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All Hail Queen Nancy

She's planning a four day extravaganza to celebrate her ascension to House Speaker.

On a scale associated with presidential inaugurations, Nancy Pelosi is planning four days of celebration surrounding her Jan. 4 swearing-in as the first female speaker of the House. She will return to the blue-collar Baltimore neighborhood where she grew up, attend Mass at the women's college where she studied political science, and dine at the Italian Embassy as Tony Bennett sings "I Left My Heart in San Francisco."

Does anyone actually think that her becoming Speaker of the House is akin to winning the presidency? What hubris. When Newt Gingrich became Speaker of the House in 1994, he spent two days celebrating, which came in the form of speeches about the Contract with America on the floor of the House.

Added: I find it interesting that the liberal trolls think I've gone over the line by using the word hubris to describe Queen Speaker-Elect Nancy Pelosi's four day celebration of her. Now that I think about it, the word hubris doesn't go far enough to describe what Nancy's doing. We'll be treated to four days of Nancy, Nancy, and more Nancy. Her childhood. Her college life. Her marriage and children. All this will culminate to her ascension to Speaker of the House as if she is the only one who matters in all of this. And video of her attending mass is just classic. Mass, as every Christian church service, is meant for the worship of God, our Creator and Lord, yet here she is making it about the worship of her.

Nope, hubris just doesn't go far enough.


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It's a shame that one of Bu... (Below threshold)

It's a shame that one of Bush's best speeches was at the "America's Future Rocks!" concert...

"Listen, I want to thank all the entertainers who were here today. How about Hilary Duff. She was fantastic. (Applause.) Thank you, Hilary. JoJo -- JoJo is here -- yeah. (Applause.) Rubin Studdard -- you talk about a success story. (Applause.) Ryan Cabrera, I appreciate Ryan being here. (Applause.) How about Three Doors Down? (Applause.) Pretty cool guys, right? Seem cool to me. (Applause.) Fuel -- I appreciate Fuel being here. (Applause.)"

And I'm sure that line up contributed plenty to the $40 million dollar inauguration party.

That being said - it's worthy to celebrate the (technically) most powerful woman in the history of the United States, but I'd rather see her working too.

Kim:You are freque... (Below threshold)


You are frequently over the line, but this time you've outdone yourself. Lets see, Mass, Mass again, lunch then dinner. That's the 4 day "extravaganza." Estimnated cost (including the collection(s) at Mass, about $75-$150.

On a "scale" of Mr. Bush's last inauguration costs? Lets see, 150 bucks divided into 42 mil. Gosh Mr Bush outspent her 280,000 bucks to one. She's better hurry up and buy some new dresses. Oh and maybe a few tiaras as well.

Sheesh Kim the news is slow, but really.

Hugh you forgot to note the... (Below threshold)

Hugh you forgot to note the part about her fundraiser at the Building Museum, where 1,200 partygoers will pay $1,000 each to applaud Pelosi between performances by Jimmy Buffett, Carole King and Mickey Hart, among others.

You also forgot her "People's House" open house at the Cannon House Office Building, that isn't so open. It's by invitaion only.

This quote from the article sums it up nicely: "Nobody voted for Nancy Pelosi as speaker; they voted for a change in Washington. For her to grab the spotlight seems like a cult of personality. I have a feeling that Steny Hoyer is probably having a quiet lunch with his family."

jp2, Hugh,Kim is cit... (Below threshold)

jp2, Hugh,
Kim is citing an article in the Washington Post and it appears that they feel it is news also. I think what the Post is implying is that the ascension of both Pelosi and Gingrich to speaker status were significant events. The Post uses the phrase "on the scale of presidential inaugurations" so I think you mean the Post is over the line, not Kim. She is merely quoting text. Anyway, the Post is suggesting that Nancy Pelosi is marking her rise to speaker by focusing on herself. Gingrich did so by talking about policy. Now as a conservative myself, I would have agreed with you if you would have said, well, the Republicans came up short on that one. But since Nancy doesn't really have any ideas yet on policy issues, I think she's doing the best with what she has. Actually, I take that back. She's got the congressional ethics thing going but does anyone really, truly believe that any major party controlling Congress would seriously cut its source of power???

Your reply is correct to a ... (Below threshold)

Your reply is correct to a point Dave. But it was Kim to labeled it hubris. Thus my reply.

