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Deborah at Eat Your History just published a cookbook with recipes from your most read bloggers and our very own Kevin submitted a recipe for Roasted Lemon Carp, a recipe Deborah described as hilarious. Hmmm. I'm curious as to what she meant by that. Anyway, the cookbook is only $20.00 and for right now is only available at Deborah's blog. Go check it out.

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As a nearly life long Hoosi... (Below threshold)
Brian the Adequate:

As a nearly life long Hoosier, while I am very disappointed that Bayh will remain my Senator, I am very glad there is NO chance he will be president. Make no mistake, Bayh is the prototype stealth tax and spend candidate. He took Indiana from 1.3 billion in the black at the start of his terms as governor to a massive deficit for the next governor.

Sorry, wrong thread (obviou... (Below threshold)
Brian the Adequate:

Sorry, wrong thread (obviously)

Kinda looked like a Lemon C... (Below threshold)

Kinda looked like a Lemon Carp there Brian.

Roasted Lemon Carp? Hey Kev... (Below threshold)

Roasted Lemon Carp? Hey Kevin- do you use a pine board as an enhancer? I think I have the same recipe...






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