vast majority of them would love to see Israel wiped out"

Oh. My. God.

According to who?

What sources are you basing that statement from?

Procure a "majority" from this list, instead of the list that the fairies whisper in your ear, OK?

You know, people were awful... (Below threshold)

You know, people were awful fast to say "Never Again" when Serbia was in full swing a few years ago. How come we are not hearing that now?

MyPetGloat:I think... (Below threshold)


I think you are partially right in that my phrase "would love to see Israel wiped out" was a bit too strong. Instead, I think most countries in the UN wouldn't care if Israel were wiped out. I think many in the UN buy into the line pushed by those in the Middle East that if the Muslims states and terrorist organizations just get what they want (the destruction of Israel) that they will be satisfied and stop all the unrest that they create in the world.

That's what I meant. And I think I'm right.

Kim,I don't believ... (Below threshold)


I don't believe that "the destruction of Israel" is what the terrorists and these other groups want. They want power and control pure and simple.

The UN either does not understand that or does not care to address it. Personally, with the corruption that seems rampant in the UN and it's peace-keeping missions (esp in Africa), I believe it is the latter

Scott,I'm sure you... (Below threshold)


I'm sure you're right. But the destruction of Israel, and the West in general, is part of this plan.


Wait a minute...<bloc... (Below threshold)

Wait a minute...

I think many in the UN buy into the line pushed by those in the Middle East that if the Muslims states and terrorist organizations just get what they want (the destruction of Israel) that they will be satisfied and stop all the unrest that they create in the world.

I'll repeat the request made of you earlier. Make a list, Kim. It should be easy - since you say "many in the UN". Name some of the many countries outside of the Middle East who say they believe that peace in the Middle East can be obtained through the destruction of israel... please.

Gulf group calls for Israel... (Below threshold)
Chip Caboy:

Gulf group calls for Israel sanctions.

Is this part of that plan?

When we used to be a force ... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

When we used to be a force to be reckoned with Iran would be more careful...but the A to Z debacle Bush inc. have made in Iraq places us in a position of international weakness...
So Iran will huff and puff...knowing they sit at the table if we recognise them or not...

Here's my plan:... (Below threshold)

Here's my plan:

Israel nukes Iran, kills about 6 million Iranians, then denies it ever happened.

Neat and tidy. Familiar. Has precedent.

Many commentors think (as i... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

Many commentors think (as is evidenced by their comments) that the US would be helpless to aid Isreal, or engage in any combat in the middle east, due to the Iraq situation. The reason for the problems in Iraq, even with 150,000 troups there, is that it is a police action and not a war.

Given a real war in the middle east the United State military would go through the aggressor like shit through a goose. In a full war situation you stop worrying about ccivilian casualties. We had little trouble with the Taliban or Sadam's army. Our fire power would quickly destroy any enemy. As far as the Iranians or Syrians being armed by the Russian, I wouldn't worry too much. Most of their equipment is junk and doesn't work half the time. Sure the AK47 is a great weapon, but the high tech stuff is trash, and you have to bear in mind that it will be opperated by arabs. Remember the training film where the last terrorist is chasing the truck down the road.

In my opinion, hackonmydinerjacket is going to give a lot of hate filled speaches, but I doubt he is ready to commit suicide.

When we used to be a force ... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

When we used to be a force to be reckoned with Iran would be more careful...but the A to Z debacle Bush inc. have made in Iraq places us in a position of international weakness...
So what did the liberals call for? More forceful answers to the terrorists? Let the Shiites loose to deal forcefully with the Sunni insurgents? More Saddam-style response to the insurgency/terrorism since they said that Iraq was better under Saddam?

No, they call for surrender to Iran and the terrorists. Predictable and despicable. The Dems are busy making their corrupt congressmen Mollahan and Jefferson happy in Congress. At least, Foley had to resign. The dems seem to reward the moral corruption and even illegal behaviors by their members. Truly in an intellectual and moral sewage.

Surprised that Lee and Lee 's fellow travelers haven't called for Pelosi's resignation. But that the moral sewage we would expect from liberals and democrats in any case.

LAI, you're a piece of work... (Below threshold)

LAI, you're a piece of work. The Shi'ites are the legitimate power brokers because... they're the majority? The Sunnis are the bad guys because... Saddam was a Sunni?

You think the Sunnis are the insurgents, because backing the Shi'ites yields a higher probability of "success" or "victory" or whatever the fuck your sick brain has imagined that xenophobic outcome to be. And that is only because there are more Shi'ites than Sunnis. You're one of those scum bags that Thomas Hobbes was worried about, relishing the state of nature and unchecked Darwinian social metamorphoses that accompany it. Get fucked, you medieval nitwit.

"I think many in ... (Below threshold)

"I think many in the UN buy into the line pushed by those in the Middle East that if the Muslims states and terrorist organizations just get what they want"

"That's what I meant. And I think I'm right."

Well, you cant argue with that logic....

Of course when I say logic, I think I mean bullshit.

"of coarse when I say logic... (Below threshold)

"of coarse when I say logic"-from someone that humps a goat.






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