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The Benefits of Bush Bashing

In my Examiner column today I look at the benefits of Bush bashing. As we saw this week with Kofi Annan, you can say anything about President Bush, no matter how incredibly lacking your credibility is on a subject, as long as you sufficiently bash George Bush. Also, if you are a conservative, you can not only bash Bush while escaping scrutiny yourself, but you can also expect positive media attention (even fawning) that is ordinarily next to impossible for conservatives to receive.

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I liken all Bush bashers to... (Below threshold)

I liken all Bush bashers to the boy who cried wolf.

I just dont listen to them anymore, because if they had a legit thought or agenda, theyd be original, present that.

It's pc to bush-bash. Like ... (Below threshold)

It's pc to bush-bash. Like it's pc to bash white men, husbands, Christians and rednecks.

Anyone else is taboo.

Brilliant!Love the... (Below threshold)


Love the James Baker comparison.

Simply disgusting that hypo... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Simply disgusting that hypocrites such as Kofi Annan, Teddy Kennedy, Al Sharpton, Jimmy Carter, et al, are lionized by the MSM. Wonder how long will it take for one of the silly Wizbang trolls to show up here and defend Annan.

Coot,probably a li... (Below threshold)


probably a little while, I think Tuesday is the day they get their free gubmint cheese and the Salvation Army has a SPAM buffet.

Could Ol' Koffi possibly su... (Below threshold)

Could Ol' Koffi possibly suck any more? Oil for food, Darfur, Rwanda, Congo, sex abuse--thousands of little girls raped by his goons. What credibility does this POS think he has?

Lorie, I think we can safe... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Lorie, I think we can safely call you an unbashed Presidential supporter...I think your confidence in Bush's right instincts particularly on Iraq, and particularly if he decides to go for broke or 'go big', are about to be tested severely and not just by tiresome Democrat luminaries. "Republicans don't want the 2008 presidential and Congressional campaign to be about staying the course, a Professor Foyle said. "That's where the calculus of Bush and the Republicans diverge very quickly. Everyone is thinking about the next election, and Bush doesn't have one."

O course, I meant to say 'u... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

O course, I meant to say 'unabashed'.

What is the proper way to c... (Below threshold)

What is the proper way to criticize Lorie?

Which criticisms of a President are legitimate?

I have this funny feeling that you feel it's never okay to criticize the President.

jp2,That "funny fe... (Below threshold)


That "funny feeling" is the gaping cavity in your head. You're such a dumb ass.

"No one could have foreseen... (Below threshold)

"No one could have foreseen that George W. Bush would be in WAY over his head as President of the United States."

"No one could have foreseen... (Below threshold)
Chris G:

"No one could have foreseen that George W. Bush would be in WAY over his head as President of the United States."

IMHO, I think a person doing absolutely nothing is more indicative of someone being way over their head. I mean, if Katie, Meredith, Matt, Dan, Mike, and the gang were around to chime in everytime a troop died in WWII, we would be speaking German.

The world outside of the US has been going to hell since forever. Sometimes we would do something about it, sometimes we didn't. But let's not confuse not bending in the face of hostility to being in over your head, no more than we would if the exact same probblems were in play 10-15 years ago and no one gave a damn because they were too busy speaking to their broker or trying to figure out to cheat on their taxes that were too high.

Valid criticism can be view... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

Valid criticism can be viewed as bashing...
anyone who views our President as a LEADER is part of the 30 something percent that still believe in him. The complexities of the present would be a challange for a very intelligent person and gifted statesman...I would hope we can agree our President is neither.

I just wish he would say "I have made mistakes" ...not just "mistakes have been made"...
But that will never happen because humility requires a level of courage our President lacks.

nogo postal:Kind o... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

nogo postal:

Kind of like "I never had sexual relations with THAT woman".

The pain and humiliation, t... (Below threshold)

The pain and humiliation, the defeat and national embarrassment we feel, the hideous useless loss of life, the loss of our honor and our treasury at the hands of Bush. But gee don't bash him.

Far be it for us "morons" t... (Below threshold)

Far be it for us "morons" to still believe in Bush. All I know is that if it came down to having Gore or Kerry as President, I'd much rather have the stupid Bush. And if anyone was over their head as President , I would think it was Clinton and Carter.

Perhaps people could at lea... (Below threshold)

Perhaps people could at least attempt to rectify the situation with good ideas, suggestions or anything a little more useful then bashing the few that had the courage to take on the job of the President of United States.

I was always taught that if you didn't like the way it was being done by someone else, to do it yourself or find a way to at least fix what you saw the problem to be. Maybe we can't all become president of the United States, and I would venture to guess that the majority of the populace wouldn't want the responsibility anyway. What could be worse than playing the father and protector to a bunch of spoiled kids who don't know how good they really have it, while trying to appease all of the other parents on the block. Especially if those other parents do not teach their children the same lessons your children already know or are being taught.

As if that isn't bad enough, one of the neighbor kids tries to set fire to your house, but the police won't do anything or let you do anything because it might make all of the other parents on the block mad.

I don't think Bush is perfect, but I am positive we cold have had much worse. At least this is one parent that won't stand by while the neighbors try to burn down his house and hurt his children. If there is a better parent out there for the job, then I truly hope he isn't sitting in cyber space complaining about Bush when he could be raising money to campaign for the job.

Sunni,Here's my su... (Below threshold)


Here's my suggestion.
Impeach the MotherFu**** Already!!!

And replace him with what? ... (Below threshold)

And replace him with what? Impeaching him solves nothing if there isn't anyone better to take his place...






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