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Lame TV Shows

Well, I should have known it would happen. I made the mistake of watching the season finale of "The Amazing Race", but it was neither Amazing nor really much of a race. The show, in case you were wise than me and did not waste your time on it, works like this: Twelve teams of two start out and go from place to place, pretty much around the world, and gradually teams are eliminated until the last few survivors make a run for the prize - a million dollars for first place. There is no word on whether any of the other teams get money, although being first reach each of the twelve "pit stops" gets a prize of some kind, usually trip-related (someone wanna explain to me why someone who has been running around the world for literally tens of thousands of miles, would want to go on another trip anytime soon?). That general plan could actually work, except that the guys running the show have thoroughly mucked it up.

As an example, Sunday's finale should have been the best run of all, with lots of challenges and wholly dependant on the players' skill and daring. Instead, CBS' finale was as stupid as Dan Rather's 'fake but credible' forged documents. First, the players had to make their way from Barcelona to Paris; that part was interesting, especially to see Team Bama move from third to first by going to Lyon Airport instead of De Gaulle. But from there the race was a waste. In short, it came down to getting seats on an overbooked plane. I am not a racist, but it does strike me as a wee bit odd that the white people were able to get on the plane with "no seats", but not the team of two black women. Considering what was at stake, the "Amazing Race" people totally blew that decision and managed to make the race a matter of chance. It comes down to who gets the plane to New York, then which cab has the EZ-tag. For crying out loud, the show goes around the world, and it's decided by neither skill nor character? That's CBS' idea of a winner?

Maybe next year "The Amazing Race" should just have the contestants use scratch-off cards. It would be just as dramatic, but faster and cheaper.

TV is doing that a lot these days. I love the CSI shows, but not so much when they decide they need to use sex to sizzle up the show, which seems to happen more and more. And I can't stand Letterman or Leno anymore; they pander to their NY and LA crowds like the rest of America doesn't exist. And the news? Now that Tony Snow has come to Washington, improving the quality of White House Press Briefings, even Fox News sucks for the most part, and the "Big Three" (ABC, CBS, NBC) are a total loss. And CNN might as well be pulling paychecks from Ahmadinejad, and for all I know, they are.

Where are the good TV shows anymore?

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Actually, getting on a spec... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

Actually, getting on a specific flight is all about racing and not about luck. IN the case you cited, the two guys got on the flight because they reached the airport first and got on the waiting list first. Had the roles been reversed, the women would have made the flight. I fact, in an earlier episode, the same two women managed to convince an airline to let them get on a "full" flight even though regulations prohibitted the airline from doing so.

That is not to say that luck doesn't play an important role in the game. Getting the right cab driver or the car that breaks down most decidedly factors in. However, good racing ususally trumps that.

The really good ones get ca... (Below threshold)
mc harrison:

The really good ones get cancelled quickly. The only show I watched, Dead Like Me , was cancelled after two seasons. Apparently a different slant on plots, witty writing, and a great cast did not attract enough viewers. Thank God for DVDs! Reality shows and the rest of the pile of garbage? I'm going to cancel cable and trash the TV.

My favs - Heroes, House, Th... (Below threshold)

My favs - Heroes, House, The Unit, Veronica Mars, and Supernatural. I still watch the CSIs but they have lost a lot of quality. Jericho and Daybreak are interesting. Lost is on the verge of losing me with these 2 month breaks in the middle of the season.

Just remember - 24 is only a few weeks away.

On the History Channel.... (Below threshold)

On the History Channel.

The Closer is a great show.... (Below threshold)

The Closer is a great show. They are rerunning the second season on TNT and it airs tonight. It has alot of humor and Kiera Sedgewick plays a southern detective in LA, and most of the characters resemble real people with real attitudes. I highly recommend it.

It certainly is not on the ... (Below threshold)

It certainly is not on the "off" channels. I blogged a few days ago about blocking A & E over there stupid movie about "If gays went on strike" or somesuch. I wrote and told them that I took that drastic step after being forced to watch two men kissing on an ad during their regular programming. I might also note that the utterly useless (except to forward the gay agenda) "gay eye for the straight guy" seems to have disappeared from Bravo. I'm sure both regular viewers were disappointed.

