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The 5 Spot: Happy News Edition

Just a few random stories to buoy the spirits this day after Christmas:

A heart-warming, inspirational story about the rape of a teenaged girl.

"I do."
One man who ought to be trusted to keep his wedding vows, especially the part about "honor."

"Hey, did you hear the Hudon kids both have cancer? Cool!"

"Why can't the Muslims and the Jews just sit down and settle their disagreements like good Christians?"

Good guy triumphs over mindless bureaucrats -- and finds he has friends in high places.

OK, enough sweetness and light for now. Regular blogging should resume later today.

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From the first story:... (Below threshold)

From the first story:

His computer access will also be limited.

Anybody have any insight into why a convicted violent offender would have any computer access?

SO he can troll Wizbang?</p... (Below threshold)

SO he can troll Wizbang?

Yes, I thought that was str... (Below threshold)

Yes, I thought that was strange, as well as "barring contact with the victim." Don't, er, bars do that?

"A heart-warming, inspirati... (Below threshold)

"A heart-warming, inspirational story about the rape of a teenaged girl."

not a good title to one of your posts






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