While I agree that Peolsi (as is any politician ) is a fair target for her work, don't you think she ought to begin it before the howling starts?

Oh c'mon. Be honest. If N... (Below threshold)

Oh c'mon. Be honest. If Nancy was a Republican, the "hubris" remark wouldn't have bothered you at all.

And yet a saliant point is ... (Below threshold)

And yet a saliant point is missed. Pelosi 4 days versus 2? So what? focuses on herself rather than a policy? Marginally interesting point, but like actors politicians (both R and D) are always infatuated with themselves.

It's what she is doing in Mass. that will be interesting--attending and "celebrating" with a Catholic Church. A strong and avid supporter of abortion going to kneel at an altar of a church who's official stance is that abortion is murder.

It's an obivious ploy to try and make people think she isn't a San Francisco liberal. Think about the fact she thinks doing stuff is MA--of all places--is move toward the right. Mass. More "conservative" than her traditional position. Heheheh.

KimThe "Hugh" postin... (Below threshold)

The "Hugh" posting above is not me.

KimThe "Hugh" postin... (Below threshold)

The "Hugh" posting above is not me.

I see the trolls are out ea... (Below threshold)
robert the original:

I see the trolls are out early - family day at the sanitarium and extra drool wipes all around.

The Pelosi shebang (AKA: Operation Blue Balls, so named for certain habits of the Mayans) is already well underway to the delight of women everywhere, although the test of Rosie without panties may not be the liberating event it was once thought to be.

And the women of the Taliban, not a calendar, are trading their cell phones back in on burkas and may soon be freed from American oppression to return to the safety of the kitchen, unburdened by education and the problems of driving a car.

It remains to be seen if AQ will send a representative to claim their fair bit of the credit, and to celebrate a shared vision for the future of the Middle East and Asia.

From now on our troubles will be miles away.

Queen Nancy will provide to... (Below threshold)
Bob Jones:

Queen Nancy will provide tons of entertainment for the next two years.

I'm looking forward to the gaffs and idiot remarks to come.

Hugh, yes, I think you have... (Below threshold)

Hugh, yes, I think you have a point that we should allow Pelosi to begin her work before we (I) am critical of it. But again, I think the point being made is that the Republicans had a well laid out policy which people voted for in 1994. In 2006, the Republicans had a failed policy that folks voted against. But, OK, to be fair to Pelosi, I accept your point.

"All the festivities, excep... (Below threshold)
Devil's Advocate:

"All the festivities, except the fundraiser at the Building Museum, are being funded by Pelosi's campaign chest."

Unlike the regal extravaganza thrown for Bush's reelection, which was fully funded by the taxpayer.

Will she crown herself, lik... (Below threshold)

Will she crown herself, like Napoleon did?

Similar ego issues.

"Unlike the regal extravaga... (Below threshold)

"Unlike the regal extravaganza thrown for Bush's reelection, which was fully funded by the taxpayer."

Complete and utter bullshit. Of course, what do you expect from a dimwit troll like DA.

DA, are you even ABLE to tell the truth? Wait a minute, you're a liberal, what was I thinking even asking that question...

What do you call this, Lala... (Below threshold)

What do you call this, LalaPelosi?

"The test of Rosie with... (Below threshold)

"The test of Rosie without pantie's."

eewww Robert, Now Your treading on unfertile soil!

Right, Todd. It's not as if... (Below threshold)
Devil's Advocate:

Right, Todd. It's not as if the Republicans have made a habit of feeding at the public trough, or anything... They are as ethical as they come. All these GOPers being investigated for corruption are poor victims of a pinko/commie/liberal/leftist conspiracy.

"Right, Todd. It's not as i... (Below threshold)

"Right, Todd. It's not as if the Republicans have made a habit of feeding at the public trough, or anything... They are as ethical as they come. All these GOPers being investigated for corruption are poor victims of a pinko/commie/liberal/leftist conspiracy."

Way to dodge getting caught in yet another lie. Care to show some proof that Bush's inauguration was completely funded by taxpayer dollars? Good luck finding it you dolt.

You're nothing but a pathetic, bottom-feeding troll. Your mother should make you pay rent for living in her basement.

Hilarious to watch Todd get... (Below threshold)
Devil's Advocate:

Hilarious to watch Todd get his knickers into a twist!

