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Kissing cousins

Last week, enough events finally coalesced: I made a trip up to the new Stately Tea Manor in decent-enough weather and with a (borrowed) camera, and managed to record Mr. Ducky's sojourn.

First up, we had to stop at a certain rest area. It's in Springfield, New Hampshire, between Exits 12 and 13 along Interstate 93 North, and I caught my faithful companion enjoying a truly majestic vista.

But we could not dawdle, so we moved on.

Once we arrived, we were greeted by a delegation of the new neighbors. I'd never really seen wild ducks (well, mostly wild) ducks so closely, and I was amazed at how beautiful their plumage was -- as shown on these two handsome specimens.

No wonder Mr. Ducky was so eager for this move.

I think this is going to work out OK.

(If anyone is the least bit interested in more photos from this trip, I've set up a Flickr page here, as well as Mr. Ducky's exploration of a B-17 bomber from World War II.)

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Jay,It can be hard... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:


It can be hard to tell, but given the number of male ducks eyeing your friend in the photos it seems you're cohabiting with Ms. Ducky. Do the right thing and give her her own bathroom, pool, pond, or whatever she needs to get ready in the morning.

Some good looking mallards ... (Below threshold)

Some good looking mallards in the photos.

It looks like lack of food ... (Below threshold)

It looks like lack of food won't be a problem at the new place.

Yummy!Duck with or... (Below threshold)


Duck with orange glaze sauce!
Duck with stuffing made from sage and onion!
Duck soup!
Fried Duck!
Peking Duck!

Possiblities are abound! Pass the currant jam, please!

If you have a "Mr. Ducky", ... (Below threshold)

If you have a "Mr. Ducky", you must have cosplay pix. Please share.

Sooper-dooper top sekret re... (Below threshold)

Sooper-dooper top sekret recon has revealed Jay Tea's New Years Eve partay plans.

It's a Tea Partay!






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