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Putin Will Retain Power Even After Leaving Office

If there were any questions whether Vladimir Putin was going to bring back the tyrannical leadership from the Soviet Union days, there shouldn't be anymore. According to a senior politician in the Russian government, Putin is planning to retain power after his term office is over:

President Vladimir Putin will retain a leadership role in Russia even if he steps down in 2008, as required by the constitution, a senior politician has said.

"He will not leave," Sergei Stepashin, head of Russia's accounting chamber, was quoted as saying in the Komsomolskaya Pravda daily Saturday. "I think he will find the kind of formula in which he would step down, but stay on."

Stepashin, a former prime minister, secret services chief and KGB veteran, suggested that Putin's post-Kremlin future could be modelled loosely on that of Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping, who in the 1990s was widely considered to retain backroom power despite his retirement.

Asked what sort of options Putin might consider, Stepashin answered: "Lots. Party leader, head of parliament, government, a new state council."

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The Czar position is still ... (Below threshold)

The Czar position is still open . . .

Or, he can be a simple mafia Don.

So, he has some choices, I guess.

Unfortunately, this is very... (Below threshold)

Unfortunately, this is very typical for countries that have an authoritarian or semi-authoritarian government... and countries that wants to appear to use democratic forms. Various Latin American countries had strongmen using the same tactic in the 20th Century so this is nothing new. Also, Russian history shows us this is a typical pattern.

It's the fault of the peopl... (Below threshold)

It's the fault of the people putting their faith in a 'strong man', corrupt or not. Somehow the 'strong man' is suppose to make it all better. But if he doesn't, it his fault and not mine.

The fact Bill Clinton can be elected twice like it was some voodoo that the economy was good under him show shades of the same perspective overtaking America as well.

If he really wants to last ... (Below threshold)

If he really wants to last forever, he should drink some polonium. Put in a glass casket filled with the right chemicals, and the glow could light the Kremlin for 1000 years...

B-b-but... Bush looked into... (Below threshold)

B-b-but... Bush looked into his soul!






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