Why don't you prove that Bush's extravaganza was NOT paid by the taxpayer? Since the GOPers have been stealing the public blind over the past six years, the onus is on you to prove that, for once, they were being almost honest.

When the formal vote for sp... (Below threshold)

When the formal vote for speaker takes place,I would love to see Blue dog Dems And repubs vote for Steny Hoyer, can't you just see the Loons jumping off buildings.One can only dream.

Today a leading dhimmi admi... (Below threshold)

Today a leading dhimmi admitted that the win was like a dog catching a bus, now what the hell are they going to do with it. The only plans I can find involve more campaigning against Bush. Investigate this, investigate that. Maybe they can build on their pardnership with the terrorists who 'say' they got them elected.

Has anyone ever had more fun after losing an election? Everything the dhimmi's do or say turns into a comedy.

Now we have the Coronation of a Queen in the dhimmi party. Most of them will have no problem staying on their knees since they kiss the a** of every terror leader on a daily basis anyway.

Oh, big friggin' deal. And ... (Below threshold)

Oh, big friggin' deal. And Bush is planning a $500 million presidential library, which is over three times what Clinton spent. (Although at least Pelosi isn't paying people to cheer for her, the way Bush is paying people to write favorable books for his library.)

Has anyone ever had more... (Below threshold)

Has anyone ever had more fun after losing an election?

Though not as much fun as we winners are having watching you!

I'm looking forwar... (Below threshold)
I'm looking forward to the gaffs and idiot remarks to come.

You're assuming, of course, that the MSM will report them. Judging from their all-but-complete indifference to the crimes of Sandy "Down My Pants" Berger, you may have a long wait.

Myself, I'll be waiting for Time magazine to do a Queen Nancy cover comparable to the "Grinch" cover they smeared Newt Gringich with. Of course, I'll probably be waiting for a long time, too.

Bush is planning a $500 ... (Below threshold)

Bush is planning a $500 million presidential library, which is over three times what Clinton spent

And you can get a message at Clinton's double-wide.

seriously, does this really... (Below threshold)
raging troll:

seriously, does this really matter? politicians grandstanding? I am shocked, SHOCKED! as for gaffes and stupid comments, come on now friends, let's be real- no one, and I mean NO ONE will ever top dubya. to deny this is to exercise self delusion in its most extreme form. literally, to list his accomplishments in this area, I would have absolutely no idea of where to begin. one thing is certain, though- angela merkel does not like back rubs.

Brian,Good point. ... (Below threshold)
Devil's Advocate:


Good point. I had forgotten about the $500 million outhouse... And about the "think tank" (an oxymoron when associated with Bush) where "scholars" will be paid to rewrite history.

Looks like Scrapiron finds ... (Below threshold)
Devil's Advocate:

Looks like Scrapiron finds himself in total agreement with one of the world's most vicious terrorists... Why do right-wing nutjobs hate America?

p.s. where is your great gi... (Below threshold)
raging troll:

p.s. where is your great gingrich now? it appears he is no linger in congress. ok, sure, sure bring on the comments about how he's gonna be president, blah blah blah. admit it-you like the trolls. you write these posts to stir trolls up, and the trolls take the bait, and then we all have a good old time calling each other names. i mean, do you really care what nancy pelosi deos to inagurate herself? could we not list all kinds of equally self-indulgent things reublicans have done? ok, i'm gonna go back to surrendering and helping the terrorists now. or surging. or something. maybe coming up with some new tax cut legislation. like a tax cut on homosexual prostitution taxation, bcoz i think ted haggard paid waaaaay too much.

Bush's library to cost more... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

Bush's library to cost more than Clinton's.

A double-wide trailer decorated with early Elvis on velvet is not that expensive. Hustler magazine threw in a complementary life-time subscription for the coffee table. The most expensive item on the budget is the hookers that come over when Bubba is in town.
Sandy Berger is in the process of trying to steal some books from the Library of Congress to fill the shelves on either side of the fake fireplace.
The Clinton Library is a low-rent operation. Heard they were going to move it in 2007, to a more luxurious trailer park if they can remember when they put the rims and tires.

How incredibly cool!!! Ever... (Below threshold)

How incredibly cool!!! Everybody says that Democrats know how to party. I guess they were right. Tony Bennet, Wyclef John etc TOO cool!!!

