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Updated: White House Press Conference Today

It's at 10:00am and President Bush will talk about expanding the size of the military.

Update: Here's a summary of President Bush's statement:

  • Secretary Gates will bring a fresh perspective.
  • Top priority is that our military has everything they need.
  • This war on terror requires a sustained commitment from the American people and military.
  • Our military needs a increase in permanent size of the US Army and Marines in order to meet this commitment in the war on terror.
  • Secretary Gates has been charged with coming up with a plan on how to increase the size.
  • 2006 was a difficult year for American people and the Iraqis. The enemies of freedom and democracy worked hard to stop our efforts by undermining stability and security.
  • Our goal remains a free and democratic Iraq that can govern, sustain, and defend itself that is also an ally in the war on terror.
  • Bush Admin will work with Reps and Dems for a new way forward in Iraq.

For me, this was the best quote:

We must never lose sight of the fact that on the receiving end of the decisions I make is a private, a sergeant, a young lieutenant, or a diplomat who risks his or her life to help the Iraqis realize a dream of a stable country that can defend, govern, and sustain itself.

The advance of liberty is never easy and Iraq is proving how tough it can be. Yet the safety and security of our citizens requires that we do not let up.

President Bush then talked about the economy and keeping it growing and encouraged the American people to go shopping more.

Comments (16)

It's about time that Bush r... (Below threshold)
observer 5:

It's about time that Bush realized that privates and sergeants are on the receiving end of his decisions.

After 5 years of war, the "Decider" finally realizes that more troops are needed.

Of course, Rumsfool fought to keep troop numbers down, the better to save money. That saving was paid for on the backs of those Soldiers and Marines who are deploying in long repeated tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

With Rumsfool gone, the generals finally had the guts to tell the truth about personnel.

Sounds like a visit to the ... (Below threshold)
Captain Joe:

Sounds like a visit to the DRAFT BOARD coming up for many young men soon.

The President will undoubte... (Below threshold)

The President will undoubtedly do everything he possibly can to maximize the profits of the defense contractors in his last two years in the the White House.

It would appear that he's not interested in winning the war in Iraq -- he never has been. Our state of war kept the Republicans in power in the 2004 elections, and he'll milk this cow for all it's got until the Republicans are finally chased out of Washington.

Now that Bush has bitten th... (Below threshold)

Now that Bush has bitten the bullet and more or less admitted we need more troops, if not in Iraq, then the military in general, the Left has nothing to beat up Bush with in regards to running the war in Iraq.

With that gone, the only inhibitor to the military aspect is now the 'rules of engagement'. Since the Left is as or more responsible for those than Bush, they'll never criticize that. They'll have to change their tact.

Fabricated Reality: "Our... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Fabricated Reality: "Our state of war kept the Republicans in power in the 2004 elections"

Reality: The state of war that existed in 2004 was the only reason Comrade Kerry was even close to being elected. Had it not been for Iraq the election wouldn't have even been close.

"it's about time that Bu... (Below threshold)

"it's about time that Bush realized that privates and sergeants are on the receiving end of his decisions."

Yeah, because before this, Bush was so stoopid, he figured that when he said things, giant Stratego pieces rattled around on a game board somewhere, right, asshat? Hey, why not try this on for size: "it's about time the left realized that privates and sergeants are on the receiving end of their scorn, treason and sedition" ?

"the profits of the defense contractors"

Hey, Lee - how's the weather there in Tinfoilistan? Christ, you lefties are a pathetic bunch.

Hope springs eternal. The p... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Hope springs eternal. The president is simply determined that the war not be lost, while he is in office, whatever the cost.

(I'm setting myself up but ... (Below threshold)

(I'm setting myself up but here goes:) Kim, the president didn't REALLY say "go shopping", DID HE???

The full qoute from the Pre... (Below threshold)

The full qoute from the Pres was "Shop more, or the terrorists will win"

Increasing the size of the ... (Below threshold)

Increasing the size of the U.S. Army and the Marine Corps is the right thing to do, regardless of success or lack of it in Iraq.

The decision to invade Iraq, topple the government, and build a new government/country was the decision of the U.S. Government, legislative and executive.

Like it or not, the moral imperative is not to leave Iraq until they can defend themselves from internal and external (Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey) threats. To me that would be the minimum prerequisite to a U.S. draw-down or withdrawal. This will also require a functional government and a sustainable economy.

More troops on the ground can help, but only if they subsequently receive obtainable objectives and realistic rules of engagement.

Finally, if taxes stay down, we can shop more.

He did indeed. Bush:... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

He did indeed.
Bush:" This work begins with keeping our economy growing. ... And I encourage you all to go shopping more"... Spend and borrow and expand your consumer debt as we have been increasing our national debt to record proportions. Just kidding about the last part of Bush's
economic advice but he did say that 2007 will "require difficult choices and additional sacrifices" from the American people.

I see. Shop to subsidize Ch... (Below threshold)

I see. Shop to subsidize China' military build-up, sweetened with port leasing arrangements and shipping contracts with the PLA in the guise of Hutchison Wampoa and other fronts LLCs (whose containers are double-stacked on every flatbed railcar in North America). Meanwhile, play Beau Geste in the Green Zone fighting (sorta) enemies THERE so they don't walk across our open borders HERE. And like a sitcom, W will see us "next year". It's like if he waits long enough, he'll wake up in Nov 2001.

It sounds like Bush is doin... (Below threshold)
John S:

It sounds like Bush is doing the right thing to win the war in Iraq. Since the Democrats will do everything in their power to prevent this, it simply means any defeat in Iraq will be blamed 100% on Nancy and the Moonbats. If he wants to increase troop strength in Iraq, why don't we start by pulling our troops out of Bosnia (remember Clinton's 6-month deployment?) and the troops that Truman left in Germany and Japan some 60 years ago.

John S, you dolt, the troop... (Below threshold)
observer 5:

John S, you dolt, the troops in Germany and Japan are the same ones deploying to Iraq.

For example the 1st Armored Division, headquartered in Wiesbaden, Germany, is finishing its second 15 month deployment. 1st Infantry, V Corps, (Germany) and III MEF (Japan) have all deployed to Iraq.

We should stop deploying to Bosnia, though. That's about 3,000 National Guardsmen going there, I think.

Thanks Kim for posting a tr... (Below threshold)
Mark Bishop:

Thanks Kim for posting a transcript of President Bush's speech.

It is much less painful to read what he says than to watch him......

Thanks to Lee for the fine democrat response.........

Have a nice day

Wow. Bush finally decides t... (Below threshold)

Wow. Bush finally decides to change the course -- something the Democrats have been telling him to do for years -- and proposes a troop increase -- something that John Kerry proposed and Bush slammed more than two years ago -- and the right gets all pleased with yourselves about how "that'll show the left!"

Yeah... it showed us, all right. Though not what you think it did.






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