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Quote Of The Day - Gridiron Edition

Their third consecutive win turned the Eagles - the same team that got humiliated on national TV in Indianapolis less than a month ago - into the hottest team in the NFC. Admittedly, it's a lukewarm conference. Being the hottest team is like being the most honest person in Congress...

Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Phil Sheridan, on the Philadelphia Eagles unlikely rise from mediocrity in the mystifyingly mundane NFC.

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OK, I'm gonna go out on a l... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

OK, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and entertain a thought of a guy I don't much care for: Rush Limbaugh.

Could Rush be right that Donovan McNabb isn't the QB the media has hyped him up to be? Consider this:

1.) The Eagles are 3-1 since his injury. And a mediocre 5-5 before his injury.
2.) The Eagles current winning streak is at 3 because of the offense. Period. The defense still resembles a sieve.
3.) 3 of the 5 teams the Eagles beat under McNabb were also very mediocre to downright sucky (Texans, 49ers, Packers), one was mediocre (Redskins) and one was emerging but rudderless until Romo came along (the Cowboys). Conversely, Jeff Garcia beat three mediocre teams (Redskins, Giants and Carolina); note the brilliant comeback against Carolina on MNF.
4.) 2 of the 3 wins have come on the road at notoriously difficult places to play. 3 of McNabb's wins occured at home--against 2 mediocre teams and one bad team.

Of course the Eagles still have 2 games left against good teams (Cowboys and Falcons).

But if they win those two, ya just gotta think, "Hmm, maybe the fat guy was onto something...."

I never understood why ever... (Below threshold)

I never understood why everybody thinks McNabb is so great. He's not horrible, but there are much better QBs out there.

""Hmm, maybe the fat guy... (Below threshold)

""Hmm, maybe the fat guy was onto something....""

It is far more likely that the fat guy was on something instead.

My Packers still have a pla... (Below threshold)

My Packers still have a playoff shot.

How I typed those words without falling off my chair in laughter I have no idea.

At least their glimpse of hope will probably bring Brett Favre back next season.

Pro Athletes are all about ... (Below threshold)

Pro Athletes are all about the $; Cincinnati Reds are going to "honor" Pete Rose who disgraced his team, city, state and the game, WHAT'S UP W/THAT?!!! That would be like honoring the man who assaulted ur grandmother. Roll models my...whatever...






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