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Bayh is Out; Edwards is In

According to Democrats, John Edwards is going to announce his bid for the Presidency in New Orleans between Christmas and New Year's Day:

Edwards' novel choice of sites shows how he wants to distinguish his candidacy: emphasizing policies he believes can unite a country divided by economic inequality, a situation no more evident than in the city's Lower Ninth Ward, still recovering from Hurricane Katrina.

Bayh's exit stunned rivals and supporters. The former Indiana governor abandoned his bid just two weeks after forming a committee to raise money and gauge support for his candidacy.

"The odds were always going to be very long for a relatively unknown candidate like myself, a little bit like David and Goliath," Bayh said in the statement. He added that beyond the question of "whether there were too many Goliaths or whether I'm just not the right David," his chances were slim.

Bayh did not say who he considered to be the Goliaths. Yet it is Obama and Clinton who are attracting most of the attention among the 10 or more Democrats considering a bid.

Edwards, however, is in a strong position as the leading candidate in the first nominating state, Iowa. He has taken the lead in Iowa polling even with favorite son Gov. Tom Vilsack in the mix.

I don't understand what people see in John Edwards. He's attractive and rich, but that's it. In his debate with Vice President Cheney he came off looking like an amateur. And his "Two Americas" theme during the Democratic primary was just another way of playing upon class warfare, a tactic right out of the very old Democratic play book.


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He's a silky pony from the ... (Below threshold)

He's a silky pony from the South. That's enough for Democrats. In reality, he won two primaries against Kerry (SC and NC). How many is he going to win against Hillary?

As a nearly life long Hoosi... (Below threshold)
Brian the Adequate:

As a nearly life long Hoosier, while I am very disappointed that Bayh will remain my Senator, I am very glad there is NO chance he will be president. Make no mistake, Bayh is the prototype stealth tax and spend candidate. He took Indiana from 1.3 billion in the black at the start of his terms as governor to a massive deficit for the next governor.

People like Kim on the righ... (Below threshold)

People like Kim on the right always accuse Democrats and liberals of playing the "class war" card.

The truth of the matter is the class war has already been fought and the US Midle Class has lost to Bush's "haves and have mores."

Bayh Humbug!No-rep... (Below threshold)

Bayh Humbug!

No-repukin' more Humbuggery please!

Edwards is a good candidate... (Below threshold)
Chris G:

Edwards is a good candidate...... until he opens his mouth. His suit is emptier than Obama's. And that is an accomplishment. Unlike Obama, Edwards was not even popular in his home state. I believe his approval rating in his state, North Carolina, was in the mid-20%. If people wish to throw in Bush's approval ratings as a comparison like "Well, why the hell is Bushhitler's rating so low?", please don't. But for the sake argument, let me dispose of it to make my point

1. The War in Iraq. Begins and ends with Bush. That is costing him 15-20% points on any given day

2. The media aboslutely loathes him. And not just unmedicated talentless hacks like Olbermann, Maher, The View Chicks and Matthews. I mean the crews of Today, GMA, CNN, ABC/NBC News, Katie, etc. CNN is a 24 hour expose on the pounding of Bush/"ALLEGED" terrorist activity. On Today, Meredith wanted to put her underwear on Clinton's head. However, she also wants to put Bush's underwear on his own head.

3. With the economy and employment doing well, low inflation, and market at an all time, one would think the media would report these facts. But they down talk the economy like it is an actual recession, and then incredulously report how 75% of the public have a negative opinion of the economy.

4. All Republican scandals, are segue-wayed to the White House. But I have counted there are an exactly equal amount of Democratic scandals that are either not reported, but reported in general while Republicans (even ones not in office anymore like Delay) are reported specifically in the next breath

Edwards, does not have this baggage. Yet, his poll numbers were low. Rumor had it that he ran for the VP because he knew he would not win re-election to the Senate. Even up until the day of the election, his poll numbers were low in his home state. That is because his voters thought at at best, he was the third senator from Massachusettes, who happened to be the smarter and better looking of the 3. At worst, he was a liberal (beholden to NARAL, union-loving, Wal-Mart Bashing, elitest snob) playing the class warfare card to compensate for a lack of policy vision.

Edwards is trying to game the system again and get on the VP ticket. He knows the Obama novelty will wear off once his records is published. He also wants to be the best ticket mate left standing after the rest of the posers are shredded during the primaries, and Hill gets the nod.

