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Senator Johnson Update

Senator Johnson is in critical condition after undergoing surgery last night.

Democratic Sen. Tim Johnson was in critical condition early Thursday, recovering from emergency surgery overnight, a hospital official said...

There was no formal announcement of the South Dakota senator's condition. A person in the hospital's media relations office, who declined to be identified by name pending a formal statement, said George Washington University Hospital was preparing to announce that Johnson's condition was critical. He would not describe the nature of the surgery.

I feel so bad for his family. For this to happen to begin with is tragic, but for it to happen just weeks before Christmas makes it so much more difficult. I pray that Senator Johnson comes out of this ok.

Update: Drudge is linking to an article that says Senator Johnson suffered from bleeding in the brain. According to Fox News he's in critical but stable condition. Good.

My grandmother died of a cerebral hemorrhage when she was just 43 years old and it devastated my mom's family (I never got to meet my grandmother because my parents were still engaged when she died. I didn't come for another four years. How I wish I could have met her, though. From all accounts, she was amazing.). Mom's youngest sister, who was only six at the time, was never the same. One of my other aunts had a cerebral hemorrhage as well several years ago. Thank God my uncle reacted quickly by packing bags of ice around her head and then rushing her to the hospital. The doctor said that is probably what saved her life. Although she never required surgery, things were touch and go for a while. She recovered, amazingly, with real no side effects.

I sincerely hope Senator Johnson recovers in the same way.


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Comments (22)

Sadly, it takes an incident... (Below threshold)

Sadly, it takes an incident such as this to quiet the libtard trolls. Im sure there'd be multiple posts if this was an (R).

Here's hoping he gets well. Tragedies always suck, but they seem to bring an extra sting with them when they happen around the Holy Days.

#include i_hope_johnson_is_... (Below threshold)

#include i_hope_johnson_is_just_fine_header.h

But. If he ends up not returning to the Senate, here's hoping the Republican Governor of South Dakota plays it *exactly* like a New Jersey Democrat would.

You know how.


As I said in the previous p... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

As I said in the previous post, my prayers are with the senator and his family.

And to remain on a positive note: If the doctors were able to completely repair any brain damage, Senator Johnson will almost certainly change his party affiliation.

It's a little off-putting t... (Below threshold)

It's a little off-putting to discuss this in terms of political ramifications. We should all probably lay that aside for a while and hope the best for his recovery.

Now, if it were Teddy Kennedy, I would have no concern in this regard . . .

<a href="http://gaypatriot.... (Below threshold)

Gay Patriot said it best:

"I express only the same sentiments of good wishes to Senator Johnson that those on the Left would express if Senator Rick Santorum ever had a stroke."

Umm... our sentiment that S... (Below threshold)

Umm... our sentiment that Santorum is not intellectually or morally fit to be a Senator somehow tells you that we'd be dancing with glee were he to suffer a stroke? That's real nice, cmd/Gay Patriot. Yeah, I'd laugh if one or more of his kids turned out to be gay, but you're just being a dick with that one.

Fox "News" "anchors" have already discussed the idea of having him declared incompetent such that a Republican might be appointed as his replacement. They didn't have even the slightest clue as to the outcome of the procedure before bandying this hypothesis about. Fucking savages.

I like the juxtaposition of... (Below threshold)

I like the juxtaposition of the Wizbang posts concerning Senator Johnson next to the post asking "Why the GOP lost the election?"

The lying hypocrisy of the right is a major factor in the sea change taking place in American politics.
Tom Delay is a crook, and his web site is promoted on Wizbang right next to the death-watch vultures rubbing their hands together with glee over Johnson's condition.

Sick, sick, sick - and Americans are sick and tired of the liars and cheaters and traitors in this country who would sell their grannies for an extra seat in the Senate.

My mom had a massive stroke... (Below threshold)

My mom had a massive stroke a week before Christmas in 1978. I know how his family must feel at the moment and my heart goes out to them.

This is going to be so hard for Sen. Johnson and his family to deal with over the months and years. It will be a very long road to go down and it is hard to do but they can do it.

Memo to the human blowtorches cmd and raygun:

Your comments are on the same level as Gay Patriot's and you are just as guilty exhibiting a total lack of class as he is being concerning this subject. So I would not go all "holier then thou" if I were you two for the broad brush you are using to paint others has painted you, too.

In simpler terms-Mr. Pot, meet Ms. Kettle.

Lee, Merry Christmas. And G... (Below threshold)

Lee, Merry Christmas. And GFY.

