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Kerry and the Troops

Yesterday Laura Lee Donoho posted a picture of John Kerry in Iraq, along with an email from someone in Iraq describing troop reaction to Kerry, and caught the attention of some at the Democratic Underground.

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It would seem that the pric... (Below threshold)
robert the original:

It would seem that the price of Osama Obama-rama was Kerry's campaign, (I was a War Hero II), and others'.

Ms. Clintons potential Veep has cleared the field, can Howard Dean be next?

can Howard Dean be... (Below threshold)
can Howard Dean be next?

One can only hope. Personally I would like to see Hillary behind bars along with her lying and cheating husband.

I'd love to rent an apartme... (Below threshold)
liver cancer:

I'd love to rent an apartment on hillary's right side, just under her diaphragm...

LC, that's fantastically co... (Below threshold)

LC, that's fantastically cold. Like DU level stuff. You may dislike Hillary, but to wish liver cancer upon her? Not nice.






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