Edwards is photogenic, but Hillary has more of a killer instinct than he does. And even while cramming socialized health-care, unfettered abortion, and high taxes down my throat, she still has the balls to carpet bomb a rogue nation if provoked. I can live with that. Edwards looks like a Hollywood hair stylist, and needs to be kept away from the White House by all means.

That Cheney debate was abou... (Below threshold)

That Cheney debate was about as close as we have seen to Skywalker vs Vader. My greatest memory is of Cheney lying about how he never met Edwards when their was ample video of the two of them together long before.

Anyways, Edwards seems like a good man - and while I disagree that Obama is "an empty suit," I accept that same criticism of Edwards.

jp2, never one to let facts... (Below threshold)

jp2, never one to let facts get in the way of a good smear.

The only person to call Sad... (Below threshold)

The only person to call Saddam Hussein's WMDs a imminent threat to the U.S. In a Senate floor speech no less. How trustworthy is he? Liar is that what we call it these days?

No, Edwards's "Two Americas... (Below threshold)

No, Edwards's "Two Americas" thesis is quite sincere: he hopes to hide from the inconveniences of objective reality in the other one.

Did Chris Reeve walk yet? ... (Below threshold)

Did Chris Reeve walk yet? Since Edwards can channel the dead, maybe he can combine the 2 somehow.

Surely breck boy wouldnt keep such a miracle a 'secret' because no one in their right mind would ever give a position f power to hanoi john.

Can any libtard prove the m... (Below threshold)

Can any libtard prove the middle class has suffered?

All data I see is that net worth is up, and they still pay a miniscule amount of taxes, something like middle 60% pays about 15 of total taxes.

BTW, exactly what determines middle class these days?

Many seem to forget Edwards... (Below threshold)

Many seem to forget Edwards' courtroom antics using unproven or questionable science to bilk doctors at 40% a pop. He's a brilliant litigator and quite impressive in the courtroom. In the arena of politics and leadership he's too junior, too idealistic and too hard to take seriously. On the world stage, he'd get chewed up and spit out.

Gainni, everyone has their own definition of "middle class". But it seems these days to be determined more by what you don't have, than what you do.

Ugh. Well, at least he's n... (Below threshold)

Ugh. Well, at least he's not our Senator anymore.

His creepy faux populism is not something I'll look forward to the next 2 years. Maybe he'll succeed in driving WalMart out of business, and then he can go back to chasin' ambulances.

I guess the Demographic Par... (Below threshold)

I guess the Demographic Party will have him challenge Iran and China in court. That'll solve everything.

Oyster,Libtards lo... (Below threshold)


Libtards love to throw out the middle class is suffering lie, along with the rich dont pay taxes lie, we care about the blacks lie, we care about the poor lie, we care about life lie, we care about the military lie, and on and on and on .

Im just asking for some sort of 'proof' of what the middle class is. Sure, this will change based on location, $75k in Philly area goes way farther than same in NoDak, yet not as far as in NYC, but is middle class based on income, or net worth.

I own a mortgage business, and see people with more equity in their homes, and investments are way up, thus, greater net worth, than in 2001. Considering the economic recovery from 2000 recession, 911, and the corp acctng scandals from the 90's that popped in 2/2002, this is pretty amazing.

Most everyone I know(clients and friends) is doing way better than 5-6 yrs ago, socking away more into 401K, IRA, tuition accounts, etc as they prepare for the demise of SS.

Where would libtards be w/o their gloom and doom?

Cheney stomped him in the d... (Below threshold)

Cheney stomped him in the debate. It was almost painful to watch. And one can't blame Cheney for forgetting he ever met the empty suit. I imagine to most people he's forgettable.

Heck, he can't hold a candl... (Below threshold)

Heck, he can't hold a candle to the number, emotional amplitude and length of posts in his thread compared to the lightweight Freshman BO above. That's gotta hurt.

Gianni, yes, doom and gloom... (Below threshold)

Gianni, yes, doom and gloom indeed. Every silver lining has a dark cloud.

He'll never make it, Hillar... (Below threshold)

He'll never make it, Hillary will tear his jugular out in the run off.

hillary will have a cankle-... (Below threshold)

hillary will have a cankle-ridden hoof on his sissy-boy throat in seconds....






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