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Breaking: One of the Three Mount Hood Climbers Found

This is just breaking on ABC Nightly News and it's very sad news. The climber wasn't found alive. His body was found inside a second snow cave. The families were informed, but officials are still trying to determine which man was found.

Update: Here's the AP story.


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Comments (7)

This is a sad story for sur... (Below threshold)

This is a sad story for sure, but these folks know when they enter the woods that they're staring death in the face and accept it as a real possibility.

It's a very sad story, but ... (Below threshold)

It's a very sad story, but I have faith that the two other climbers are still alive. If they got back to their gear and stayed put, there's a very good chance that they are still alive. The heroes that are the search team will find them!

The big storm is over and a... (Below threshold)

The big storm is over and a big cold high is freezing our area. Mt Hood and the surrounding NW regularly claims folks who stray away from the protection of civilization. BTW wave, they were all well out of the woods and above the tree-line. We're still getting power back on line here at the coast, and cleaning up all the felled trees. Two beautiful sunny days in a row in December. It will undoubtedly have to last us for a while.

epador, my understanding is... (Below threshold)

epador, my understanding is that you can use the snowpack out there.

Can we schedule an outdoor ... (Below threshold)

Can we schedule an outdoor 'Global warming certification' walk in OR for the lib trolls in here?

How long til people blame the deaths of these irresponsible people on W, FEMA, or someone else??

To be brutally honest and a... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

To be brutally honest and as someone who does a fair amount of backpacking (mountaineering's not my thing), how the hell could they not check the weather report? Even world-class mountaineer Ed Viesturs, who's climbed all 14 peaks about 8000m, said during a radio interview that he probably wouldn't have gone up. This was a terrible, terrible choice these men made. I do hope the other two are found, but I'd put the chances of that happening at nil.

A grave update that just ap... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

A grave update that just appeared at the Seattle Times on the possible fate of the 2 lost climbers.






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