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One of the Greatest Games Ever in College Football

***Updated with Video***

Boise State, the underdog, defeated the Oklahoma Sooners in not only an upset but in overtime at that. BSU led the entire game until the last quarter. But they didn't give up or get demoralized when they fell behind. They fought hard and scored a touchdown in the last 7 seconds of the game to tie it up and send it to overtime.

Oklahoma scored first in overtime. I thought it was over, but Boise State came right back scored. An exciting game culminated into an incredible final play of the game. BSU quarterback Jared Zabransky faked a pass to the right and handed the ball off behind him to another player who then ran it in to the left for a 2 point conversion to win the game.


Here's the recap from Fox Sports.

Tom at Blogical Conclusions saw the game too and has declared himself a Boise State fan. He also says this game proves that it's time to get rid of the BCS and have a playoff system.

I forgot to mention that a BSU player, after the concluding an interview with a sportscaster, got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend, a BSU cheerleader. It was very sweet and a great way to end a fantastic game.

Update: If you missed the overtime excitement or just want to watch the amazing finish all over again, you can see it here.


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Comments (27)

Yeah, BSU, are the Harlem F... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

Yeah, BSU, are the Harlem Fucking Globetrotters of college football.

BSU, bull shit U.

If they could win the game playing straight up football, I'd give them credit, but they win through gimmick plays. BS-U.

Hell of a game!!! The hook... (Below threshold)

Hell of a game!!! The hook and lateral TD, with 18 seconds left in regulation was incredible... then the OT heroics. Hats off to Boise for knocking off a national powerhouse who underestimated them.


Hmmmmmmmm....A win... (Below threshold)


A win is a win. They're 13-0 and they beat everyone on the schedule. Gimmick or not (and they run a lot of solid fundamental football, if you paid attention), they still got the job done.

I'm gonna pay for this tomorrow, but at least I've gotten myself acclimated to next Monday's game.

Sorry Sheik, but Oklahoma h... (Below threshold)
Mallard T. Drake:

Sorry Sheik, but Oklahoma has only themselves to blame. The announcers said that BSU has run that Statue of Liberty play before on two point conversions. The Sooners bit hard on the fake rather than keeping a linebacker or corner on that side of the field to guard against the gimmick.

BSU is a legitimate team and will probably end up #2-#4 in the rankings. I agree, though, that this is another reason for a D-1 football playoff system.

Sensational game. The pois... (Below threshold)

Sensational game. The poise of the BSU offense on that late drive, after the earlier interception, was impressive. And going for two in the first OT was a stroke of genius - the longer the game went on, the greater the advantage to Oklahoma due to their deeper bench. Play to win.

Crying about "gimmick plays" sounds like sour grapes. Most football plays these days involve some level of misdirection or deception, from pulling guards on counter plays to play-action passes. Defenders who don't allow themselves to bite on the bait can handle those plays.

Let's have a playoff, just like every other sports championship.

That was one great game, un... (Below threshold)

That was one great game, unless you're a Sooner sore loser like Sheik up there.

Go Gators! Blow up the BCS even more. Time for a playoff.

If Boise starts clamoring f... (Below threshold)

If Boise starts clamoring for a high BCS ranking, then no Athletic Director worth their salt would schedule anyone tough during the regular season outside of their own conference. Weak conference, weak schedule, great results.

I can hear it now, "We're 13-0, shoulda played Ohio State for the BCS championship!"
And if Ohio State loses on Monday, you can bet Boise State will SCREAM that they should be number one.

Good grief, my honey switch... (Below threshold)

Good grief, my honey switched off the TV after Zabranski threw the interception with 1 minute left in the game. I did not know they had won until I got my morning paper. I think I will control the remote from now on!

thebottomline:You'... (Below threshold)


You're kidding? You missed the most exciting part of the entire game!

Kim,Credit where c... (Below threshold)


Credit where credit is due:

you left out the part where that last TD in regulation was pulled out from 4th and 18 with a classic hook and lateral play, with 18 seconds on the clock. As well as another 4th and 2 touchdown.

Truly amazing.

Oh, and I never thought I'd see the "Statue of Liberty" play pulled off in any sort of meaningful way. That 2 point conversion was classic.

Sheik - I hear ya' on the gadget plays and the like, I really do, but let's not overlook the fact that BSU's defense played straight up ball and kept OU's defense under wraps for most of the game.

Hats off to BSU.

That's definitely a top college game, ever. I'm not sure if it's better than the '03 Nat'l Championship game, or not; but I may be biased (Go Bucks!).

Over the past few years, the Fiesta Bowl has definitely been the game to watch.