Hope pee-loser dose not get... (Below threshold)

Hope pee-loser dose not get another face lift before the "parties". If she does, her eyes will be on the cheeks of her ass.

One reason Clinton's is spe... (Below threshold)

One reason Clinton's is spending less--remember a few months back, he was going to throw a big fundraiser for his library, but everyone balked at he high sums being begged.

Since not many are willing to fund it, it won't be as much as Bush's.

Yes, it's a lie that Bush's inaugural parties were funded pubicly; they were all funded privately. But you liberals are so used to thinking first of the public trough, you jumped to that conclusion because it's all you know.

Too bad you try to avoid the topic--it's Ms. Pelosi's historically very unusual choice that is the issue here. Twerps.

Newt Gingrich is fat.... (Below threshold)

Newt Gingrich is fat.

Nancy like Kerry and Edwar... (Below threshold)

Nancy like Kerry and Edwards thinks that Time magazine voted her person of the Year..........

I can only hope that Nancy ... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

I can only hope that Nancy P. as speaker is as much fun as Donald vs. Rosie has been.

"The 55th presidential inau... (Below threshold)

"The 55th presidential inaugration, and second for President Bush, plans to raise up to $50 million for this year's fete, mostly from large corporate donors and individuals. Costs are expected to exceed the $40 million raised for the 2001 inaugural.

The events -- which range from a youth concert hosted by the Bush daughters, to the official inaugural parade and balls -- are not publicly funded. Scores of energy, technology, defense, pharmaceutical and media companies have already pledged donations ranging from $25,000 to $250,000."

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, DA. Now, take your lying, bottom-feeding ass and get the fuck out of here.

"Good point. I had forgotte... (Below threshold)

"Good point. I had forgotten about the $500 million outhouse... And about the "think tank" (an oxymoron when associated with Bush) where "scholars" will be paid to rewrite history. "

Yeah, like you've proven yourself to be REAL intelligent. Got anymore LIES for us troll?

Don't forget the Clinton... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

Don't forget the Clinton's LOOTED the White House and vandelized it as well on their final day in disgrace.

Like I have been saying , the Democrats are Criminal Frauds and what else do criminals do when they are successful ? Party! Spend the loot, Whoop it up!

Don't forget the Clinton... (Below threshold)

Don't forget the Clinton's LOOTED the White House and vandelized it as well on their final day in disgrace.

It's hysterical to still see people trot this one, even though it was completely squashed and debunked by the GAO. But to the 30% crowd, facts dont matter, only what Rush Limbaugh says. Funny.

Man you guys don't wear defeat very well. Let the sulk-fest begin!

One reason Clinton's is ... (Below threshold)

One reason Clinton's is spending less--remember a few months back, he was going to throw a big fundraiser for his library, but everyone balked at he high sums being begged.

Oh yeah, like you wouldn't have a field day with your little biting quips if Clinton targeted wealthy heiresses and Arab nations for a fundraiser.

Punky is right of course, o... (Below threshold)
robert the original:

Punky is right of course, only a normal amount of looting took place, the structure remained essentially intact.

The Clintons were far too busy making money on over-the-top pardons - in those final days - to leave time to have a go at the spoons.

They pardoned international drug kingpins and FBI most wanted; clients all of brothers, cousins neighbors and friends.

And what a good reminder it was, Punky, to recall the level of integrity and honor in the Clintons.

Let her party; the rest of ... (Below threshold)

Let her party; the rest of us with logical priorities will continue to man the front and fight the war.

And what a good reminder... (Below threshold)

And what a good reminder it was, Punky, to recall the level of integrity and honor in the Clintons.

Do you really want to put all of your high-horse moral eggs in the basket of who Bush will pardon on his way out?

Brian, in a word, "yes."</p... (Below threshold)

Brian, in a word, "yes."

Bush is infinitely more respectable, and ethical, than your boy Clinton. The fact that you can't figure that one out shows what a dope you truly are.

Okay, let's say Queen Nancy... (Below threshold)

Okay, let's say Queen Nancy is guilty of Hubris. She may well be. My question to all of the W supporters is: Is this hubris anything like the hubris W displayed when he won the 2004 election with something like a whopping 52% of the vote (during "wartime") and then declared that the American people have given him a mandate and tons of political capital that he intended to spend?

