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Breaking: Senator Tim Johnson Hospitalized for Possible Stroke

My prayers go out to Senator Johnson (D-SD). He's so young, too, not even 60 yet. I hope he's going to be ok. Neil Cavuto said that he's undergoing routine evaluation by a stroke team.

Unfortunately, some immediately focused on the political.

Michelle Malkin also noticed the rush to the political and links to the Democratic Underground, which is rife with concern - not for Senator Johnson - but for the Democratic majority in the Senate.

Update: Fox news alert: according to his spokesman, Senator Johnson did not have a stroke or a heart attack. That's good news.

Update II: Hot Line On Call linked to this AP report that gives details of what happened with Senator Johnson:

Johnson became disoriented during a conference call with reporters at midday Wednesday, stuttering in response to a question.

Before he ended the call, Johnson appeared to recover and asked if there were any additional questions.

Fisher said he then walked back to his Capitol office but appeared to not be feeling well. The Capitol physician came to his office and examined him, and it was decided he should go to the hospital.

He was taken to the hospital by ambulance around noon, Fisher said.

"It was caught very early," she said.

In its earlier statement, Johnson's office had said he had suffered a possible stroke and was "undergoing a comprehensive evaluation by the stroke team."

Democratic Senate leader Harry Reid of Nevada went to the hospital to check on Johnson. He called Johnson a "dear friend to me and to all of us here in the Senate."

The White House also issued a statement wishing him a speedy recovery. "Our thoughts and prayers are with Senator Johnson and his family," said spokesman Alex Conant.


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Comments (24)

You'd be surprised what the... (Below threshold)

You'd be surprised what they can do with clotbusting drugs. If they got some into him fast enough, in a few weeks he'll be good as new.

Prayers for the senator and... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Prayers for the senator and his family.

Ditto both comments. And t... (Below threshold)

Ditto both comments. And to add to the first: it's all about time. If they know what's up and treat it fast, amazing recoveries can happen.

Let's hope he's OK.

@ redstate.com:"He... (Below threshold)

@ redstate.com:

"He could very well decide to retire then, which would make winning that seat that much easier."

BTW, this sounds like a TIA... (Below threshold)

BTW, this sounds like a TIA, which is much more minor.

I'm very disappointed that ... (Below threshold)

I'm very disappointed that anyone, no matter which side of the aisle, is focusing on the political consequences of this. Senator Johnson and his family are going through a very scary situation and they need all our prayers.

I don't think we can ignore... (Below threshold)

I don't think we can ignore the implications of a possible vacancy. I think I wrote a tasteful post that covers what could happen but hope Johnson gets well so we don't have to think too hard about it.

Karl Rove has to be the onl... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

Karl Rove has to be the only man in the world that can cause someone else to have a stroke.

Karl Rove...Is there nothin... (Below threshold)
Jim in KC:

Karl Rove...Is there nothing he can't do?

Sean, I understand... (Below threshold)


I understand your point. I don't think people need ignore the political ramifications completely, especially since it's human nature to speculate and talk about these things, but couldn't we give the man at least 24 hours of just wishing him well?

"but couldn't we give the m... (Below threshold)

"but couldn't we give the man at least 24 hours of just wishing him well?"

Kim - you used this as a platform to criticize. Do you read your own work? Was it a ghostwriter?


Step off the high and might... (Below threshold)

Step off the high and mighty jp2. All you do here is take pot shots, so you're the pot and kettle holmes.

jp2, I thought you were agr... (Below threshold)

jp2, I thought you were agreeing with me. Boy, did I completely misread your comments.

I'm glad things are turning... (Below threshold)

I'm glad things are turning out well.

Really, Sean - You're glad?... (Below threshold)

Really, Sean - You're glad? On your blog you wrote this:

Sen. Tim Johnson (D-SD) suffered a possible stroke. First, lets pray that isn't the case and wish the best for him.

Now, let's get to the politics. If Johnson can't serve as Senator by 01.04.2004 South Dakota's governor could name a replacement-maybe. That man is Gov. Mike Rounds a republican. It's possible Rounds could appoint John Thune, Johnson's 2002 opponent and create a 50-50 split in the Senate. With Vice President Dick Cheney's tie-breaker the GOP would retain control of that body.

