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Saint Jimmah

Amen, Burt Prelutsky.

Years ago, when I still worked in advertising, I was a copywriter on the Mattel account. It should have been fun because they made toys. But it wasn't, mainly because of all the restrictions the FCC placed on commercials aimed at children. In one of the spots I wrote, a little boy, playing with his Mattel racing car on the floor, imagined himself leading the pack at the Indy 500. It never got produced. Even though it would have been shot as an obvious daydream, and even though every little squirt playing with the car would imagine himself winning at the Brickyard, we weren't permitted to show the toys doing anything they couldn't actually do in real life.

So, how is it that nobody else ever seems to get called on the carpet for their lies and exaggerations? How is it, for instance, that every liberal from Ted Kennedy to Jesse Jackson can get away with pretending that American blacks are still living like slaves, and that four decades after the Civil Rights Act, the only thing keeping blacks out of the cotton fields are Democrats in Washington?

How is it that every rotten movie can get away with lying about how terrific it is? And, unlike other products, they don't come with money-back guarantees.

And, finally, how is it that Jimmy Carter, that sanctimonious phony who was a disaster during his four years in the White House and a disgrace in the quarter of a century since, can pass himself off as equal parts statesman and saint? While most of us wished that he would simply slink back to his peanut farm after Ronald Reagan whupped his butt in '80, we hadn't realized how starved he was for the spotlight.

The rest of the column consists of Prelutsky telling us what he really thinks of Carter.

Update: Glenn Reynolds quotes Emory professor, Mel Konner, about Carter's book: "Carter's bizarre book is a poisoned holiday gift for Jews and Christians, and a danger to Jews throughout the world." Konner also said of Carter:

For me, it means the loss of one of my greatest heroes. I have never allowed a snide remark about Jimmy Carter's "failed" presidency to pass without contradicting it. I have said countless times that he is the greatest former president, setting a new standard for that role.

I don't recognize Carter any more. I am afraid of him now, for myself and for my children. He has not just turned his back on the balance and fairness that all peacemaking depends on. He has become a spokesman for the enemies of my people. He has become an apologist for terrorists.
Carter has changed. Something has happened to his judgment. I don't understand what it is, but I know it is very dangerous. At a minimum, his legacy is irrevocably tarnished, and he will never again be a factor in the quest for Middle East peace. At worst, he is emboldening terrorists and their apologists in the Arab world, encouraging them to go on with their terror campaign and refuse even to recognize Israel's right to just exist.

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Ever see anything purchased... (Below threshold)

Ever see anything purchased that looks like advertised big macs, whoopers, etc.

That'd be like dems actually keeping campaign promises to the poor, minorities, etc, anyone but unions and the abortion crowd.

Carter has changed</... (Below threshold)

Carter has changed

Not really. Carter has just come more into his own, as it were.

As someone who remembers the "I know what's best for everyone else" attitude out of the faux humble farmer's mouth during the Ford/Carter debates, my disdain for Carter has grown into outright contempt.

Carter hasn't changed. He'... (Below threshold)

Carter hasn't changed. He's always been clueless; his administration presided over some of the worst foreign policy disasters in our history.

He's been foolish from day one. Invoking his daughter, Amy, in a Presidential debate, on the subject of nuclear weapons. You don't get any worse than that.

Jesus, but the man out of our misery.

Carter is no longer just a ... (Below threshold)

Carter is no longer just a menace to himself...he is a menace to ALL of us!!

They say you're never appreciated until you're GONE!! Well...I'm VERY ready to appreciate this dipshit!!

Burt also said, <blockquote... (Below threshold)

Burt also said,

"Now why on earth would Carter call for a
balanced approach? After all, Israel, in spite
of occasional differences with the U.S., is a
staunch ally, one of the few nations that sides
us with us at the U.N., and is the only western
democracy in a part of the world where Islamic
Nazis run wild."

Answer: for the same irrational motivations
which led him to pull the rug out from under the
Shah, paving the way for those peace-loving,
stabilizing mullahs and ayatollahs who are now
looking to nuke the West. Thank you ever so
much, Jimmah, you liberals' pride, you
insane bastard...

Carter has dropped the fals... (Below threshold)

Carter has dropped the false facade of civility that had him treating the Isralies as equal partners in the peace process.
Now all he does is point at them and say "They are the cause, you are the solution." when he speaks to his Arab and Palestinian cohorts.
He's always been a failure when it came to making judgements about foreign policy and now seems hell bent on destroying any chance of peace in the ME with his meddeling.

Don't sell Jimmah short. I... (Below threshold)

Don't sell Jimmah short. In a P.J. O'Rourke piece entitled something like "100 Reasons Why Carter was a Better President than Clinton," (e.g., he only lusted in his heart), the Number One reason was that Carter set the stage for 8 years of Reagan. If Carter hadn't been such an unmitigated disaster, RR may never have been President. Please give credit where credit is due.

In other words, Carter was ... (Below threshold)

In other words, Carter was a great president because he was so bad the country elected someone else.

While I admire PJ, I think that is the stupidest logic I've heard in quite a while.

I think the real reason was that his logic was so flawed, even with the unmitigated support of the fawning media, he lost to an unlikely champion.

If you'll remember, the first few Reagan years were tainted with a cacaphonous media denigrating every thing he did or attempted. "trickle down, rich vs poor, blah, blah blah.

Same old same old. Of course they gave rise to Fox news, so they did good right?

Did you see what he wrote a... (Below threshold)

Did you see what he wrote about his book in response to the Jewish outcry? It boiled down to: "hey, all I meant by 'apartheid' is that the Israelis are dominating and persecuting the Palestinians, why are you so worked up?"

What a disgrace.

I also find his comments th... (Below threshold)

I also find his comments that the power of the Israel lobby in the US stop all debate about Israeli actions in regards to "Palestinians".

Hmm, I actually attended college and can say that it ain't the case. And lord knows the only problem Carter has had in getting publicity for his book is his refusal to actually debate anybody about it.
...as a rule, if you discuss how AIPAC stops discussion of Israel in the US, you're anti-Semitic.

I think it's great that Car... (Below threshold)

I think it's great that Carter's book has you guys so worked up...I'm lovin it. Hope to see you at the demonstration outside AIPAC'S March meeting. What a meanace it has become and thank God for Carter!!!!

Yes, that darned Jewish sta... (Below threshold)

Yes, that darned Jewish state, truly, is the bane of our existence.

Why keep Israel when we can have ANOTHER state in that region just like all of the others --- peace-loving and tolerant?
...By the time you realize how much of a crock the "Israel is causing all of this" mentality is, it'll be too late...

When I said menace, I mean'... (Below threshold)

When I said menace, I mean't AIPAC--not Israel, although, I think the case can be made that the state of Israel should never have been created. The God gave the land to the jews argument thousands of years ago really isn't very logical. By the same token, American indians could say right now that God gave them North America and try to adopt the same attitude of entitlement that jewish people seem to have regarding the geographical area referred to as Israel. By the way, I understand that Avigdor Lieberman is a really nice and tolerant kinda guy...






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