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The not-so-friendly skies

This takes the notion of a "no frills" flight to a whole new level. And if what Mrs. Fossett alleges is true, then she ought to end up OWNING the airline.

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Thanx. I'm already nervous... (Below threshold)

Thanx. I'm already nervous enough flying out next weekend to Iowa on an airline I've never even heard of.

If that stroy was true, it'... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

If that stroy was true, it's not good, but it sure sounded pretty one sided to me. I believe I'd rather hear the whole story before I form an opinion about this.

Next time I feel chest pain... (Below threshold)

Next time I feel chest pain I'll make sure to drop dead on company property SO MY WIFE CAN SUE.

I've flown on Jetblue, and ... (Below threshold)
Half Canadian:

I've flown on Jetblue, and of the low-cost carriers, they're one of the better ones. Leather seats, adequate leg room, TVs for each seat. TMK, no crashes either. As mentioned already, the article only presented one side (albeit, a damning side), but I'm not about to award ownership of it yet.

I agree with Bunyan. Also t... (Below threshold)

I agree with Bunyan. Also the story smells fishy. His wife was a Register Nurse. She should have more experience in recognizing a heart attack and giving CPR if necessary than the flight crew. Some heart attacks can be very subtle and maybe slip everyone's attention this time, including the RN.

Never base a news story sol... (Below threshold)

Never base a news story solely on the allegations in a tort.

Could it have happened? Sure.

Did it happen the way its described? I'm really skeptical.






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