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Time is not on my side

My blogging has been a bit spotty of late, and I feel I should apologize. A long time ago I set myself a quota of three pieces per day, seven days a week, and for the most part I've kept up with that. But over the last week or so, I've often let a day go by with but a single piece.

It's that darned real life intruding.

As I said a while ago, I received a very remarkable offer from my Day Job that involved relocating to a whole 'nother part of the state. That was less than two weeks ago. I've accepted the offer (and the money) and spent two of my days off 75 miles from home, scouting out new places to live. In about two weeks, I intend to pack up everything I've accumulated in the last 15+ years living in Manchester and hauling myself up to the Vermont border (giving me a whole new bunch of liberals to mock).

And while I'm not actively working on this huge change, it's in the back of my mind, distracting me from what ought to be my primary focus -- writing for Wizbang.

For example, I had 3/4 of a piece on the Iraq Survey Group's report written when the site went down and "the dog ate my homework." I rewrote about a quarter of it, but haven't had the time to go back and finish it -- and now, I'm wondering if it just might be better to let it go, as too much time has passed.

But writing here doesn't pay the bills, the day job does. And making this transfer work will keep paying the bills.

So for the next month or so, I will try to keep up with my posting here at Wizbang. There will be days when I will be hard-pressed to get even a single piece up. (Here's a heads-up: if all goes as I plan it, January 1 will be a VERY busy day for me and the only things that might go up will be things I'll have written in advance and put "in the can" for the day.)

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Welcome to the Upper Valley... (Below threshold)
jamie hunt:

Welcome to the Upper Valley ... it's thick with liberals on both sides of the Connecticut River.

You might use the move to a... (Below threshold)
civil behavior:

You might use the move to a new place to integrate and assimilate and respect the area and its people for why they are the way they are.

But then again you might just move the same old baggage and never look for a better vision.

Nice thought, civil, but I ... (Below threshold)

Nice thought, civil, but I was BORN in that area. Lived there nearly 10 years. I don't think I qualify as a "newcomer." "Prodigal son," perhaps, but not newcomer or interloper.


I wonder what civil beha... (Below threshold)

I wonder what civil behavior means by "a better vision?" Maybe we'd best go ask the European Socialists.

As for the writing, believe me when I say, I know for a fact that Day Job circumatances can definitely put a crimp in your blogging. Do what you can, and we'll keep reading.

Don't sweat it, Jay. Those ... (Below threshold)

Don't sweat it, Jay. Those of us that enjoy your work will be here waiting when things settle down.

Congrats on your career ... (Below threshold)

Congrats on your career improvement Jay.

No apologys necessary; good to see you got your priorities in order.

It's been a delight reading your post for close to two years now.


Congrats on the upward mobi... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Congrats on the upward mobility, Jay!

Packing Tip #1: Make an honest and cold-hearted assessment of the junk you don't need (i.e., "Do I really need a smoking monkey alarm clock?") and give it to the Goodwill or church as a tax write-off.

No apology necessary, who h... (Below threshold)
Brian the Adequate:

No apology necessary, who has the write to complain if you need to take time off from entertaining us to gasp actually deal with your life. Last I checked, Wizbang was available for free to the reader.

Good luck on the move and I look forward to exploiting you for free entertainment again after you are settled.

Jay-Hey, the Upper V... (Below threshold)

Hey, the Upper Valley isn't so bad. There's a thriving conservative subculture on both sides of the border. Are you going to be in Hanover? Man, that town makes Vermont look like some sort of right-wing conservative paradise. But there's usually a lot of hot college girls around to leer at.

How well we feel your pain,... (Below threshold)

How well we feel your pain, Jay Tea. Until someone finds a way to turn general blogging into a family-supporting occupation on a regular basis, most of us will remain stuck between vocation and avocation. We'll bear with you, and best wishes for the move.

Man, I sometimes forget how... (Below threshold)

Man, I sometimes forget how compact the uppa U.S. states are... 75 miles? Thats only one side of Houston TX to the other. Or from the far north Dallas suburbs to the southern Dallas suburbs. oh well, not to throw stones.

Congratulations on your move. A periodic move helps clean out the accumulated junk. Now is the time to take a hard look at your junk and ask when the last time you touched or used something....and not just to clean around it. If the answer is "I haven't used that since I moved in here" - pitch it!

Moving is always an adventure (you know the cliche about adventure) so i won't kibbutz too much. Hurry back when you're settled in. We await the next missive from the north (new hampshire). And if you run across my far-far-left publisher cousin from Vermont, cast a few barbs his way. (now that he's establishment, maybe I can take one of the 'fars' away from his description).

I used to live in Vermont. ... (Below threshold)

I used to live in Vermont. I lived close to Burlington and what a bunch of snobs they were. After two years people were still turning their noses up at us. As soon as they heard my southern accent I got the cold shoulder. I don't think they ever got over the fact that when we first arrived, we had a tan.

Oyster, if you move to sout... (Below threshold)

Oyster, if you move to southern Maine, we'll treat you well.

Jay, don't forget your Repu... (Below threshold)

Jay, don't forget your Republican base. The Republicans in Congress did, and look what happened to them. We expect 3 pieces a day, so don't disappoint us. Get cracking.

Best wishes on your new job.

Having just recently done a... (Below threshold)

Having just recently done a move after 15 years in one place let me assure you:

You will need as many boxes to throw away stuff as for moving stuff.

Important things will be found - that is they were important 14 years ago.

The amount of time you budgeted for the move will be inadequate by 100% .

Jay, I have read at least 9... (Below threshold)

Jay, I have read at least 98% of the posts you have made here. Hell, I even remember your comment contest entries before Kevin invited you to make a "real" post. I was a fan back then.

But this worries me: "And while I'm not actively working on this huge change, it's in the back of my mind, distracting me from what ought to be my primary focus -- writing for Wizbang."

Of course, its just my opinion, and I don't know you in "real life". But I don't think writing for Wizbang should be your primary focus in life.

Don't get me wrong. I like reading what you write here. Plus, I'm pretty much a hard core nerd myself.

But I often wonder what would happen if you put as much effort into some other aspects of your life as you do into writing here.

But, if it makes you happy....

Unlike other bloggers at Wi... (Below threshold)

Unlike other bloggers at Wizbang (who shall remain nameless) who just phone it in with a sentence or two wrapped around Malkin's latest brain fart (KIM) I appreciate the fact that Jay takes his work seriously.

His work has far more effort and thought and talent than any others on WB.

Now if he would just do something about those sockpuppets.... (*wink)

Lee, please don't wrap a co... (Below threshold)

Lee, please don't wrap a compliment to me around slams to my colleagues. It's cheap and juvenile -- and to say "will remain nameless" right before naming one is even cheaper and more juvenile.

And do not EVER think that there is any sense of amity between us. Not for an instant. "Grudging tolerance" is pretty much the best you can hope for.


Cheap and juvenile pretty m... (Below threshold)

Cheap and juvenile pretty much sums up my opinion of Kim's blogging, but I will leave that opinion to others' threads rather than yours in the future.

Spoken by the master of che... (Below threshold)

Spoken by the master of cheap and juvenile. I thought Jay's comment was admirably restrained. Yours wasn't, as usual.

Ah HA! The real reason for... (Below threshold)

Ah HA! The real reason for the move - away from the MassHats!. But whether you choose the frying pan or the fire, you can sureLee bet that there will be a troll or two to whack.







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