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Won't you sign on the dotted line, I'm gonna make your dreams come true...

Another day off, another road trip to the new old home town. Today I sign the lease on my new apartment, grab a storage unit for a bunch of my stuff, dump off a bunch of my stuff, meet up with the new boss-to-be, and introduce him to the best donuts in the known universe...

And yes, I am travelling with Mr. Duckie, Electric Mayhem, and a borrowed camera...

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I liked Murial's Wedding, b... (Below threshold)

I liked Murial's Wedding, but have never tired the doughnuts. We pound Krispy Kremes down here. "Fresh Hot Now"

Jay-I work about 2 m... (Below threshold)

I work about 2 minutes from that location. We should get together and I'll buy you lunch. There's a great truckstop out by the highway.

Pizza 3x in one day other d... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Pizza 3x in one day other day, and now donuts? You may want to find a cardiologist in your new town, too, Jay! LOL

Bon appetit!

The Checks in the mail. ( -... (Below threshold)
weird al:

The Checks in the mail. ( -30%) would I lie to you

Congratulations and Good Lu... (Below threshold)

Congratulations and Good Luck!

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