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AP Sources

What do you suppose would be worse? If the AP source for the "burning six" story, Captain Jamil Hussein, turned out to be imaginary, or if he turned out to be a terrorist? Bob Owens discusses the possibility.

If it turns out that this Hussein is the man claiming to be Captain Hussein, and his tied to Uday and the Baathists can be substantiated, then we've got something juicy brewing.

The association of Muslim Scholars is widely viewed as a terrorist-friendly Sunni group with ties to the insurgency and al Qaeda, and the AP uncritically and unquestioningly cited them in this story without an apparent second thought.

If it can be substantiated that the Sgt. Hussein uncovered by Danziger's work is AP's "Captain Jamil Hussein" source, and that it can be substantiated that he has ties to Uday, or more specifically has ties with the Fedayeen Saddam, then we will have reason to wonder how much of AP's reporting has been infiltrated in such a way as to promote a pro-Sunni insurgency agenda.

Update: Curt has an excellent post at Flopping Aces which provides all the most recent developments in the search for Jamil Hussein along with a roundup of great commentary and a comprehensive primer on the history of this story.


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Comments (29)

I'm gonna go with the first... (Below threshold)

I'm gonna go with the first choice, thank you.

Malkin has already retracte... (Below threshold)

Malkin has already retracted her posts on this, and is running away from this story as fast as she can:

Breaking: "Jamil Hussein" identified?
By Michelle Malkin · December 18, 2006 10:30 AM

This post has been retracted.


Retraction: "Jamil Hussein"
By Michelle Malkin · December 18, 2006 11:04 AM

A few minutes ago, I posted an update to the Jamil Hussein story. My source just informed me that he had incorrect information. I'm removing the post. I'll update as soon as I know more."

The conservo-bloggers are falling all over themselves trying to get this one right. It doesn't look like that'll happen today either.

Lee:The conserv... (Below threshold)
Proud Kaffir:


The conservo-bloggers are falling all over themselves trying to get this one right. It doesn't look like that'll happen today either.

As contrasted with the MSM who don't care if they got it right but nonetheless castigate anyone who questions them.

good one Kaffir... (Below threshold)
robert the original:

good one Kaffir

"who don't care if they got... (Below threshold)

"who don't care if they got it right but nonetheless castigate anyone who questions them..."

Ummm...have you paid attention to anything that goes on here? That's the MO here. Check the archives, on almost any day. (And I can cite you many, many examples from the top of my head)

I am down to hold everyone accountable for bad reporting, but don't stoop to defend this place.

Wow! They found some guy na... (Below threshold)

Wow! They found some guy named Hussein in Irak? Who would have thought that? And get this, the poor schmuck is named Jamil to boot.

Never mind that the mosques that were blown up are still standing, the bodies of the immolated were never claimed (or even found). We gots us a guy named Jamil and he was a capt errrrr corporal or whateveah.

I am down to hold ... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:
I am down to hold everyone accountable for bad reporting, but don't stoop to defend this place.

This place where you spend so much of your time flinging troll-poo?

My question is why is Ms. B... (Below threshold)
civil behavior:

My question is why is Ms. Byrd so obssesed with questioning the authenticity of ONE AP report when in fact for over three years we have been committing atrocities against foreign cultures in lands all over the world, including Iraq.

Why isn't she questioning the legitimacy of the invasion of a sovereign country that has caused a mass exodus of over a million people, anywhere from 155K to 600K Iraqi's dead, over 20K Americans dead or maimed, an entire country's infrastructure destroyed with 60% unemployment and less electricity than before the invasion.

I really wonder why it is that on these right wing blogs when a story such as when Bush's esteemed former Sec of State Colin Powell calls Iraq a "civil war" , that we are not safer since the war began and that the Army and corps are not able to support another push of 30K men and that the Army would "break"they don't dare report that as important news to their flock.

Why do bloggers like Ms Byrd spend all their time chasing their tail to try and exaggerate one small report when twenty others are in their face and support the reality that is Iraq today...an utter and complete area of destruction, chaos and failed empire building.

What is it that drives these kinds of bloggers to be so adept at avoidance of reality?

Just foolish Americans who are part of those final 30%percenters who don't want to recognize the rise and fall of empire. Sad.

OK, time for a reality chec... (Below threshold)

OK, time for a reality check. Let's assume (and there's a lot of assuming going on here) that Hussein is connected to the Muslim Scholars, which is "widely viewed as a terrorist-friendly Sunni group."