I say maybe because Mary Katherine Ham is following the story and writes,

There's some dispute as to what would happen should Johnson be unable to serve. The initial reports said the Governor appoints someone, but many are saying, on both liberal and conservative sites, that the law seems to dictate a special election.

A Sioux Falls television station reports [via South Dakota Politics],

South Dakota's secretary of state, Chris Nelson, says if there is a Senate vacancy, Republican Governor Rounds would appoint a replacement who serves until the next general election in 2008. Nelson says as for what creates a vacancy, that's not defined in state law but it might be in federal law.

....which sure gives the appearance of you being really excited about the political possibilities of Johnson being incapacitated.

In fact, the behavior of the conservative blogosphere falling all over themselves -- Malkin, Ham, etc. -- all finding an excuse to wish Johnson well but then in the same breath writing about the possible ramifications of the situation, is nothing short of sickening. Why discuss the ramifications at all?

The hypocrisy of the family-values party is nohthng short of deafening.

It's not the Democratic Pa... (Below threshold)

It's not the Democratic Party ( notice the proper usage)that is licking its possible wound w/ self-serving concern. Get off your phoney moralistic highground, Kim.

Michelle Malkin also not... (Below threshold)

Michelle Malkin also noticed the rush to the political and links to the Democratic Underground, which is rife with concern - not for Senator Johnson - but for the Democratic majority in the Senate.

Jesus Kim, if you're going to feign concern for the senator, try to refrain from politicizing the argument yourself by pointing out the failings of your opponents.

Don't you see that you just did the very same thing with your post that you are accusing the Democrats of doing? And that's exactly what Malkin did as well. Nice job, both of you.

Next time, for arguments sake, if you are really concerned with the well-being of a person, then just write a post saying so. It looks more genuine than this backhanded attempt you have here.

Talk about being transparent.

Nothing "transparent" about... (Below threshold)

Nothing "transparent" about you ryan. Everyone can see you are a #1 asshole. Hut-o here it comes-duck.

66:Hey, when shoul... (Below threshold)


Hey, when should I pretend like I'm really offended by your sharp wit?

You'd be surprised what the... (Below threshold)

You'd be surprised what they can do with clotbusting drugs. If they got some into him fast enough, in a few weeks he'll be good as new.

Posted by: JLawson

Unfortunately a stroke can have causes other than a blood clot. If the stroke resulted from a ruptured aneurysm the clotbusting drug is pretty much useless.

ryan,I'm relativel... (Below threshold)
Patriot's Game:


I'm relatively new to whizbang and I'm not a liberal but I've never seen any intellectual argument from jhow66, just filth.
I suppose that's why nobody wastes time trying to engage with him over the issues.
He is fun to observe though. Rarely do you find someone so completely taken with their own incredible mental prowess.

"Rarely do you find someone... (Below threshold)
Mark L.:

"Rarely do you find someone so completely taken with their own incredible mental prowess."

Yoiu must not have spent much time around 6-8 year olds. At least a quarter of them are convinced that they are the smartest being in the universe -- that mom and dad in particular are really, really, stu-u-upid.

Fortunately most grow out of it. The rest?

Well, let me follow the advice of Thumper's mother.

Okay, I just puked , so I ... (Below threshold)
Reality checker:

Okay, I just puked , so I can post now.
#1. Nobody - NOBODY! is praying for this guy and his family. BUT EVERYBODY WILL LIE THROUGH THEIR TEETH AND SAY THEY'RE PRAYING.
#2. The only- ONLY! concern is politics, NO MATTER HOW WELL YOU CAM LIE ON THE WWW.

#3. America isn't capable to rational thought anymore, so how can they pray? they do a silly little thing called a "MOMENT OF SILENCE". A moment of silence is silent. THAT'S THE CUE FOR EVERYBODY TO "PRETEND" TO PRAY.




Call me whatever you want, ... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Call me whatever you want, Rc, but I prayed yesterday for Senator Johnson and his family, and I am doing so again today.

Maybe it's my own recent cancer diagnosis and what it has done to my family to hear the news, but I don't give a fart in a wind tunnel about someone's politics when something like this happens. It's a terrible thing, and I would not wish it on my worst enemy.

I do and will continue to wish the best for Senator Johnson and his family, especially his wife. I particularly wish for a full and speedy recovery for him.

Believe it or not as you choose, but times like these are a good place to think about other people, about mercy and hope, and to put away bitterness.






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