Ah, Lee, nahanni and raygun... (Below threshold)

Ah, Lee, nahanni and raygun, you're so gosh-darn cute when you're angry.

Offended, are you? Really? Where was this outpouring of compassion and appeal to civility when Julianne Malveaux hoped Clarence Thomas' wife would feed him lots of butter and eggs so he'd have a heart attack? Or when DU was cheering Laura Ingraham's breast cancer diagnosis? Or when you were holding a "deathwatch" on Strom Thurmond? Or when four murdered Americans drew nothing more than a "screw them" from the leading leftie blogger? Or when the death of one of Rick Santorum's children was mocked?

Spare me the crocodile tears. If the election had turned in the GOPs favor and this had happened to a Republican, you clowns would be dancing in the streets. If I have good wishes for Johnson's recovery, I'll save them for church. I just love watching you lefties strut your selective moral outrage.

Lee, pardon my harshness th... (Below threshold)

Lee, pardon my harshness this holiday season, but just what the fuck are you talking about?

No matter one's affiliation... (Below threshold)

No matter one's affiliation, his family is suffering. Just say a prayer for their strength and nix the politics. I hope things turn out well for him.

Dear Lee,Fuck you.</... (Below threshold)

Dear Lee,
Fuck you.

Tim Johnson get well!!... (Below threshold)

Tim Johnson get well!!

Lee the troll F.O.A.D.

Now that it looks like John... (Below threshold)

Now that it looks like Johnson is going to pull through this ok the wiznut troll brigade is angered -- my, my - what a surprise. Their latest little fantasy world is crumbling so they're going to take it out on me.

Time to double the Prozac and hide the dog honey - the loozers next door have lost again, and they aren't happy. Boo hoo...

Cheer up you guys, maybe a Dem. Senator will be hit by a truck - wouldn't that be great! *sswipes.

Lee you mention Tom Delay d... (Below threshold)

Lee you mention Tom Delay did he get reelected,just think for a minute!William Jefferson reelected,Ted Kennedy reelected,All of New Jersey reelected.Stick your pompous bullshiite up your butt.Oh if you want there is many more names that can be discussed if you want.

Lee can dish out his nonsen... (Below threshold)

Lee can dish out his nonsense, but he can't back it up. Call him on a point, and he pivots into a wholly unrelated rant.

Perhaps the person needing prescription drugs is the the person calling for us to take them.

Checking comments directed ... (Below threshold)

Checking comments directed at me for relevant points, I don't see any -- including yours Mitchell. Do you have a point, or can you perhaps borrow one from someone smarter than you? I'd love to hear it.

...or are you just filling in for the usual trolls like jhow66, who must be incapacitated with some pressing matter, like the runs...

Mitchell said: "Lee, pardon my harshness this holiday season, but just what the fuck are you talking about?" Was that your attempt at "calling me" on something? Lol.

Sorry, Mitch, but your comments are just too -- simple -- for words.

Lee, you often miss relevan... (Below threshold)

Lee, you often miss relevant points on this blog, so I'd say that's more your problem than mine.

Of course, you can't be called upon to refer yourself to what you wrote immediately preceding my post.

Too busy linking to The Mirror, or some other bogus source of your "information" links.

You are ridiculously stupid. It's funny.

Mitchell whined: "Call h... (Below threshold)

Mitchell whined: "Call him on a point, and he pivots into a wholly unrelated rant."

Still haven't come up with a point yet, eh Mitch. Just more of your whining - still too simple for for words. let me know what you actually have a point - if ever.

As far as intracranial even... (Below threshold)

As far as intracranial events go, bleeds have much better chance of near full recovery than clots, and the descriptions so far are fortunately encouraging.

But recovery is likely to be months away. More than likely months of physical, speech and occupational therapy will be necessary for him to recover fully, and likely his endurance will be limited for months to years from now. Miracles can happen, but it is indeed likely that he will not be ready to assume full duties when Congress convenes, so as hard and cold as it seems, it is indeed appropriate to discuss how things might change should a miracle not occur.

It is inappropriate to be gLeeful or Leer at the situation, regardless of your political Leening, and its good to see at Leest one or two of the postings in this thread meet such standards.

Seems to me as long as he d... (Below threshold)

Seems to me as long as he doesn't resign, even if he can't vote, the democrats have 50 votes and the Republicans 49. As long as they aren't missing any other votes the democrats will run the Senate.

Now, if Johnson clearly isn't going to ever be able to return, the Republicans may force the issue. But as long as there is reasonable hope, I say the democrats will continue on with no ill effects to thier amoral, socialist, politically correct agenda.






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