Your man in Baghdad Nouri-al Maliki's Dawa party is widely viewed as an Iran-backed terrorist-friendly Shiite group. He's backed by the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq whose leader Abdel-Aziz al-Hakim also controls the Badr Organization which is widely viewed as an Iran-backed terrorist Shiite group. Maliki's government also depends on support from Muqtada al-Sadr whose Mehdi Army is widely viewed as an Iran-backed terrorist Shiite group.

And that's only a partial list.

A lot of "terrorist friendly" groups here - and all of them brought to power by you. It's because of all these "terrorist friendly" groups of various religious persuasions that it's too dangerous for any western journalists to venture out of their safe zones for any serious and extensive reporting. Instead they have to depend on locals who have various religious backgrounds, including Sunni and Shiite. Many of these stringers do not dare to tell even their families what they actually do for a living because they are afraid they will be killed if they do. Many of them have indeed been killed.

I've said before that I don't buy the Chicken-hawk argument. But I do say that Wizbangers, Malkinites and Little Green F***ers should go to Iraq and do some direct research.

Very little of what comes out of Iraq can be relied on and every story hides more than it reveals because its so hard to find the truth. Shiite politicians lie. Sunni politicians lie. I know from direct experience that Centcom lies. And anyone who goes out into the street to find out what's really going on faces the serious danger that they will die.

You don't have to join the army to die. Become real citizen journalists and go to Iraq to report from the field. Show these MSG, or is it MGM or MSN - oh, sorry, MSM idiots what real reporting is. Then you too can hang your head on the wall as a trophy showing your devotion to the truth.

civil behavior:Why... (Below threshold)
Proud Kaffir:

civil behavior:

Why is it that people like you ignore the millions of people brutalized in the name of Islamofascism on a daily basis? Just today there was a story of tsunami-relief funds being used to fund Islamic religious police who in turn flog women publically for dressing immodestly. Any complants from the human rights groups? Any complaint from the feminists? Any complaints from the morally superior civil behavior? I didn't think so.

What about when teachers are gutted and beheaded in Afghanistan, usually in front of their family or students, for the horrific crime of teaching girls? Anybody? Anybody at all there in the Left has anything to say? I didn't think so.

You are correct that many people are dieing in Iraq but the ones killing inncoent civilians are the militias, not the Americans. You can criticize the US for the security void, but how about a word of criticism towards the masked murderers out on the streets? Didn't think you would say much.

As to the merits of your complant- too much emphasis on one story and too little on the other atrocities- I think Patterrico answered it best

If the US is an empire, can you tell me which are our Imperial possessions? Germany? Japan? Phillipines? In each case we defeated a totaltarian regime and established democracies. In the case of the Phillipines, we even vacated the bases when their governement asked us. Quite Imperial indeed.

Without the US freedom would have been stamped out all over the world the last century in at least two occassions. Without the US or another democracy supporting superpower actively involved, things would be bleak for the upcoming century.

"My question is why is M... (Below threshold)

"My question is why is Ms. Byrd so obssesed with questioning the authenticity of ONE AP report when in fact for over three years we have been committing atrocities against foreign cultures in lands all over the world, including Iraq."

Give any of these conservo-bloggers two beers and they'll tell you the truth -- that they blame the mean old Mainstream Media for bringing down their friggin' house of cards that surrounded Emperor Bush and his pack of incompetent stooges, and ruined their little Republican reign of terror.

There has been a non-stop smear campaign, originating at the White House, ever since election day to paint as bad a picture as possible for the mainstream media.

Since many of these bloggers had their 15 seconds of fame around scandals like RatherGate, they are only too eager to smear, lie, link to questionable information, and otherwise mislead their reading public with the hopes that if they keep flinging monkey poo at the MSM eventually something will stick to the wall.

Then, at last, their beloved Emperor Decider can once again rise above the ashes that now define the Bush presidency and lead this country in the correct direction, banning gay marriages and passing important legislation like flag-burning amendments.

Meanwhile Iraq burns -- as the conservatives fiddle on...

My question is why does sma... (Below threshold)

My question is why does smart guy "Civil Behavior" spew his anti American screed while simultaneously ignoring the facts behind a quarter century of murder and terror under the Hussein regime.

Accounts vary on the estimated number of people killed under Saddam Hussein, from up to a million in a 2003 New York Times article to somewhere between 1 and 2 million according to others. In most cases these numbers are imprecise because there was not any way to check the results while Hussein was in power. You will also note that the number of deaths attributable to Saddam Hussein usually do not include the number of people who were killed because of aid that the corrupt regime withheld from Iraqi men, women and children that was provided under the oil for food program.

Nice try for a pseudo-intellectual troll whose moral equivalence meme falls short of credibility when it is regurgitated under the guise of caring about the little guy (as liberals tend to do often).

