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Ranking the News

Earlier this week John Hawkins posted his top twenty stories of 2006. What I found interesting is how many of the stories he ranked quite high, such as the immigration debate and the discovery of chemical weapons in Iraq, received much less attention in the media than some of the other news stories on the list such as the Mark Foley scandal and Dick Cheney's hunting accident. Read the list and then consider how much play the various stories received, not only in traditional news outlets, but also in entertainment and other media such as from the late night comics. Which stories would you, Wizbang readers, rank as the top five or ten of 2006?

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The chemical weapons found ... (Below threshold)

The chemical weapons found in Iraq were old and no good anymore, those chemicals happened to be supplied by the USA for Saddam in the 80's.

Top ten stories that didnt get on TV , jeez there are so many.

Veteran benefits getting cut.
School aid getting cut.
Homelessness going up.
Billions of tax payers money missing.
Torture being legalized.
Global warming-10 years too late, maybe 30
The resignations and replacements of high officials that disputed the Bush policys.
Big tax breaks for oil company's while they make the most profits ever in history(3 bux a gallon)
Fedaral government going after state legalized Pot users and jailing them.

I could go on and on.

When #1 on KucinicH's list ... (Below threshold)

When #1 on KucinicH's list is disingenuous, at best, it kind of kills any ambition to go further down the list.

While it's true Vets bene's were cut it was a cut from an increase. They are still at a level above where they were in 2000.

KucinicH, just to take on a... (Below threshold)

KucinicH, just to take on a few of your points:

1) Would those be the chemical weapons Saddam was obligated to dispose of 15 years ago? They shouldn't have had the TIME to get old and decay; he was obligated to account for them and destroy them.

2) How many of those "cuts" are actual "cuts" (as in less money), and how many are decreases in how fast the funding increases?

3) Homelessness going up? Got a source for that?

4) Gas prices around here are down to about $2.20 a gallon. And Big Oil is a Big Business. They have Big Profits and Big Losses -- remember in the 80's, when they were losing so much money we thought some of them would go bankrupt?

5) "Billions of taxpayers' money missing." Absolutely nothing new. Check out the "Golden Fleece" awards sometime.

6) "Torture being legalized." No, torture being defined and spelled out, with lines drawn between torture and interrogation. "Torture" is a very strong word, and it's been horribly diluted by idiots who think that any sort of questioning that isn't preceded by "mother, may I?" is torture.

OK, I gotta write my own stuff...


Purple fingers in Iraq<br /... (Below threshold)

Purple fingers in Iraq
Zarqawi dead
Saddam sentenced to die
Democrats taking Congress :(
Joe Wilson discredited

Fidel Castro's demise... (Below threshold)

Fidel Castro's demise
Slobodon Milosevic's demise
Cynthia McKinney's demise
John Kerry's demise
The Holocaust denial conference (UGH)

And last, but not least:
Cindy Sheehan's uterus

So Dems really weren't tryi... (Below threshold)

So Dems really weren't trying to raise taxes when the Right was shouting about it during the last 4 national elections.

Come to find out, they were just trying to do away with the tax breaks.

Thanks marc and Jay Tea, but next time shout that when it matters (during the election period), not years later.

Here's one for your list, thousands of soldiers die, but their caskets aren't shown on TV (A.K.A. Whitewash of War).

Well Bob, since you can't t... (Below threshold)

Well Bob, since you can't turn on the TV without hearing about the bloodiest day, the most violence, etc. I can't imagine what the hell you are talking about. What do you expect to gain by desecrating the burial of our heroes (seeing coffins), a morale boost for the enemy?

Would you settle for boots in your ass?

Robert, did you suffer an i... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

Robert, did you suffer an injury to the logic centers of your brain? My condolences.

As a veteran, my benefits have increased. They went up. They did not go up by as much as originally requested. But they still went up.

Bush cut taxes. My tax bill went down. If the Democrats eliminate those cuts, now think real hard here, do my taxes A) rise, B) lower, or C) stay the same?

Whitewash of War?0... (Below threshold)

Whitewash of War?


"Here's one for your list, ... (Below threshold)

"Here's one for your list, thousands of soldiers die, but their caskets aren't shown on TV (A.K.A. Whitewash of War)."

**You know, upwards of 50,000 people die a year in traffic accidents, but their caskets aren't shown on TV (A.K.A. whitewash of transportation).

**It can't be easy being you.






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