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Waxing poetic over a waxed tyrant

"Serendipity" is the art of accidental luck, of unexpected and unpredictable good consequences of circumstances. I used it earlier this week to describe our "accidental president," who did a better job than expected.

And now, the conversion of Saddam Hussein from ex-dictator to pinata has inspired Meryl Yourish and a veritable host of her readers to write haiku celebrating his passing, a case of Saddam going "from bad to verse."

As well as entertaining, they provide many wonderful examples of just why it was such a good thing that he ended up as guest of honor at a necktie party.


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Comments (2)

Rope. Tree. Dictator.... (Below threshold)

Rope. Tree. Dictator.
Some assembly required.
Burn in Hell, Saddam.

No, Saddam HusseinYo... (Below threshold)

No, Saddam Hussein
You can't have any pudding
Here's your just desserts






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