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It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

Yesterday, I took a load of stuff up to the new Stately Tea Manor, and met some of my new neighbors. It was a lovely day out -- cool and drizzly and foggy and rain.

A lovely day, that is, if you're a duck. Fortunately, many of my new neighbors are.

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I take it Mr. Ducky is plea... (Below threshold)

I take it Mr. Ducky is pleased with the new neighbors, then?

They're so cute!... (Below threshold)

They're so cute!

They are some seriously att... (Below threshold)

They are some seriously attractive ducks. I'd be careful letting Mr. Ducky "cruise the scene."

All I can think is to ask i... (Below threshold)

All I can think is to ask if you are having duck á l'orange for Christmas dinner?

Mmmmmm, duck.... (Below threshold)

Mmmmmm, duck.

Duck soup, duck l'orange, r... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Duck soup, duck l'orange, roast duck, duck gumbo, duck sausage....I believe that's all the kinda duck there is...

Most of duckies are Mallard... (Below threshold)
George Warburton:

Most of duckies are Mallards (male and female - orange feet and legs) but towards top right of picture is a an intruder (plumage plainer, legs dark) - as a UK birdwatcher, I desperately need to know what it is.

I believe its a juvenile, n... (Below threshold)

I believe its a juvenile, not another species, but I'm no expert, just a Dad who took his kids to feed the ducks a thousand times on the bank of th Red Cedar River.

And, Jay, if Dick Cheney ha... (Below threshold)

And, Jay, if Dick Cheney had the chance, he would happily shoot your new neighbors (conservative blood lust, don't you know?). Hopefully, if he misses, he won't hit you.

And a merry Christmas to yo... (Below threshold)

And a merry Christmas to you, too, Herman.

Pity you couldn't turn off your asshole switch for one day.


I'd hardly call the new/use... (Below threshold)
Art Garfunkle:

I'd hardly call the new/used mobile home a "Stately Manor." Man. if you had the nerve to actually move out of state, you might even be able to raise your income right up and out of the $20,000 dollar range to a salary you could actually afford to live on. But it looks like you have painted yourself into a corner. Try Massachusetts. There are a ton of Ivy League schools there. Harvard, MIT, Smith[You would be right at home, Smith's for girls} Amherst, Mt Holyoke and the list goes on. And naturally there are ample career opportunities to support the graduates. And where you find educated people, you find reasonable people. The narrow mindedness that comes from a lack of education and a narrow world veiw, such as you find in New Hampshire, is almost nonexistant. What the hell are you doing jacking around in Hicksville? Time to get off your sister and do something with your life. Merry Christmas.

MERRY CHRISTMAS MR POTTER</... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:







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