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A simple solution to the Duke rape case

I've done my level best to avoid the whole Duke rape case brouhaha, but nonetheless it's preyed on the back of my mind for some time now. And I think my subconscious has stumbled on a solution that should satisfy most people.

DA Mike Nifong should hold a press conference and announce that everything up to this point has been the tragic consequences of someone in his office grabbing the wrong file. They took the notes for an upcoming novel of his involving college students and a stripper and treated them as a legitimate case, instead of the real case notes -- the prosecution of David Duke for intellectually raping the truth. Nifong had carelessly labeled both folders "Duke Rape," and one of his aides had simply taken the wrong one.

The combination of a sincere apology, along with the good will Nifong will collect for going after Duke, should make the whole problem just go away -- like it so richly deserves.

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I'm waiting for Human Right... (Below threshold)

I'm waiting for Human Rights Watch to take up the banner for the oppressed lacrosse players and their families.

Here's wishing Mr. Nifong a... (Below threshold)

Here's wishing Mr. Nifong and his staff a very merry Christmas!

He'd be better off just adm... (Below threshold)

He'd be better off just admitting he was up for re-election and pushed the case because he thought he could win a vote by prosecuting rich white boys attacking a helpless black woman. Instead his "victim" turned out to be the worst nightmare of legitimate rape victims the world over.

Jay:I'm sorry but ... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:


I'm sorry but there is a big flaw in your solution. The families of the boys will still be out the tens (or hundreds) of thousands of dollars in legal fees, the coach is still out of a job, Duke has still lost it's image over the way they handled it, and justice has been handed yet another shamefull slap in the face. Tar and fethering comes to mind as a much better solution.

As an Atlantic Coast Confer... (Below threshold)

As an Atlantic Coast Conference (but not Duke) fan, I'm extremely annoyed that Nifong's miscarriage of justice has brought sympathy to the hated Duke Blue Devils.

However, right is right, and Nifong is wrong - he should be turned out of office and disbarred, and the Duke players compensated for this travesty of a case.

I hope the next year brings... (Below threshold)

I hope the next year brings in billions of dollars in restitution for the three Duke Lacrosse malicious-false-rape campaign scam and puts Durham and NC in dept for decades to come!

Merry Cristmas Mike and Crystal! Hope next year you'll both be celebrating christmas from your prison cells.






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