I really wonder why these blow hard moonbats bother waking up in this country they hate so much. The life was better under Saddam Hussein tripe ignores years of funding terrorists, undermining the United States in the liberals' vaunted United Nations, secret terrorist training camps, the gassing of men, women and children in the Anfal province, multiple sites containing mass graves, money for suicide bombers in Israel, and ethnic cleansing done in the mold of the Nazis (thats right idiot, Saddam rounded Kurds up in the middle of the night and shipped them off to their "relocation" areas, approximately 6 to 30 feet under ground, the manner, which is documented usually was a bullet to the head. The targets of relocated went to the trouble of sewing their id's into their clothes so they could be identified when the country was liberated). That's the short list.

The LA Times of all papers listed this in a report from their Baghdad bureau.

BAGHDAD -- Perhaps they were so terrified they didn't trust the officers who demanded their identification cards and they hid the cards beneath layers of clothes.

Or maybe they sensed their horrible fate and decided against giving up the last legal proof of their lives before gunshots turned them into anonymous corpses to be devoured by the desert.

Talk about avoidance of reality. Eat me troll.

cat:al-Maliki is n... (Below threshold)
Proud Kaffir:


al-Maliki is not "our man". He was electyed to his position. I do agree that Shiite militas are as much the problem as the Sunni militias. I also agere that it is difficult and often dangerous to get information from a war zone. However, what the MSM and left fail to recognize is that the terrorist-groups have sophisticated media relations operations attempting to get misinformation to the Western press, an operation that is crucial to their military success. This may not be a new phenomena but it is shocking how quickly the MSM believe dubious jihadi sources in Lebanon and in Iraq.

Regardless of the situation in a war zone, simply accepting propoganda as truth, as long it supports your viewpoint, is not acceptable journalistic standards.

Incidentally, the terrorists have a simple M.O. Bloodshed and more bloodshed. The more bloodshed, the better for the cameras. Doesn't even matter whose blood it is.

They also hide among civlians and attack disguised as civlians. If the IDF or US shoots back, than call the MSM to take plenty of pictures. The net result are ROE that make it impossible for the US or IDF to win any war.

The MSM are willingly complicit with the terrorists, shown time and time agian.

That'r right Lee. We shoul... (Below threshold)
Proud Kaffir:

That'r right Lee. We should just accept whatever the MSM tells us without questioning. We have no right to throw a light on bad journalism.

We should just accept asinine statements like, "we have been committing atrocites in foreign cultures in lands aorund the world, including Iraq" without questioning.

Funny how liberlas who keep complaining about Bushitler fascists are thensleves the ones that want to silence freedom of speech.

Proud KaffirYou as... (Below threshold)

Proud Kaffir

You ask: "Any complaints from the human rights groups? Any complaint from the feminists?"

Well, who do you think alerted the media to these stories in the first place? The same people who have been supporting women's rights in these places for a little longer than your sudden discovery that bad things happen. They've been supporting groups like Flower Aceh:


Where are the human rights groups and feminists condemning violence against women in Afghanistan? Well, you could start by reading this:


And you could follow some of these links:


Then you could try doing a little searching of your own. You could check Human Rights Watch. You could search the archives of Democracy Now - and you'd find a whole lot more about these issues than most other places. Or you could try that trusted but sometimes unreliable friend Google.

On Iraq, yes, al-Maliki was elected. So was Jaafari who the US forced to resign. Maliki was the US choice as his replacement, so I reckon that makes him "your man"...until you decide it's time for him to go.

And since you mention the IDF, they located a number of military installations in Northern Israel next to Palestinian towns and villages so that Palestinians would be killed in any attack.

Back to terrorism in Iraq. Nothing can save Iraq now, at least nothing will save it soon. The unimaginable and ever-worsening hell that you have unleashed there will not go away for a long, long time. Any solution will take years. But one thing is certain: only the Iraqis can solve it, and they can only solve it if the biggest catalyst for violence is removed - and that's you. That's why most Iraqis say they want you to set a timetable for leaving and stick to it.

When you go, when you stop trying to force them to sell off the rights to their oil-fields (part of the new imperialism that you refuse to believe exists) they will be able to begin the long process of sorting out their almost insurmountable problems.

On empire, I suggest you read Jay Tea's deeply flawed, but nevertheless entertaining 5-part post that begins with this:


Lee divebombs again. *snic... (Below threshold)

Lee divebombs again. *snicker*

"pucker puss" (lee lee) hit... (Below threshold)

"pucker puss" (lee lee) hit his "ditto" key again. Poor little kos kiddie reject just can't seem to come up with anything that don't make him look like a complete idiot.

