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I Think My Son Coined a New Word

Have any of you seen The Incredibles? It's a great movie and currently my four year old's favorite.

My kids were watching it yesterday morning as the adults were packing up to go home after our weekend at the cabin. My husband walked in the room and, after watching a scene for just a couple of seconds, asked my four year old son a question:

"Is she an Incredible?"

"No, she's not an Incredible. She's not wearing an Incredi-shirt."

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Excellent movie! Kari the ... (Below threshold)

Excellent movie! Kari the babysitter in the "Jack-Jack Attack" short is a hilarious show-stealer.

BTW, do you suppose they have Incredi-underwear, too? Just asking.

My nephew, who's three and ... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

My nephew, who's three and a half going on four soon, calls them the 'Credibles. :-) Fun with new nouns!






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