I was also disappointed at ... (Below threshold)

I was also disappointed at the finale of "The Amazing Race," but that was out of anyone's control. That's what makes this show so fascinating. I think the plan was that the Amazing Race should have been decided by a foot race in New York. Instead the race was decided by an overbooked flight and an EZ pass.

This is the only network show we allow our kids to watch. Everything else in prime time is too violent or too sex-obsessed.

The Amazing Race shows our kids the world in a way that is really different; racing through markets, rowing fishing boats, baking camel meat and making pollen pictures. Plus you see people reacting to stress in different ways. Rob may love Kimberly, but I think she's going to dump the jerk as soon as the cameras are off. Good for her.

Of all the countries, I thought Viet Nam was the most beautiful. One hopes they throw the commies out soon and turn to capitalism. They'd be resort destination in no time.

I haven't watch network TV ... (Below threshold)

I haven't watch network TV in 20 years. (Letterman and sports the exceptions) I don't know many people that really watch this trash.

You guys aren't watching "T... (Below threshold)

You guys aren't watching "The Office" ??????

C'mon, it's hilarious. Thursday nights. Be there.

DJ:CNN @ 7:00PM ES... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:


CNN @ 7:00PM EST = Glen Beck

Your going to love it!

BTW - CNN ratings are heade... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

BTW - CNN ratings are headed up, mostly because of him.

Top Chef, Project Runway, M... (Below threshold)

Top Chef, Project Runway, My Life On the D-List (Bravo); sometimes Journalists Roundtable (C-SPAN); various History Channel documentaries if they're not too laden with re-enactmentments cuz re-enactmentments SUCK! And speaking of "Suck", where's hmmm...ed?

You want a good show, then ... (Below threshold)

You want a good show, then watch Battlestar Galactica on sci fi every friday night. One of the best shows on TV right now.

Heroes and Jericho are the ... (Below threshold)
R Marcelo:

Heroes and Jericho are the only ones worth watching. I only allow myself three hours a week. I'll be on a T.V. hiatus until next season. Now, go pick up a book (Ted Bell's 'Pirate' is an easy and entertaining read if you like the James Bond type of genre).

Echoing a previous comment.... (Below threshold)

Echoing a previous comment....

I really hate television overall. It is one of my pet peeves. Especially sitcom dreck, with the laughtrack so that you know when something funny is supposed to be happening. How anyone can sit any watch that crap is beyond me.

The exception to the rule: The Office. No laughtrack, consistently funny, and the best I've seen at showing people in really awkward, uncomfortable situations. There's nothing like it.

Good Grief,Is raci... (Below threshold)

Good Grief,

Is racism to be suspected anytime a Black fails to get what they want?

Hey, maybe thay were discriminating againt woment too.

My family hunkers down toge... (Below threshold)

My family hunkers down together for Heroes, Lost, and Jericho. Lost is about to lose us - the plot is getting too convoluted, and they have never once tied up any of the original mysteries. Plus, we all hate that they killed off Mr. Ecko, one of our all-time favorite characters. And they're not giving Hurley enough air time.

I and my husband like to watch Prison Break, The Unit, and 24 together. I canNOT wait for the new 24 season!

I don't remember these awkward mid-season 2-3 months hiatuses until just recently - like within the last 2 years or so. I can't stand it. Shows must lose a lot of their loyal audiences that way. People just move on and forget to care and never tune back in.

Reality TV, which I used to be a fan of, is now way too predictable. The Amazing Race ended badly. Even the racers seemed surprised that it ended so precipitously. Kind of like, "Whoops - we're done? That's it?" Very anti-climactic.

Survivor tried to rattle some cages with their Racial Groupings, but they abandoned that by the third episode. I laughed about it, because it was obvious that despite everyone's ethnicities, they were all really just your average every-day Americans. (Even Cowboy, though, of course he was just bona fide weird).

Ah well...everything pales next to 24. Jack Bauer returns soon.

Battlestar Galactica & Hero... (Below threshold)

Battlestar Galactica & Heroes are great.
Survivor is fun.
Law & Order is always decent, and in a few flavors too.






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