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January 2nd a Day of Mourning for President Ford

President Bush announced that Tuesday, January 2nd will be a national day of mourning for former President Gerald Ford. From Fox News:

CRAWFORD, Texas -- President Bush has declared that Tuesday a national day of mourning for former President Gerald Ford, whose service at National Cathedral will be attended by Bush.

White House officials confirmed that Bush returns to the White House on Monday morning, as was previously scheduled before Ford's death, but he will immediately go to the Capitol to pay his respects to the 38th president, who will be lying in state.

Federal offices will be closed on Tuesday.


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Comments (9)

Do atheists, agnostics, Mus... (Below threshold)

Do atheists, agnostics, Muslims get Christmas Day off? Should they be entitled to a Christmas bonus?

Should non mourners get a day off with pay?? Dock em I say.....

Given what Ford said to Woo... (Below threshold)

Given what Ford said to Woodward about Bush's Iraq folly, the day ought better to be a national day of mourning for America for the unmitigated disaster that this president has led this nation into.

Whoo Hooo! A(nother) 4 day... (Below threshold)

Whoo Hooo! A(nother) 4 day weekend for Government Employees!

And less traffic for me.

Heh. Michaelak is another o... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Heh. Michaelak is another one-note-charlie who changes everything into an anti-U.S. rant.

Imagine how much further along we would be in helping Iraq if Lefties/Dems actually supported the U.S. war effort. How many more Americans would support the war if there wasn't a steady drumbeat of fabricated AP stories coming from Iraq?

ARE SCHOOLS OUT?... (Below threshold)


Yeah, I need to know if sch... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I need to know if schools are out, I have about 4 friends asking me now.

yes because of this I get o... (Below threshold)

yes because of this I get off until wednesday

that means I get TWO days to sleep off that hangover!

Maybe I am confused. The f... (Below threshold)
Richard Jeason:

Maybe I am confused. The flag at half staff for 30 days is a period of mourning. That is 30 days of mourning for a head of state. Instead of 30 days mourning, we have, what, 31? Only a handful of presidents have had a day of mourning so declared. A month is set aside just for mourning so that the nation can still go on about their business while still mourning the death of a president. A "day" of mourning is not necessary since we already had 30 days set up. Ridiculous.

This morning in the CNN New... (Below threshold)

This morning in the CNN Newsroom, reporters, Bob Frankin and Jim Clancy were reporting on the viewing of President Ford in the Rotunda.

I was shocked when they described the viewers of the President's body as the "ordinary" and "common" people. ORDINARY??? COMMON??? What are the "other" people called, i.e., the Bushes, Clintons, Carters, extraordinary? I am sorry but we are not ordinary or common people. Next will they call us peasants? Do we have "Royals" in America now? We are just as special as they are. I am appalled that any reporter would consider that type of labeling of the general public. That is one of our current problems existing in Washington DC and in corporate America, most think they are above the law and free to do whatever suits them. This type of the media reporting feeds that mentality.

Most of us "ordinary and common" people are descent, hardworking, taxpaying, honest, fair, loving and sharing individuals, anything but ordinary or common.






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