We shall see.... (Below threshold)

We shall see.

Waaaaaahhhhh! Waaaaaaahhhh... (Below threshold)

Waaaaaahhhhh! Waaaaaaahhhhh! Clinton; Clinton; Clinton; Waaaaahhhhhhh

Believe me; no one thinks you've gone over the line by using the word "hubris;" they just think you're a bubblehead.

I love how proud the followers of the Republicanism cult are that the electorate didn't vote for the Democrats, but against the Republicans. Right you are!! The voters didn't give a damn what scent of air freshner they were putting in their home; they were just voting to get rid of the foul stench of rancid dogcrap.

I think you may mean Newt's... (Below threshold)
marty arrowsmith:

I think you may mean Newt's
"contract ON America"

Nancy has hubris?

How about George's illegal immoral war?
Missed the real terrorists in Afghanistan and attacked a country that his daddy and many of the current "administration" sucked up to during the 80's. Thinking war is a cakewalk is hubris to the highest degree. "Mission Accomplished!" "Bring 'em on." That is hubris!

The blood of thousands of brave Americans and countless innocent Iraqis are on his hands and he can still sleep well at night. I guess that is what you get when you have a direct line to God. And no conscience.

I always wondered where the last 20% of Americans who buy into this train wreck of ideas get their information. Here - on the most hate-filled website in the right wing blogosphere.

Ignorance is Strength.

Merry Christmas you sad deluded souls,

Marty,You're a fuc... (Below threshold)


You're a fucking moron.

Merry Christmas troll.

"punky"--shouldn't that rea... (Below threshold)

"punky"--shouldn't that read "pucky"?

Todd,I guess I sho... (Below threshold)
marty arrowsmith:


I guess I should have stated my point clearer so slack-jawed troglodytes like yourself can understand. So, in your own words:

Fuck you moron.

Hate is Love - clearly in your pathetic mean-spirited world.

Marty,Let me put i... (Below threshold)


Let me put it in words that even a knuckle-dragging ninny such as yourself can understand: Your arrogance, in spite of your ignorance, is what is wrong with this country. Please, do the world a favor and don't procreate.

So, I leave you with this: Fuck you.

"marty" sounds like one of ... (Below threshold)

"marty" sounds like one of those that you ask "whose your daddy".

Jeeze, stop arguing like mi... (Below threshold)
Jim Jones:

Jeeze, stop arguing like middle schooler. Be patient todd-o. Once we throw bush, cheney, rummy et al into the slammer, then send them to the world court to be prosecuted and hung, we're going to throw all you meat heads in concentration camps. You lost buddy. The fun is just beginning. You have NO IDEA what San Francisco values really mean. The fly-over is going to be cleansed of you mowroons.

All I can say, Jimmy Jones,... (Below threshold)

All I can say, Jimmy Jones, is bring it on. You wouldn't stand a chance.

Now, go hug a tree or fight for the rights of a child molester or something else you're good at. We know you aren't capable of doing anything useful.

Once this country gets a taste of San Francisco values, they'll kick Pelosi's ass right back there and curse themselves for ever making such a stupid mistake. Then you and all of your kool-aid drinking butt-buddies can sit around and whine for another 12 years.

And concentration camps? Nice. Didn't realize you were an anti-semite as well. Of course, with the way you lefties toss around Hitler's name it doesn't surprise me.

Hey Todd Fucko,You... (Below threshold)
marty arrowsmith:

Hey Todd Fucko,

You say I am ignorant. About which facts?

The dead?
The Hubris of the bush "administration?"
That people like rummy, cheney, and the rest of their cabal hit their knees in the 80's for our current enemies?

And what is my arrogance - that I point out that this website seems to be a critical refuge for the last fear-mongering "Americans" who still believe the lies that the Rove administration spits out. A surge in troops. Now there is a good idea - more fodder for the cannon. Climb out of your hole and see the light of reality. Get out of the darkness and hate that the bushies want you to cower in. See what a majority of Americans and the rest of the world now know - the US administration has lied for the past 6 years. 1-20-09

So, what exactly am I wrong about?

Try not to cite such idiotic sources, such as Rush, fox news, or any other liars, in any rebutals. Try for facts. If you can.