"cat"--wonder what he "smells" like? Do you get the impression that he seems to favors old Saddam and his "playful" boys over our troops. And do you think it is likly that he lies alot or is he really that misguided? Poor fellow he is so much distress over the events in the world that he has come to the conclusion that old Bushie contols the weather and makes it rain just on his head. I think we should take up a fund for him so he can go to Iraq and solve all their problems.

Jwho?666,I see you... (Below threshold)


I see you haven't had your eyes check yet. That depth perception problem must really be embarrassing around your family this time of year.

"[email protected]"--Boo... (Below threshold)
Why does the Reality Based ... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Why does the Reality Based Community object so much to this story being investigated?

You would think they would want to find out if the AP was telling the truth or was not telling the truth in this story; and all their stories.

Perhaps they should be called the Create-Your-Own-Reality Based Commmunity. They don't care if the MSM stories coming out of Iraq are true, they just want them to reinforce their worldview.

Can we put the "posted by" ... (Below threshold)

Can we put the "posted by" at the top of each comment so it's easier to skip over some?

"Can we put the "posted... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

"Can we put the "posted by" at the top of each comment so it's easier to skip over some?"

I agree with Oyster 100% on that statement!

Numbering the comments would be a big time saver too.

What do you suppose woul... (Below threshold)

What do you suppose would be worse? If the AP source for the "burning six" story, Captain Jamil Hussein, turned out to be imaginary, or if he turned out to be a terrorist?

What if he just turns out to be real?


p.s. I would avoid endorsing any of Bob Owens' theories if I were you. He's right less often than a broken clock.

"Why does the Reality Ba... (Below threshold)

"Why does the Reality Based Community object so much to this story being investigated?"

You've apparently confused "amazement at the irony of the blogger's incompetence at reporting this story" as an objection. Far from it. The more times that conservative bloggers embarrass themselves in this fashion, the happier I am.

It's a riot seeing bloggers write stories about the media getting it wrong, and in their very posts attacking the MSM's failures the bloggers mis-report, lie, smear and apply innuendo, and then run for the hills, never coming to back to write a retraction or correction.

The more Malkin reports and then retracts, the better.

Let me guess. Reuters kille... (Below threshold)

Let me guess. Reuters killed and tortured the 65 bodies that were found today in Iraq.

Or was it the AP that entered a bank and stole 875,000 dollars?

And let's not forget that the media disguised itself as the Pentagon when it said violence there is now at its highest since the war started.

That damn media!

"What if he just turns o... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

"What if he just turns out to be real?


What if he does not turn out to be real?

Double Oops!

The post you link to says that he has not been found.

But don't worry, I'm sure they will find some guy named 'Jamil Hussein' soon (I'm surprised it's taken this long, frankly) and all the people defending the AP on this story will say 'See! There is a guy named Jamil Hussein in Iraq, so this story must be true!'

'Fake, but accurate' is good enough for the Reality Based, I guess.

Reuters: U.S. soldiers' sui... (Below threshold)

Reuters: U.S. soldiers' suicide rate in Iraq doubled in '05

AP did it! AP is suciding the soldiers!!

Andres...you bring up an ex... (Below threshold)

Andres...you bring up an excellent point, actually. The MSM's reporting of "news" there is an excellent example of just what we're addressing. First, the headline is misleading...the rate actually was cut in half in '04, and '05 showed the rate going back up "to normal."

Second, the rate of suicide amongst GIs is just below the rate of suicide amongst all american males aged 20-24 years, which, after some basic statistical adjustment for the ratio of male to female GIs reflects a nearly identical rate of suicides per 100,000 as the general population.

Gee, who could have imagined that the statistics amongst GIs would reflect nearly perfectly the statistics amongst all Americans? Now THAT's news!

Another fine example of the MSM cherry-picking data and crafting sensational headlines in their efforts to undermine the war effort, and I thank you for bringing that to our attention.

Freedom is a must, On Frida... (Below threshold)

Freedom is a must, On Friday where the population of all parts of Palestine meet in al aqsa mosque despite the difficulties they face, but since the receipt of the Sharon government of Israel preventing worshipers from the West Bank and Gaza Strip to attend to perform Friday prayers, diminishing numbers of worshipers, and in some days to prevent the congregation who are under the age of forty praying in alqsa mosque and forcing them to pray at the entrances to the Old City of Jerusalem.

On the 15th of December, the preacher of Al-Aqsa Mosque warned that, there are cracks in the southern wall of Al-Aqsa Mosque result of the excavations carried out by Israeli authorities under the Aqsa Mosque the building of the Islamic Waqf, despite warning of the danger of these excavations, the Israeli authorities preventing the Islamic Waqf from reconstruction of the southern wall.

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