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An Interesting Theory on the ISG Report

Rick at Freedom Keys has an interesting theory about the way the President might use that report from the Iraq Surrender Group:

I've heard rumors that the President is going to use certain parts of the Iraq Study Group's report as justification for sending additional troops to Iraq. That would be amusing in the face of all the ridiculous negative headlines the report has been used as a poor excuse for. Has anyone tracked down such rumors or even blogged about it? What if the President said, "Hey, getting neighboring countries involved is a good idea -- only I'm referring to TURKEY and JORDAN, who anyone not totally brain-dead knows are NOT charter members of the hostile AXIS OF EVIL (duh .... hellloooooo????). Maybe they'll even help 6 million Kurds and other Sunnis to move to Iraq, so the voting balance would then be 16 million Shiites, 16 million Sunnis. Perhaps the Saudis could be persuaded to finance such a thing instead of the Sunni insurgents and suicide bombers they pay for now. Gridlock is beautiful; you're forced to compromise and get along -- that is, IF you have a single compromising, getting-along bone in your body.

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George Bush will do nothing... (Below threshold)

George Bush will do nothing to stop the juggernaut.

Imagine the karmic payback headed George Bushs way as he lets brave Americans die pointless horrific deaths in that shithole as he searches for a way to save face or 2008 whichever comes first.

McNamara is out here comes Clark Clifford and its 1968 all over again.

I spoke out loudly four years ago predicting this fiasco and was
called a traitor. Guess who has blood on their hands?

Oh, c'mon now Lorie.... You... (Below threshold)

Oh, c'mon now Lorie.... You're gonna use the lame braindead rantings of your rightie blogsites to duck around the ISG.

You call it the Iraqi Surrender Group. Why don't you and any of your of-age progeny get your over-wide butts off to Iraq & become part of the 40K additional troops that BushBaby will send in to his moronic carnage in the name of stopping terrorism...the very terrorism that his imbecilic policies have perpetuated, and, yes, created.

Nothing like war-mongering bimbos sending others' loved ones off to do their dying!

Lorie,I am assumin... (Below threshold)


I am assuming that you read the report, since you have such a strong opinion against it. I just finished it as well, yesterday. Took me a little longer to read than many...you know, got that job thing and all. But really it was a pretty quick read, pretty damn short.

That said, I found it interesting. The assessment of Iraq, who is fighting whom and why, was informative. I can't say that I think the recommendations are magical solutions, but there are definitely some interesting ideas presented. I dont agree with all of them, and I dont think that they are all feasible.

I'd be interested to hear your take...maybe the specific parts that you disagreed with, etc. Was there anything in it that you found moderately interesting or useful?

Let me see now. What branch... (Below threshold)

Let me see now. What branch of the army was O'Conner in? Hmmm. Jim Baker? Retread from way back when. On and on-----. Smart bunch. Listen to them. It will be over next week or by the next or the ----.

jhow:Can you discu... (Below threshold)


Can you discuss the subject at hand, or is it impossible for you to do so without trying to discredit the people who were a part of the ISG?

Ever heard the term "ad hominem"???

Did you even read the report?

Feel free to discuss the specific parts that you did or did not like. I'll do the same.






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