Marty, you obviously suffer... (Below threshold)

Marty, you obviously suffer from a SEVERE case BDS. You probably should be institutionalized. I pity anyone who actually has to deal with you in real life, as deranged as you are.

Facts? Since when have facts ever been important to lefties like yourself. How about all of those liberals who voted to go to war? Oh wait, they were duped by Bush, the same guy who you think is so idiotic he can't even tie his own shoes. Yet somehow is able to dupe all of these supposedly "intelligent" people.

And guess what? People die in war. I know, I know, big shock. People died under Clinton. People died under Bush Sr. People died under Reagan. People died under Carter. But your blind hatred of the current President has so warped your pathetically limited brain that you can't even begin to consider these things.

Hey, turns out we were spying ILLEGALLY on Princess Diana. Whose watch did that take place under again? 9/11 planning began in 1997. Whose watch did that take place under again?

Ever visit KOS? You want to see what hatred and vitriol REALLY look like? Go take a gander at your fellow lefties over there. They are some of the most vile, dispicable people on this planet, yet they get a pass from you I guess. Birds of a feather flock together.

Now, how about getting your news from someplace other than Michael Moore and Keith Olbermann. You know, try somewhere that actually has intelligent people. Of course, I highly doubt you'd recognize anything intelligent even if it came and bit you on your fat ass.

See you round fucktard.

How about all of those l... (Below threshold)

How about all of those liberals who voted to go to war? Oh wait, they were duped by Bush, the same guy who you think is so idiotic he can't even tie his own shoes. Yet somehow is able to dupe all of these supposedly "intelligent" people.

It's statements like this that make me picture some desperate right-wing nut helplessly flailing his arms with white foam spitting from his mouth. Making incongruent assertions and pretending they cancel each other out is a true sign that you've run out of rational thought.

FUCK FACE todd - faggot nam... (Below threshold)
marty arrowsmith:

FUCK FACE todd - faggot name

Don't read Kos, but I do read the NY Times and even go ahead and read apologist conservatives like David Brooks. I have even read the shit found on this site - that's how I got to hear from you - reconfirming the lack of rationale thought found here.

clinton and bush senior (the stupid) didn't START illegal wars against an enemy that didn't have WMDs - no matter what you pea-brains on the right believe. Even Fascist-in-chief finally admitted there were no WMDs - you dough dick dog fucker.

What will Bush point to when all is said and done? Thousands of dead Americans, tens of thousands wounded Americans and hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis. How has he helped his constituents? He has been going after the wrong people all along. Except of course the military-industrial complex benefits so greatly from this war. One clear example is at Dick(head) Cheney's former company Haliburton. Pretty impressive.

Bush and his cadre of losers can't even rebuild New Orleans although he did do that impressive flyover and stop by where he promised a war against poverty - more like a continued war ON the destitute.

Your probably too stupid to realize that his Tax relief only benefits people like me. There is no way that a stupid fuck like you can have enough money to benefit from them. Unless you got many the same old-fashioned way the Bush got it - through inheritance.

I guess in the end the only people who still follow Bush are those dumber than he is. And I thought that that was impossible. You proved me wrong.

Feel the Hate - ASSHOLE.

"Your [sic] probably too st... (Below threshold)
robert the original:

"Your [sic] probably too stupid to realize that his Tax [sic] relief only benefits people like me."

Stupid is as stupid does.

Dose "marty" sound like a b... (Below threshold)

Dose "marty" sound like a blowhard to you? I am setting here shaking in my chair just thinking what a mean m'f'er he must be. Somehow I get the impression that if you met him face to face and said boo he would slink off with his tail between his legs like an old cur dog. All bark and no bite.

"It's statements like this ... (Below threshold)

"It's statements like this that make me picture some desperate right-wing nut helplessly flailing his arms with white foam spitting from his mouth. Making incongruent assertions and pretending they cancel each other out is a true sign that you've run out of rational thought."

Care to counter it asshole? Yeah, didn't think so.

Now, go play with your butt-buddy Marty McFly.

Marty, you might want to ed... (Below threshold)

Marty, you might want to educate yourself just a little bit before spouting off and showing just how utterly moronic you truly are.

Illegal? Nice try. Maybe in your fantasy world, but not in the real world. And the blood of all of these people? On the hands of every damn person that voted to go to war, including your little liberal butt-buddies.

