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A brief grammatical note

I was delighted to know that Saddam Hussein was hanged.

I have no interest whatsoever in knowing whether or not he was hung.

They are NOT the same thing, people.


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Comments (30)

AMEN! (I've just had a conv... (Below threshold)

AMEN! (I've just had a conversation along similar lines with my mum, after hearing people talking about it in the queue at a supermarket checkout!)

Yes, things are hung, <a h... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Yes, things are hung, people are hanged

"Things are hung, people ar... (Below threshold)

"Things are hung, people are hanged."

Um... if you're saying that people can't be hung, Steve, that might qualify as TMI... and probably more than you intended to reveal/admit about yourself.


(Putting on my Size 12 shoes as I type this...)

Tripped up by the passive v... (Below threshold)

Tripped up by the passive voice. "Iraqis hanged Saddam."

He didn't do anything. Just sorta dangled. Like deadweight.

The one thing 19 years of editorial writing taught me: Active voice. Use it. Hold someone accountable

Will wonders never cease. S... (Below threshold)

Will wonders never cease. Saddam has changed from being a ruler to being a pendulum.

Saddam has changed from ... (Below threshold)

Saddam has changed from being a ruler to being a pendulum.

Excellent, sounds like the start of 101 things to do with a dead dictator.

Plumb Bob...

Hmmm... Can't be a trampoline (you take off your shoes to jump on a trampoline.)

Thank you and Amen, Jay. L... (Below threshold)

Thank you and Amen, Jay. Last night while listening to Fox News on the XM radio you have no idea how many times I yelled "hanged" at the radio every time some analyst said "hung" to describe Saddam's execution.

And thank you, Don, for the little reminder of active versus passive voice. Many times I've caught myself using passive voice just to stop, backspace, and start again in active voice.

(Putting on my Size 12 s... (Below threshold)

(Putting on my Size 12 shoes as I type this...)


Men are such odd creatures.

C'mon, Jay, admit it. Admit... (Below threshold)

C'mon, Jay, admit it. Admit you were waiting all week to post this one. I can hear you snickering from here.

(Putting on my Size 12-1/2 shoes as I type this. Right Wingtips, of course.)

Have a Happy New Year.

Speaking on behalf of Engli... (Below threshold)

Speaking on behalf of English teachers everywhere, THANK YOU. I teach my students, "Hung is what you did to clothes; hanged is what you did to a criminal."

Saddam was well hung... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Saddam was well hung...

Wait, that's not right either...in so many ways...

The family and friends of t... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

The family and friends of the 3 Marines and two Army who were killed on the same day as the hanging could give a s--t about Saddam in a noose.
More of our brave men and women (108) have died in December than any month in 2006. But Bush spent 3 whole hours the other day workin' on his plan for victory..and with Saddam gone it will be flowers in the streets...Bring'em Home...

Common errors in English li... (Below threshold)

Common errors in English link on hanged/hung

(Hang and Hung are not the Chinese brothers)

nogo postal service do you ... (Below threshold)

nogo postal service do you ever have a postive thought? Same old liberal BS in everthing you type --Bush this, Bush that, Bush is, Bush isn't, on and on and on. Try something new once in awhile.

A "Blazing Saddles' referen... (Below threshold)

A "Blazing Saddles' reference?

"nogo postal service do you... (Below threshold)
Patrick Chester:

"nogo postal service do you ever have a postive thought? "

Of course not. Can't have a decent psychological warfare campaign if you start saying positive things to the enemy.

Though I do wonder if nogo bothered to ask the families in question how they felt... and if they would give nogo permission to throw their loved ones corpses into the agit-prop machine.

Since he is surely being bu... (Below threshold)

Since he is surely being buggered in Hell, it's of no consequence how Saddam is hung.

Hung would be correct if th... (Below threshold)
John S:

Hung would be correct if they had SLOWLY lowered Saddam feet first into Uday's plastic shredder. Hanging was entirely too swift and (relatively) painless for this monster.

as long as we're doing movi... (Below threshold)

as long as we're doing movie references...

"Saddam? You won't see him no more."

Patrick..My post simply rel... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

Patrick..My post simply relects the reality that the grief of these families AT THIS TIME.,.over rides anything about the news of Saddam. ..yes I did add the FACT that Dec. is our bloodiest month of the year. As a disabled vet who lost friends 1970-71 I can tell you that people in combat don't have time for politics other than keeping yourself and your buddies alive. Seriously your claim my respect for the sacrifice of our troops and the devestation is causes families is some petty ruse..is a stretch...
What is your idea of "victory" and do you really Believe Bush has the capacity to achive it?
Saddam has been hanged. We've already won...Bring'em home..

They both undup st... (Below threshold)

They both undup stiff at some point

John S, Sadaam's neck MIGHT... (Below threshold)

John S, Sadaam's neck MIGHT have snapped but that noose was only a fancy garrot. I counted 5 or 6 loops instead of the efficacious 11 or more. And did you note the girth of the rope? Calculated a for sloooow send-off.

Eh hem. Wow. Size 12 shoes?... (Below threshold)

Eh hem. Wow. Size 12 shoes? Hmm ...

You know ... that can mean only one thing. It's a fairly interesting correlation although it has some skeptics.

So, tell us, Jay ... does the fact that you wear size 12 really mean ....

that ...

You have big feet??


So ...... the more your hun... (Below threshold)
La Mano:

So ...... the more your hung the quicker you're hanged???

Or ..... if you're hard whe... (Below threshold)
La Mano:

Or ..... if you're hard when you're hanged when you're hung ....... definitely would be a lump in your throat.

Why all this obsession with... (Below threshold)

Why all this obsession with shoe size?

(stops to put on size 23 Shaq/Clownshoes)

Q: How do tell when a guy's... (Below threshold)

Q: How do tell when a guy's well hung?
A: There's no space between the rope and his neck.

Trust me on this: shoe size... (Below threshold)

Trust me on this: shoe size doesn't mean a damn thing. (And I wear a 14.)

No go Postal is HUNG up on ... (Below threshold)

No go Postal is HUNG up on a few things that don't relate to grammar.

It is faulty logic to generalize from one's own experiences. It often leads to projection of your internal process on others, leading to poor situational awareness. It is also a sign of mental illness.

It is reasonable to describe one's own experiences and consider that they may represent another person's experience.

It is my experience that me... (Below threshold)

It is my experience that men that say they're well hung, generally aren't; and those that claim to be hung like a elevator button, generally aren't.

I posted this before; besides it's something I've seen a lot of.






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