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The Check Out Guy at Sam's Club Made My Day Today

I was buying a bottle of wine when he carded me. Why did that make my day? I'll be forty in June. Needless to say, I was more than happy to oblige him.

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I was down at the Harris Te... (Below threshold)

I was down at the Harris Teeter near NCSU, and all the college kids were buying beer, getting carded, and the check-yourself-out supervisor person hardly looked at me before giving me an authomatic bye on my beer purchase, no ID required.

When you are 44, grumpy, and ready to drink without being hassled, it is a bit of a power trip NOT to be carded.

"Don't fuck with me, son, I'll stick you up your manager's ass" kinda thing.

Sorry Kim, I didn't ... (Below threshold)

Sorry Kim,
I didn't understand for sure.
Does carded mean getting a card? Or did he ask you for your id card? Some retailers do give cards- but June seems far away. I'll improve my English more here.

Kim, Hide.(!) Peggy Hill's ... (Below threshold)

Kim, Hide.(!) Peggy Hill's looking for you! (Ho-Yeah!)

I wasn't sure on the previo... (Below threshold)

I wasn't sure on the previous topic, but for sure on this one its obvious MU is back after the bilateral frontal lobotomy, and it appears to have been a smashing success!

But on a sweet & sour note,... (Below threshold)

But on a sweet & sour note, I went to the Colonel's the other night and noticed the girl at the counter gave me the Senior Discount without even asking (damn, I knew I looked tired, but not 15 years tired!). I was tickled to see I'd pulled one over on The Man, but at what cost?

Got carded the clerk refuse... (Below threshold)

Got carded the clerk refused to sell to me claimed I was to old to drink,go figure.

I would need a photo for pr... (Below threshold)

I would need a photo for proper assessment, say something in a two piece bikini!

You're lucky. I ate... (Below threshold)

You're lucky.
I ate at a IHOP recently and the girl asked if I get the discount.
"What discount?" I said.
"Seniors get 50% off."


It is just a sign of the ch... (Below threshold)

It is just a sign of the changing times. I'm drinking less but getting carded a lot more in my 40's than I ever was in my teens.

I was carded for beer in Fu... (Below threshold)
Glenn M. Cassel, AMH1(AW), USN, RETIRED:

I was carded for beer in Full Dress Uniform at the age of 31. I told the young lady that it was impossible for me to be too young with what was on my left sleeve and left chest. She said to take it as a compliment. I DID!!!
I am now 52 and my job is a road job. At motels I now get asked for my AARP card. I have one because it is a tool. My wife of almost 24 years got it for me. Politics aside, it works.
I actually enjoy the special treatment accorded me now. Being Retired from the Navy is also a great help. There are some Super 8 Motels that give me a larger discount for being retired from active service, up to 40%.
Fair winds and following seas.

I couldn't agree more when ... (Below threshold)

I couldn't agree more when any clerk who asks me for ID it makes me feel good.

That's a good feeling, isn'... (Below threshold)

That's a good feeling, isn't it Kim? Except for when I was 37 I got carded at the door to a bar with some friends. When they saw my birth date, they refused to let me in claiming I had altered my license as there was no way I was that old. It spoiled the whole evening.

I remember being carded onc... (Below threshold)

I remember being carded once at 45 - that's 1945 though! Duh! Enjoy it while you can kid...

Kim, whatever you do, don't... (Below threshold)

Kim, whatever you do, don't thank the clerk -- s/he might just say in his worst blase deadpan "we card everybody -- no exceptions." Splat.

When I was in college I use... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

When I was in college I used to work at a retail outlet for a local winery, pouring samples and selling product. Whenever a woman came in who looked to be in the 35-50 range I made sure to card her and almost aways ended up selling her a case or more. lol Maybe a little dishonest, but I needed the money...

BTW, I'm sure this was not the case for Kim at Sam's club as they guy carding her was not on commissions, but her post just reminded me of that story.

Kim, I feel ya! I just turn... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Kim, I feel ya! I just turned 40 in September and always swore that if I got carded at 40 I would kiss the clerk or bartender. Well, I got carded while I was in Vegas for my 40th at a bar in the Mirage. It was a guy bartender, so I didn't kiss him. But I told him I wanted to! LOL.






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