And I noticed how you CONVENIENTLY ignored the challenge to explain how a president whom you and your ilk claim is the dumbest person on the face of the planet managed to dupe all of these "intelligent" liberals into going to war. Either George Bush is brilliant, or Hillary Clinton is dumber than dog shit. Take your pick asshole.

And let's talk about New Orleans. Explain to me why it is the federal government's job to rebuild New Orleans. Why can't Louisiana's governor get off their ass and do something? Oh, that's right. They're completely incompetent. And how about that mayor! What a guy! Complete and utter boob. Wonder how they escaped all the blame. Oh, that's right. Their last name is Bush and they have that lovely D next to their name. After all, you BDS'ers can't think of anything else other than "if something happened in the world, blame Bush."

Your pathetic McFly. It's amazing how truly and utter ignorant your pathetic ass is. Maybe you should go make some money the old-fashioned way, marry it, like good ole John Kerry. Of course, you'd have to become the bitch of the family, but you're probably already used to that.

Sleep tight mother fucker.

"clinton and bush senior (t... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

"clinton and bush senior (the stupid) didn't START illegal wars against an enemy that didn't have WMDs"

Hey stupid, What did Clinton do in Kosovo?

"Even Fascist-in-chief finally admitted there were no WMDs -"

Fuck you, you Un-American POS. Please provide your name and address immediately so that your death sentence can be carried out. And guess what , you've just killed your entire family as well but your ok with that since speaking from your ass trumps the lives of your family and your retarded ass.

I look forward to seeing your neck stretched or riddled with bullets at the next "Fascist Roundup". Personally , I'd prefer to see you drawn and quartered.


I am here out of curiosity ... (Below threshold)

I am here out of curiosity after seeing this hilarious sour-grapes post about "Queen" Nancy. Man this crying and whining is funny.

What is not funny, however, are the two comments directly above mine. Todd and RobbLA are sick, simply ill. Is what happens in all "conservative" blog comments?

Good Lord. Please find a good doctor immediately, I feel sorry for you.

wow...intelligent discourse... (Below threshold)
jay k.:

wow...intelligent discourse. what a pleasant site.

What utter crap. Nancy Pelo... (Below threshold)

What utter crap. Nancy Pelosi's political machinations are insignificant when you look at the things that are going unreported in plain site.

King George is planning his fascist end-game.

Executive Order Numbers and Meaning:

10900 - Allows the government to take control over all modes of transportation, highways, and seaports.
10995 - Allows the government to seize and control the communication media.
10997 - Allows the government to take over all electrical power, gas, petroleum, fuels, and minerals.
10998 - Allows the government to take over all food resources and farms.
11000 - Allows the government to mobilize civilians into work brigades under government supervision.
11001 - Allows the government to take over all health, education, and welfare functions.
11002 - Designates the Postmaster General to operate national registration of all persons.
11003 - Allows the government to take over all airports and aircraft, including commercial aircraft.
11004 - Allows the Housing and Finance Authority to relocate communities, build new housing with public funds, and designate areas to be abandoned, and establish new locations for populations.
11005 - Allows the government to take over railroads, inland waterways, and public storage facilities.
11051 - Specifies the responsibility of the Office of Emergency Planning and gives authorization to put all Executive Orders into effect in times of increased international tensions and economic or financial crisis.
11310 - Grants authority to the Department of Justice to enforce the plans set out in Executive Orders, to institute industrial support, to establish judicial and legislative liaison, to control all aliens, to operate penal and correctional institutions, and to advise and assist the President.
11049 - Assigns emergency preparedness function to federal departments and agencies, consolidating 21 operative Executive Orders issued over a fifteen-year period.
11921 - Allows the Federal Emergency Preparedness Agency to develop plans to establish control over the mechanisms of production and distribution, of energy sources, wages, salaries, credit and flow of money in the U.S.A. financial institution in any undefined national emergency. It also provides that when the President declares a state of emergency, Congress cannot review the action for six months.

nice post randy...and that ... (Below threshold)
jay k.:

nice post randy...and that doesn't even begin to address the signing statements dick made him issue. with things like this going on it's easy to see why someone would have their panties in such a twist about a couple masses. like the bunmper sticker says...if you aren't pissed of you aren't paying attention.

