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Eason Jordan's Long Hard Slog

In my Townhall column this week I explain the reasons I question Eason Jordan's credibility when it comes to reporting from Iraq. The idea of a site where readers can find a roundup of information on Iraq, with much of it being reported by Iraqis, is a great idea. I just find it hard to believe that Jordan is the best person to do it


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I totally disagree. I have ... (Below threshold)
bob x:

I totally disagree. I have wanted to see more photos, video, and reports about Iraq for years. I sit here in my living room watching 60 Minutes praise Ed Bradley's reports from the Vietnam war zone, With Pictures and Video!

Where is all the video of USA troops going on missions with successful Iraq Army backup? CNN, MSNBC and FOX is nearly 100% "why we lost" opinion bullshit, with 1% on the ground reporting, and 99% greenzone balcony monkeys. We won the war in 3 weeks; this is reconstruction you idiots.

Conservatives have botched the war because there are nearly no conservative or Iraqi war reporters. This is The Story of the decade, but nobody wants to report it. Too much fear. Show me a single website with video and photos of the successful Fallujah markets, the Kurd markets, or interviews with Iraqis. Almost nothing. If nobody else cares, maybe I shouldn't.

Talk about synchronicity --... (Below threshold)

Talk about synchronicity -- I just clicked over to Wizbang after a visit to Eason's site. I was impressed - and especially liked this story about Iraqi police enjoying inflated prices for the AK-47 bullets they sell to terrorists on the black market.

Nice to see that American lives and tax-dollars are going to support the sale by Iraqi police officers of our bullets -- which are then being used by to shoot at our forces.

Amid the surge in sectarian violence in Iraq, the black market price for AK-47 bullets has tripled in recent weeks in the Shia Baghdad neighborhood of Shaab, while doubling in Sadr City and southern Baghdad neighborhoods. A single bullet that a month ago cost 250 dinars (17.5 U.S. cents) now costs 750 dinars (52.4 U.S. cents) in Shaab and 500 dinars (35 U.S. cents) in most other Shia Baghdad neighborhoods. The source of most of the black market bullets: Shia Iraqi police officers sympathetic with sectarian fighters or looking to make extra dinars or both.

Thanks for bringing Eason's website to light, Lorie.

I understand he's launched a search for the infamous Capt. Jamil Hussein, and invited Malkin along on the search. It should be interesting.

Lee Eason also launched a s... (Below threshold)

Lee Eason also launched a search for your missing grey matter.

All of which reminds me of the WS story about Babe Ruth being hit in the head by a ball. The following days headlines read "X-ray of Babe's head shows nothing," to paraphrase.

Lee can you point to any section of that article that says these 7.62x39mm cartridges used in the AK-47 are "our" bullets? "Our" as in bought with US cash or provided some other way.

Are you assuming the most widely available assault rifle and ammo in the world today (and for decades), simply MUST be the fault of the Americans? It just CAN'T be for some other reason can it Lee.

Lee, fess up... just how much are you making in this black market?

Lee:Thank you for ... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:


Thank you for pointing out the article about rising cost of AK47 rounds. I found it most interesting. The cost of most items is closely tied to availability, which would lead us to believe that AK47 rounds are in short supply in Iraq. Is it not posible that the efforts of our military in Iraq to stop the flow of arms is beginning to work. They mentioned that the next article would be about the short supply of AK47, and this in a country where one was buried under every lamp post. I read the article as the glass was half full, and you, as it was half empty.

By now, we've all learned h... (Below threshold)
bob x:

By now, we've all learned how to filter garbage news codewords like "some say". Any attempt to bring real info from Iraq to the blogs is great progress. Even if the stuff is 75/25 slanted liberal, that is a whole bunch better that the news blackout we have now.

Fallujah markets are up and running. Let's see photos and video.

Oh, GREAT. Thanks SO much, ... (Below threshold)

Oh, GREAT. Thanks SO much, USMC Pilot. You just stepped ALL OVER my 11:00 posting. Now it's gonna look like I plagiarized you.

OK, back to rewrite... I'll have to find something else to add in to it now.

Yet another hazard of writing all my stuff in the morning, then scheduling it to publish during the day...


USMC Pilot wrote: "which... (Below threshold)

USMC Pilot wrote: "which would lead us to believe that AK47 rounds are in short supply in Iraq."

Or that there is an increased demand -- equally possible, and highly likely given the increasing levels of violence -- or perhaps they are just stocking up for the holidays? Lol

As for Marc's misdirection -- from what I've read only the U.S. is supplying arms and support to the Iraqi police. If you have any real information to the contrary, point to it. Your red herring is drying out in the sun...

"pucker puss" (lee lee)-"di... (Below threshold)

"pucker puss" (lee lee)-"ditto" button again.

First, let's note that clai... (Below threshold)
Lurking Observer:

First, let's note that claims of ammo prices rising are sourced from Eason Jordan by way of Lee. Talk about unimpeachable sources!

But presuming it's true (admittedly, a HUGE assumption, given the sourcing), it would seem that one of the most likely answers about ammunition costs rising would be that the number of weapons depots out there has either been drastically curtailed, or finally brought under control.

Remember one of the failings of the offensive (Bush's fault, of course) was the failure to secure the various arms depots and dumps scattered throughout Iraq? Al-Qaqaa and all that?


Given the longevity of weapons and ammo, it would seem that one reason why ammo's price is rising is b/c ammo that was spirited out of these facilities has now been expended, and there's little prospect of resupply (at least in requisite quantities).

The other element to consider is that Jordan doesn't even pretend to provide the reader with a source for "the police are selling their ammo" claim. So, Lee's demand that other suppliers of police be enumerated is predicated on the assumption that it is the police who are selling their bullets to the insurgents--a claim that begins from Eason Jordan.

But given the wide availability of 7.62x39mm ammo in the world, that's simply silly.

Which again goes back, then, to why the ammo prices would be rising in the first place....

USMC Pilot: "I read the... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

USMC Pilot: "I read the article as the glass was half full, and you, as it was half empty."

Just another example of those who want the US to win focusing on the positives and those who want the terrorist to win focusing on the negative.

Happens every day on this site.






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