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Christmas makes a huge impact whether or not it is acknowledged

Kathleen Antrim has an interesting column at the Examiner about the impact Christmas makes, especially economically, whether it is acknowledged or not.

"Happy Holidays" is the politically correct greeting for many retailers these days, but isn't it incredibly hypocritical for businesses to take immense profits from a holiday they refuse to call by its proper name?

In fact, we all benefit from the economic powerhouse of the Christmas season regardless of religious affiliation.

What was once a season composed predominately of religious celebrations, the gathering together with family and friends, rejoicing and good cheer has become an economic necessity.

The gift-giving season can literally bestow economic prosperity on many industries or destroy an otherwise financially stable year. And although other religious occasions have also become gift-giving occasions, it is an economic fact that Christmas is the major driver all year for many retailers and other businesses.

The numbers are mind-boggling. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, December accounted for 14 percent of all department store retail sales in 2005, totalling $31.7 billion. This was a 47 percent jump from the previous month, and the largest month-to-month increase for 2005.

And it wasn't just the department stores that enjoyed big sales increases between November and December last year. Book stores were up 96 percent, clothing stores 49 percent, radio, TV and other electronics stores 54 percent, sporting goods stores 67 percent and jewelry stores were up a whopping 174 percent. Apparently, Santa likes a bit of "bling" under the Christmas tree.

Christmas not only drives retail sales for gift-giving, but also affects an amazing number of ancillary industries as well.

She goes on to give some pretty amazing figures showing how much China profits from Christmas. Read it all.

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Bo-o-oring! (Sorry, but it ... (Below threshold)

Bo-o-oring! (Sorry, but it really, really is and it's no favor to you to encourage you in the matter.)

bryan, I don't think she wa... (Below threshold)

bryan, I don't think she was posting this strictly for your benefit. If you aren't buying then just simply shut up and move along to the next aisle.

Lorrie,Looking for... (Below threshold)


Looking forward to you taking the FOX News losers to task for talking about the War on Christmas.

That makes Kerry's botched joke look like he's reverential to the troops to the point of hero worship.

How many soldiers have died in the War on Christmas?
How many have died THIS MONTH in the War in Iraq?

Go to it Lorrie, stand up for our troops against these insulting bastards.
Don't hold back on morons like O'Reilley, Gibson, and Hannity.
Call them out for insulting the troops. Hell, call for a boycott of their shows and for them to be tossed off the air.

You (like our troops) have my support.

Ironically, it sounds like ... (Below threshold)

Ironically, it sounds like bryanD and Robert reflect exactly what this story is telling: the refusal to recognize Christmas.

Merry Christmas everybody! May the spirit of Christ bring you joy during this special season.

George,I recognize... (Below threshold)


I recognize Christmas for the capital and consumer-driven holiday that it is.

BTW, I also think charity's coffers fill-up during the holidays as well (although that may be driven by it being near the end of the year when people "take stock" of their lives as well).

As for the original post: Businesses are hypocritical?
That was me getting bowled over by a feather.

DaveD, It's like news-you-c... (Below threshold)

DaveD, It's like news-you-can-use from Gaia Shopping Network. And the Today Show does it better and that's ba-a-ad. No mercy!

Brothers and sisters,... (Below threshold)

Brothers and sisters,

I think festivals like Christmas and Eid are needed. They let us share the joys of our fellow humans. They spread the feelings of brotherhood and unity amongst people of all religions, races and colors.
Inshallah I hope all of you have a very Merry Christmas and let their be a world filled with peace and love for each other.
But I also feel it should not be about the money we spend, but the feelings.

I have this strange feeling... (Below threshold)

I have this strange feeling that Jesus of Nazareth could care less about the massive amount of money that is exchanged in his name during this time of year.

And as for this one:

"Happy Holidays" is the politically correct greeting for many retailers these days, but isn't it incredibly hypocritical for businesses to take immense profits from a holiday they refuse to call by its proper name?

Hahaha! Are you kidding me? You're looking for some kind of morality from the business world? They're going to call it whatever they can, just so long as customers come through their doors with money in hand. Do you really think that most businesses are concerned with the messages of Christianity--or any other religions--more than they are concerned with making a buck or two?

Attention: Wal-Mart, Costco, Target, Macy's, Sak's 5th Avenue, Sears, JC Penney, Nordstroms, Toyota, BMW, Ford, Best Buy, Chrysler, and whoever else doesnt put Christmas stuff in their ads because they care about the messages of Jesus--they do it to sell shit to consumers, plain and simple.

If all they do is "sell shi... (Below threshold)

If all they do is "sell shit to consumers," why do they sell most of it in December and why do they even bother saying "Happy Holidays?" The point is dead on and you still don't get it.

And Robert, take a look at this:
Christian video game stokes controversy
OMG! Reuters, no less, says its a war against a video game. How dare these insulting media bastards stoop to the lows of O'Reilley, Gibson, and Hannity by calling this a war when we're really fighting a war in Iraq? /sarcasm

George:Are you kid... (Below threshold)


Are you kidding me? Do you really think that the high sales of goods and services during December have anything remotely in common with the teachings of Jesus Christ?

If all they do is "sell shit to consumers," why do they sell most of it in December and why do they even bother saying "Happy Holidays?" The point is dead on and you still don't get it.

For the same reason that they sell red stuff, candy, jewelry, and cards during Valentines day; for the same reason that they sell easter baskets, cards, eggs, chocolate, etc. during Easter; for the same reason that they sell Halloween costumes, candy, etc. during Halloween. Businesses sell stuff during specific times of year because they want to cash in.

Granted, if the checker at your local grocery store says Happy Holidays, they might really mean it. But when that store puts up bunch of holiday decorations and starts selling Christmas cards, stockings, and whatnot, it's in order to make money, not because they are supporting the teachings of Jesus.






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