I have read these posts and... (Below threshold)
Nixon Smiles:

I have read these posts and note an extreme lack of civility. Is this what this blog is really about- people calling each other asshole, moron, stupid and all kinds of fuckers? If these are posts of trolls and lurkers, so be it, but if these posts are from the people running this site- is this what you guys really want your blog to be about? apparently raging troll is right about everyone enjoying calling each other names. what a country!

No one, NO ONE, has ever sa... (Below threshold)
fiskhus jim:

No one, NO ONE, has ever said that Nacy P becoming Speaker is anthing like being elected President.

Of course, being appointed President by the NeoCon branch of the Supreme Court is nothing like being elected Prsident, either.

Yay! More idiotic liberal ... (Below threshold)

Yay! More idiotic liberal trolls have wandered over.

And good ole fiskhus jim, the wunderkind who thinks that christians are want to genetically engineer their kids to be deaf. Yeah, we should definately listen to him.

And paradox, who CONVENIENTLY forgets to mention any of the little liberal trolls here in your rant. Wonder why. Perhaps you should take your own advice and seek medical attention. You obviously have a severe case of BDS.

Ahh, and the old fascism cry. Blah, blah, blah. Can't you idiots come up with ANYTHING better than that? Hey, what about the power grab in regards to eminent domain the liberals pushed through? I don't here any of you crying about that. I guess it's okay with you, since liberals put it in place. Wonder how you'll feel about it when your house gets seized to build a shopping mall. Hey, send me your address and let's get the ball rolling on that.


And isn't it surprising how... (Below threshold)

And isn't it surprising how DA disappeared when called on his bullshit? Not surprising at all.

Care to counter it assho... (Below threshold)

Care to counter it asshole? Yeah, didn't think so.

Oh, it's so easy, I didn't think it was necessary.

First of all, no Dems voted to go to war. They voted to give Bush authorization to use force as a last resort. Bush used it as an interim resort. So be it. Now, having recognized the mistakes made, the Dems want to fix it. Bush wants to blindly go forward. Changing your mind after being exposed to new facts is a sign of intelligence, not weakness. Stubbornly staying the course after being exposed to new facts is a weakness, not a virtue.

Next, you apparently believe that Bush single-handedly runs the government. You do not seem to be aware that he has a staff and aides. Yes, Bush the person is too stupid to tie his shoes, but his aides are not. It is they who filter the intelligence and spin the truth to dupe the American people. At least, that's how it used to be. Now more and more of them are getting fed up and coming clean, admitting the reality that the Dems have been discussing for years. And more and more Americans are seeing this truth. As time goes on, perhaps the 20% of you who still think Bush was honest, and the 25% of you who still think the war is going well, will also see the truth. Or, perhaps you will emulate the stubbornness that, by the Pentagon's own assessment, has made the world a more dangerous place. Either way, you are less relevant.

Gee, that was too easy. Got any more challenging lies to be debunked asshole? Yeah, didn't think so.

Oh Brian, you make it SOOOO... (Below threshold)

Oh Brian, you make it SOOOOOO easy. Go and read the resolution (I'm not sure if you're actually able to read, so you might have to get mommy to read it to you.) It lays out the framework for war, which, by the way, was followed. Anyone who voted for that resolution is equally culpable, no matter how much you, or any other idiot, wants to spin it.

Oh, so it's everyone BEHIND the scenes that duped all of these supposedly "intelligent" people into voting to go to war. And I'm sure NONE of these supposedly "intelligent" people had any idea this was allegedly happening. Certainly not John Kerry. I mean, Bush made better grades at Yale, so I guess we'll give him a pass. Yet ANOTHER pathetic attempt at spin.

Keep spinning fucker. You do nothing but shed light on the lunacy that is the left in this country.

funny thing about newt and ... (Below threshold)

funny thing about newt and the class of '94 - those two days of speeches were the last time they payed any attemtion to the articles of the contract with america.

Check out this free downloa... (Below threshold)

Check out this free download of the Emergency File Software - www.EmergencyFile.com. It organizes all of your critical emergency info for any type of emergency. All info is secure through password protection and data encryption.

good lord, Todd - wipe the ... (Below threshold)

good lord, Todd - wipe the spittle from your chin and take a pill.

Check out a free download o... (Below threshold)

Check out a free download of the Emergency File Software - www.EmergencyFile.com. It organizes all of your critical personal information in one secure place!






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