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The pizza of endings, the pizza of beginnings

Today has been an interesting day.

At lunchtime, I dined with an ex-girlfriend. This is most likely the last time we'll see each other, perhaps ever. I'm moving 100 miles away from her, and there isn't a heck of a lot else to bring me back her way. And in a few years, she plans on moving out of New England entirely. So to commemorate the occasion, we re-created our first date: pizza at Bertucci's. It was as good as ever, and the meal itself was bittersweet.

And tonight, I'm going to Pizzaria Uno's. My new boss is taking me and the third person of our little team out to dinner to talk about his plans, our expectations, and all sorts of things we should get settled before we begin operations in about a month.

Having really, really good pizza twice a day can't be the healthiest thing, but I think it's worth it.

Perhaps after dinner, I'll buy some frozen pizza just to complete the trifecta.

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You had a girlfriend??<br /... (Below threshold)

You had a girlfriend??

Jay-I find it amaz... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:


I find it amazing that you could pull off having dinner with an ex-girlfriend, and even making it a positive experience! And congrats on scoring a free meal from your boss!

penny,That's messe... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


That's messed up! But darn funny...

Jay, if you have to eat cardboard: Digirnio.

Is this the same ex who wan... (Below threshold)

Is this the same ex who wanted to cry on your shoulder before, or just another filly from the stable of has-beens?

I like cold pizza as much o... (Below threshold)

I like cold pizza as much or more than fresh. A nice pie with extra cheese, aged about 12 hours and refrigerated....Mmmmm. Best cure for a hangover, too.

I find myself agreeing with... (Below threshold)

I find myself agreeing with Lee in that cold pizza >= hot pizza, although I have no experience in the pizza+hangover department.

I was all for all the hot p... (Below threshold)

I was all for all the hot pizza ads I could get as a youngster, then I got hooked up to a cold one, and got tired of eating that after a decade or two. Definitely not my idea of a cure for a hangover. But whatever floats your boat, Lee.

Jay, hot or cold, ya gotta decide if you are gonna respect yourself the next morning. I recommend the Taco Salad next door to the Pizza Parlor. Just skip the sour cream and dressing and use lots of Salsa.

It's amazing what some chil... (Below threshold)

It's amazing what some chilling time can do to even the most mediocre restaurant pizza. I think pizza is a great medium for both ending an era and starting a new one.

Best of luck in the new locale. It's been my experience that the "new", "never done that", "what am I getting myself into?" opportunities are the best.

If you must have frozen piz... (Below threshold)

If you must have frozen pizza, make it California Kitchen. But now that I had the real California Kitchen at their location in Baltimore, I can't even eat that. I remember the days when Ellio's was exciting - it must be a kid thing. Now I'm spoiled.

Epador - YES it's the same ... (Below threshold)

Epador - YES it's the same ex.

Wow, I entered the bazarro ... (Below threshold)

Wow, I entered the bazarro world, I agree with Lee. I love cold pizza much better then the hot burn your mouth kind.


I had pizza last night with... (Below threshold)

I had pizza last night with a house full of kids--8 in all, neices and nephews + baby, then bowling, a stop in for a 2-treat purchase for kids at the quickie mart, then a viewing of Polar Express, and squabbling while settling in for sleep, all 8 of them.

Yes, you know you're an old guy when you have a great time with a bunch of kids in your otherwise peaceful home on a Saturday night.

No pizza left in the house.

I hope the pizza at Uno's t... (Below threshold)

I hope the pizza at Uno's there is better than the one in Farifield CT. Bertucci's pizza is excellent but Uno's is only fair.

Candy, thanks for the confi... (Below threshold)

Candy, thanks for the confirmation.

Tsk, tsk, tsk, JT.

Definitely I suggest a switch to Tacos!

Lee: Ditto.But its... (Below threshold)

Lee: Ditto.

But its not the cold pizza that cures your hangover, its the three or six beers you drink with it. And nothing goes better with cold pizza than ice-cold beer. Hair of the dog, indeed.

Jay...I hope your lunch wen... (Below threshold)

Jay...I hope your lunch went better than my "last meal with an ex". I ended up getting drunk and telling her how sweet her vag was. After I came too, she was gone...Woops!!






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