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Nice Tea

Earlier today, I heard a talk show host ask for contributions to his "naughty" and "nice" lists. He bemoaned how easy it was to fill up the "naughty" list, but how hard it was to find "nice" people to laud. So I figured I'd take ask you to nominate people for the "nice" list. And you get bonus points for nominating someone you customarily disagree with or criticize.

My first nominee has to be LT SMASH. SMASH spent a most of his summer on active duty in DC, and spent much of his free time visiting with his wounded brothers and sisters in arms at Walter Reed. He also spent a lot of time listening to the idiotic protesters from CODE PINK outside the hospital.

And, finally, after listening to them for weeks, he spoke back. And he spoke clearly, honestly, forthrightly, and actually managed to shame those shameless scum. And he did it in an utterly classy way.

My second nominee is going to come across as utterly self-serving and a real suck-up, but I don't care. That's Kevin Aylward, also known as Mr. Wizbang, the Big Cheese, Boss Dude, and a few other things I better not repeat here (mainly when he changes stuff behind the scenes without telling anyone). Kevin has not only grown what started out as his personal blog into a mini-empire, with eight domains (and more coming), but has run the Weblog Awards for four years running.

Now, for the bonus round: a couple nominees that I've spent my share of time running down.

I'm no fan of Rush Limbaugh's. I was, briefly, about 15 years ago, but lost my taste for him after the Chelsea Clinton incident (which I am NOT interested in re-hashing). I eventually got over it -- I carried the grudge longer than the Clintons did -- but I still don't particularly care for his style.

But while I still don't care for Rush the entertainer, Rush the commentator, Rush the personality, I have developed a great deal of respect for Rush the man. Because of one incredibly generous, selfless deed. For that, Rush gets a prominent placement on the "nice" list.

Another person I've routinely smacked around is Eason Jordan. To put it simply, I think he's an utterly perfect example of what is wrong with much of today's journalism, and an exemplar of why the blogosphere have grown so much: he and his ilk have given us so much bias, inaccuracy, and just plain wrongness that fact-checking them has given many of us our blogging "careers."

When he started his new venture, reporting from Iraq (the place where he willingly covered up many of Saddam's atrocities, then baselessly said that US forces were "targeting" journalists, I and many others were very skeptical.

When the blogosphere started noticing that the AP kept going to the same police officer for reports on terrorist attacks, attacks all over the map, and the Iraqi government hadn't heard of the cop in question, Michelle Malkin got a good snark out of it. She suggested it might help Jordan establish himself by tracking down this Captain Jamil Hussein.

Jordan took that challenge seriously, and accepted it. Then he took it one step further: he invited Michelle Malkin to come to Iraq and work directly with him.

Yeah, it was pretty much a PR stunt. But he made the offer, she accepted it, and it looks like he's going to keep his end of the deal.

OK, there's four people on my "nice" list this year. Who else do you think makes the cut, and why?


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Comments (10)

My daughter is one of the n... (Below threshold)

My daughter is one of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. I know that no one else here knows her, but that's their loss. Everyone that does know her, loves her dearly. She won't give you the shirt right off her back. She's not stupid. But if she has two shirts, one is yours if you need it. And she's just a real pleasure to be around. She struggles hard with a job and two daughters and still finds time to be of help to others. I'd like to be like her some day.

That's my number one pick. My number two pick, even though I disagree with much of his politics, would have to be Joe Leiberman. He's just a really decent guy.

Since you're obviously out ... (Below threshold)

Since you're obviously out of the running [a real nice person would have disqualified themselves openly from their own list, even though you have all the perfect attributes of a "nice guy"], I'm stuck.

Everyone else has been a [email protected]$tard or B-1tch.

I wonder what all the lumps of coal I'm giving out this year will do for Global Worming?

I would nominate several br... (Below threshold)

I would nominate several brilliant women of the blogsphere: Sissy Willis of Sisu, Laura Lee Donoho of The Wide Awake Cafe and far from least, the astonishing Ms. Kitty of Kitty Litter. They are the women who encouraged me to start blogging and have supported me in that endeavor, as well as offering enormous friendship and support in other areas of my life. Because of these three astounding women - and several men I have met through them (Aaron, Pat, BoyMoto), I am a better and happier human these days and loving life - and WIZBANG!

Once I knock a few more peo... (Below threshold)

Once I knock a few more people off of the top of the list (a little blackmail, some extortion, and a couple of "accidents"), I'll get a nomination by default.

Jay, I think you should emu... (Below threshold)

Jay, I think you should emulate Time Magazine and nominate all of us, meaning everybody for the Nicest Person of the Year.

Lt. Smash linked to two pos... (Below threshold)

Lt. Smash linked to two posts by a lefty blogger. Note the lefty took them down, rather than trying to defend them.

Rush is one of my all time ... (Below threshold)

Rush is one of my all time favorites too.....I am still trying to figure out why an unmarried supposedly christian man needs viagra for his vacation to Costa Rica.

I second the nomination of ... (Below threshold)

I second the nomination of Joe Lieberman.

Other politicians:

Don Rumsfeld for his loyal service and unwavering class in the face of relentless personal attacks.

Diana Irey for gamely taking on Jack Murtha and defending our troops from his irresponsible attacks.


Jeralyn Merritt of TalkLeft, for demonstrating class and civility when the moonbats tried to shut down Jeff Goldstein and Protein Wisdom last summer (which culminated in the bizarre threats against Jeff's son by Deb Frisch).

Real World:

At the risk of being "Time-like", I think all our servicemen and women deserve recognition, for their sacrifices and perseverance in the face of idiots on Capitol Hill and a media Fifth Column who seem determined to make their already-tough jobs even harder.

Jay, I submit all Milblogge... (Below threshold)

Jay, I submit all Milbloggers, including myself, to the nice list. We've had a tough year, but we still manage to keep our honor clean. We've been bumrushed by liberals attacking our brothers, and we've watched our own be put on show trials; but yet we still keep chugging.

Although <a href="http://ww... (Below threshold)

Although this is a local story, I submit Heath Schneider (Air Force serviceman and Buckeye fan/Milblogger) for writing weekly letters to Tyson Gentry. Not just one letter...weekly letters without fail.

For those who don't know, Tyson Gentry is a walk-on punter/receiver at OSU who suffered a broken vertebrae in his neck while being tackled in a scrimmage this past April. He's in a wheelchair and has limited use of his arms, and is mostly paralyzed from the waist down. He recently was able to wiggle his toes.

This is Schneider's blog.






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