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I'd like to thank all the little people who made this possible, but I can't remember your names

With Time Magazine's naming of "us" as person of the year, highlighting the individual person's ability (when factored by the power of the internet, mainly) to influence the events of the world, I find myself reminded of something I heard years and years ago.

It was a standup comic (I think George Carlin) who was using national magazines to highlight how increasingly narcissistic Americans are becoming.

First there was Time and Life. Two very big concepts that we can all appreciate.

Then came People. Still big picture, but a bit more focused on individuals.

Then came Us. That really boiled it down.

Eventually, the comedian opined, there would be a magazine simply called "You." It would be devoted to your latest adventures, or new style or look, gossip about you, your opinions, anything that we find interesting in others.

Between blogs, MySpace, YouTube, and a host of other phenomena, that day has arrived. And Time is simply fulfilling that prophesy -- one that I laughed about years and years ago.


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If it wasn't for the captio... (Below threshold)

If it wasn't for the caption contest at Wizbang, they probably would have picked Ahmadinajad.

Carlin remains my all-time ... (Below threshold)

Carlin remains my all-time favorite comedian, solely due to his hilarious and spot-on insights into the human psyche. I am a bit disappointed, however, that his work of late has become increasingly ascerbic, and he comes across as too angry and cynical to be as entertaining as he once was.

Excellent time for such an ... (Below threshold)

Excellent time for such an observation. Not only is omphalospection a rigorous pursuit of happiness, but looking outward to blame others for your unhappiness and strife the model for personal development.

As far a GC turning into a curmudgeon, its only to be expected. After studying his material with sour acuity for so long, its a sad and natural metamorphosis. I've seen the same in Bill Cosby BEFORE his son died (if you've seen him live).

I am so proud of myself for... (Below threshold)

I am so proud of myself for making the cover of Time.

This is going on the resume.

Are we *becoming* more narc... (Below threshold)

Are we *becoming* more narcissistic, or are we simply embracing the inherent narcissism in all humans?

I really don't find Americans doing any more navel gazing than anyone else...we just talk about it more. We seem less ashamed of it than other cultures. I consider that a good thing. Slapping a veneer of external concerns over human nature results in things like the EU and communism.

Hey, I think just said that if you AREN'T narcissistic like an American, you're a fracking communist. Sweet 50s insult if I do say so myself... :)

It should have been Ahmadin... (Below threshold)

It should have been Ahmadinajad (or someone in Iran, the true Supreme Leader perhaps).

Just look at this last year. Hezzbullah is Iran's proxy that just had a War with Israel and a huge effect on Lebanon. His nuclear ambitions and our inability to get agreement to stop him. And the ISG and other sentiment that we should approach him.

But then you would have to think Israel had a right to exist and Iran getting the bomb and increasing in influence is a bad thing. So considering this is Time, fat chance.

I do believe he's talking a... (Below threshold)

I do believe he's talking about Lee ,no wait a minute he said little people not little minds,never mind my bad.

Thank goodness it's not Nan... (Below threshold)

Thank goodness it's not Nancy Pelosi. Being Barbara Walter's Most Fascinating Person of the Year was nauseating enough. Although I must say that the interview of her made her look like a walking zombie robot for all the nation to see, so maybe that wasn't a bad thing.

Ayup... Now your 15 min of ... (Below threshold)

Ayup... Now your 15 min of fame can last as looooooooong as you want it to, depending on how 'popular' you can make yourself.

You're forgetting Self maga... (Below threshold)

You're forgetting Self magazine. Next up: MyAnus.

Time Magazine just phones i... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

Time Magazine just phones it in this year. I'm surprised that they didn't have a blank article and suggest that bloggers write their own piece.

Cant you rememeber when TIM... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Cant you rememeber when TIME named GORBICHAV as MAN OF THE DECADE just to furestrte us sonservatives? i guess something happned

Congratulations...we all wo... (Below threshold)

Congratulations...we all won the equivalent of a kid's soccer trophy.






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