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New Al Qaeda Video Released

Ayman Al-Zawahiri aired a video today in which he admonished the US to negotiate "with the real powers" He doesn't say who those "real powers" are, but we can speculate that he's referring to his group, al Qaeda.

Al-Zawahri also told the United States on Wednesday that it was negotiating with the wrong people in Iraq.

"I want to tell the Republicans and the Democrats together ... you are trying to negotiate with some parties to secure your withdrawal, but these parities won't find you an exit (from Iraq) and your attempts will yield nothing but failure," al-Zawahri said on the tape, sections of which were aired in successive news bulletins.

"It seems that you will go through a painful journey of failed negotiations until you will be forced to return to negotiate with the real powers," he said, without identifying these powers.

Even though the media and the Democrats have convinced themselves as well as the majority of the American people that we're losing in Iraq, Zawahiri's video shows that al Qaeda is not very confident in its position either. Those who are winning don't request a negotiation, especially radical Islamofascist jihadis, who would view such a move by their own enemies as a sign of weakness.

Update: Jay at Stop the ACLU is thinking much the same thing I am:

I'm really starting to think that there is no more Osama Bin Laden. Its been a looooong time since we've heard anything from him. However, the "number two" of Al Qaeda has released his Christmas message for the world. He is urging the U.S. to "negotiate" with Al Qaeda if we want out of Iraq. With Democrats already making trips to talk to our enemies, I fear to wonder how much it would take for Al Qaeda to convince them to some sort of "talks".

Jim Hoft is taking bets as to which Democrat agrees with Zawahiri first.

Update II: And I really love this statement from Zawahiri to the Palestinians:

"Any way other than holy war, will lead us only to loss and defeat," al-Zawahri said in clips broadcast by Al-Jazeera, the Qatari-based satellite channel.

The Palestinians chose holy war by electing Hamas and that brought them nothing but misery.

Udpate III: Scrappleface has a video in which he offers his translation of Zawahiri's tape. You must watch it.

Can you imagine what Zawahiri would say if he saw this? Oh, to be a fly on the wall of the cave.

Hat tip: Hot Air


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Comments (12)

Even though the media an... (Below threshold)

Even though the media and the Democrats have convinced themselves as well as the majority of the American people that we're losing in Iraq,

"We're not winning, we're not losing," Bush said in an interview with The Washington Post.

Then what are we doing?

I'm taking bets as to which... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

I'm taking bets as to which Wizbang troll agrees with Zawahiri first.

ClashCityRocker: It's calle... (Below threshold)

ClashCityRocker: It's called equilibrium.

Old coot--I have my bet on ... (Below threshold)

Old coot--I have my bet on you know who. lol

jhow66: Yeah, me too. Pity ... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

jhow66: Yeah, me too. Pity the fool.

I'm reminded of a quote fro... (Below threshold)

I'm reminded of a quote from that old libertine Ben Franklin, "neither a fortress nor a virgin can hold out for long, once they begin to negotiate".

I feared your link would ta... (Below threshold)

I feared your link would take me to Hillary on The Shrew--um The View.

I think this Scrappleface i... (Below threshold)

I think this Scrappleface institute rushed a bit with the translation. But as an expert in Ancient Arabic and Baronh, I vouch for the gist of the translation: We're ready to give up the fight.


Why is Zawahiri alive and f... (Below threshold)
observer 5:

Why is Zawahiri alive and free to make videos?

That just makes me feel all... (Below threshold)

That just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Of course, if I were a Democrat I would be all pissed because this would just makes the Middle East Jesusland II. That and now all the Arabs are going to want our pine trees at this time of year, and you know only pine trees from lower income areas will be sent to the Middle East. Pine trees that have no other choice and wouldn't even wind up on a Chailie Brown Christmas will be forced to volunteer to become a Mohammed Tree. Rangle will want to reinstitute drafting of trees from all walks to be forcibly shipped to Iraq, pines, fires, birch, oak - you name it - they will be sent and have tinsle strung on it so that all planks of wood will have to participate.

The trees will get all bent out of shape and not want to participate and pretty soon you know what will happen - the trees will start killing again - just like they did with Sony Bono. Children will be afraid of trees, people will have to make houses out of dirt, tables out of pressed corn stalks. It just goes down hill quick when you force trees that have no desire to be part of Christmas to be sent to the Middle East, have tinsel, lights, AK-47 receivers and a Cresent and a sword place on them in a festive fashion. You just can't uproot trees like that and sent them to the other side of the world to participate in an illegal holiday.

Damn you Rangle - think of the saplings.

I'm sorry - where was I? Oh yes - man, that video just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

That must be pretty good st... (Below threshold)

That must be pretty good stuff yur smokin' there HZ. Glad you were willing to share.

Why is Zawahiri al... (Below threshold)
Why is Zawahiri alive and free to make videos?

Uh, maybe because we haven't caught him, yet?






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