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White Mountain High

Dung Nguyen tried to have the American dream -- and he almost made it.

First, the naturalized American (from Viet Nam) tried to make it as a manicurist, and that flopped. Then he dabbled in the tile flooring business, and that went belly-up. So he tried his hand at real estate.

He had a rather good idea. He bought nice homes (usually ina the half-a-million-dollar range, which will get you a rather nice place here in New Hampshire) in quiet, rural neighborhoods, then converted them into revenue-generating properties. It worked out remarkably well, but with only one slight hitch:

The government frowns on indoor marijuana growing

Last week, state and federal officials conducted a series of raids across New Hampshire, seizing eleven homes of Nguyen's and his colleagues and confiscating roughly 6,700 pot plants. The real estate probably runs between 4 and 5 million dollars, and the plants would have had a street value of $24 million.

Apparently it was all triggered on an investigation into theft of electrical services. It looks like the gang didn't want to run up hefty electrical bills while growing the pot under sun lamps, so they tapped into power lines.

There's an old saying that "to live outside the law, you must be honest." Another says "pigs get fat; hogs get slaughtered." "Penny wise and pound foolish" also springs to mind.

But the underlying principle remains the same: it's always the little things that will get you.


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Comments (14)

In keeping with this weeken... (Below threshold)

In keeping with this weekend's Tarkio Road Theme:

One Toke Over the [power] Line, huh?

Dude should move to Califor... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Dude should move to California where selling pot is legal. We live in a semi-rural area in a small town. There are three store-front pot dealers within a mile of each other. Here's verbatim from one of their regular ads in the local shopping news:

Name of business (redacted); Medical Cannabis Provider.
On-Site Farmers Market. Exceptional 1st. Generation Clones. Every Saturday from 12pm-4pm Meet and greet the clone providers themselves and have all questions answered.

Observation of customers shows few that appear ill (so maybe dope works?), many barely past their teen's and usually wearing wife-beater shirts with baseball-type caps worn backwards. They slouch into the shop and quickly leave carrying a little white bag...like you'd get at a pharmacy. I figure the next step will be to install drive-up windows to spare these invalids the chore of getting out of their vehicle.

Yes, I guess I really am an old coot.

Here's a link to the... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Here's a link to the page containing the advertising I mentioned. It's at the lower right and should expand to readable size if you click on it.

Sorry that didn't work, I'm... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Sorry that didn't work, I'm downwind of this "merchant" which likely is screwing-up my html. Here's the url:


Hey...just noted in preview that the url automatically becomes a link. Thanks, Nancy! (or more likely Kevin)

I think all of us as people... (Below threshold)

I think all of us as people should boycott drugs. Not only do they harm us, but the money goes to support terror and crime. Even the Taliban used to get a lot of funding indirectly every time people used drugs in LA and London.

MU, I actually agree with y... (Below threshold)

MU, I actually agree with you, if you are talking about illegal drugs. Or diverted prescription medications. I've been boycotting illegal drugs for more than a few decades. And fighting the diverters for as many.

It looks like the... (Below threshold)
Anon Y. Mous:
It looks like the gang didn't want to run up hefty electrical bills while growing the pot under sun lamps, so they tapped into power lines.

I doubt they were trying to save money. They were more likely just trying to conceal the high energy usage, as that is one way that law enforcement discovers growers.

I am talking about illegal ... (Below threshold)

I am talking about illegal drugs Epador. I think a campagin which shows how these drugs finance criminals and terrorists to kill and torment people would work very well in stopping people from drug use.

Its already on TV and ... (Below threshold)

Its already on TV and print ads, besides in the MSM (though certainly not in massively high profile).
Drug users, be they legal or illegal, are very prone to denial, very expert at denial, and rarely stop their drug use until some sort of personal crisis drives them to quit. Education is fairly effective at driving the crisis - providing outside pressures from other members of society from family members to legislators.
But I could be talking about drug use, or addiction to dangerous behaviors. Like sexual promiscuity. Or even worse, like blind adherents to dogma [political or religious, for example]. The thrill and endorphins of zealous ecstasy and lemming-like group behaviors [religious or political worship] are hard challenge.
Be it one toke over the line or one vote over the line, our fate is often in the hands of someone controlled by their endorphin-seeking behavior, rather than some higher intellectual function.
Teddy Kennedy is a great example of both.
But I digress.
The campaign you speak of is played over and over, and most choose to ignore it.

MU-Are you really ... (Below threshold)


Are you really going to argue the drug money to Taliban thing under a headline about growing marijuana in NH? Are you really that stupid?

Actually its not stupid.</p... (Below threshold)

Actually its not stupid.

You are.

Many of the large local growers in the US are linked to organized importers of drugs in money and staffing and organization. But people don't like to think their Oregon grown pot might be financing the drug cartels in Mexico and Columbia, murderous barbarians that they are.

O.K. Prove it.... (Below threshold)

O.K. Prove it.

Brother LJD, You a... (Below threshold)

Brother LJD,

You are still a small child who has not seen the scene behind the scene. The drug network is very dangerous, and the so called 'cool and hot' clubs in Miami have links to places which 'your' country and the people visting those clubs hate.

Sucide bombers indirectly are financed by people using drugs and listening to rap songs in those clubs.

Potsmokers from New England... (Below threshold)

Potsmokers from New England to the Midwest, to the Pacific Northwest don't give a damn what you do in Miami.

They may be high, but they are Americans and certainly not high enough to fund terrorists.

But you're right, rap music is evil. We must stop it immediately.






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