Wow Sheik, that was patheti... (Below threshold)

Wow Sheik, that was pathetic. Crying about play choice of the opponents saying they didn't play "straight-up" football is the weakest of the weak.

Might as well say, "My team lost because they are stuck in an old way of thinking and were played and out thought by the opponents.", or the shorter version ""We're too stupid to catch on."

They got beat, fair and square, the old fashioned way--learning your opponents weakness and playing your strength to it. Man up and quit crying.

BTW, not a Boise St fan or Oklahoma for that matter.

The only way for a Division... (Below threshold)

The only way for a Division I playoff to work is for there be 16 teams (11 conference champions and five "at-large" picks).

That would mean that the champion of the playoff would have to play four road games in December staring this year on December 9th.

The schools that get out early for Christmas would have a huge advantage.

Also, what would the atmosphere be on Demcember 9th when Ohio State is playing Troy St in some neutral site? I think people would immediately start complaining about a playoff.

superdestroyer, why would t... (Below threshold)

superdestroyer, why would the playoffs have to be at neutral locations? I know the NCAA basketball playoffs utilize a neutral location, but they're fairly unique in that.

The football playoffs could be constructed by the NFL model, and a shortening of the college season to ten games would facilitate a "wild card weekend" for the division runner-ups plus one "at large" pick (which we'd assume would be Notre Dame by default...how do they get a major bowl every year with a 6-5 season?).

I'm personally tired of SEC teams getting the cold shoulder from the BCS...over the past few years, LSU had to "share" a title, and Auburn had no claim to one at all, despite a perfect season in arguably the toughest conference in the nation (see the SEC bowl record over the past few years). At least the Trojans' defeat of the Wolverines yesterday set this year's game up to be a fairly clear 1 vs. 2 matchup.

I'd also propose that the current BCS system be left pretty much in place to set up some inter-conference games that didn't happen in the playoff system. Fans are still going to pay to see their teams play, even if the New Years' Day bowl games don't count towards a championship (as most don't now).

Look at a sixteen team play... (Below threshold)

Look at a sixteen team playoff this would be the sixteen teams, this would be the 16 teams:

(1)Ohio State (Conference Champion)
(2)Florida (Conference Champion)
(3) Michigan (At Large)
(4)LSU (At Large)

(5)Louisville (Conference Champion)
(6)Wisconsin (At Large)
(7)Oklahoma (Conference Champion)
(8) USC (Conference Champion)

(9) Boise State (Conference Champion)
(10) Auburn (At Large)
(11) Notre Dame (At Large)
(12) Wake Forest (Conference Champion)

(13) BYU (Conference Champion)
(14)Houston (Conference Champion)
(15) Central Michigan (Conference Champion)
(16) Troy St. (Conference Champion)

That means that Boise State, to win a national championship would end up playing four road games and that is the schedule ran true to form, Michigan would have played Ohio State on Chrismas Eve in the semi-finals. The

A Sooner fan crying about t... (Below threshold)

A Sooner fan crying about trick plays? Stoops has run more trick & gimmick plays than anyone I can remember. T&G plays don't always work, they can kill you when they fail, BUT when they work, they work big & there is no shame in being brave enough to use them.

I was rooting for OK but I have to admit that was one helluva game. Even my son, a former attendee of OU & first to whine about a bad call/game/BCS rank admitted that he had no gripes about BSU winning.

Probably my only carp was when Stoops pointed out he had 12 men on the field & it cost him a timeout

One of the better games I have seen

>>The announcers said that ... (Below threshold)

>>The announcers said that BSU has run that Statue of Liberty play before on two point conversions.

Actually, I think the announcers said quite the opposite -- that they had used that formation on two point conversions before but had run something different out of it, and that they counted on OSU having seen their film and expecting them to do what they had done before

Great game, though. I just caught BSU's last score and the OT, which was more than enough excitement for most sporting events.

It was a great game.<... (Below threshold)

It was a great game.

I am really bummed that Michigan lost to USC. Not because I'm a big fan of Michigan - I'm not. But it would have been nice to see the University of Spoiled Children humiliated again! I know - it's mean, but what the hey!

Oklahoma did not "underesti... (Below threshold)

Oklahoma did not "underestimate" Boise State. OU played as hard as they could. The Sooners just aren't that good, and the same goes for the entire Big-XII this year. Boise State played a great game, but to say that they're an "elite" team just because they beat a truely mediocre OU squad is just silly.

There is no reason at all t... (Below threshold)

There is no reason at all to insist on a 16-team playoff system. It's just not necessary or practical. Eight teams would be enough.

The top four BCS (or successor) ranked teams are automatically in, the other four selected by committee with a strong prejudice for including any undefeated team. Only three weeks of games are needed to play off the championship, which means it could end no later than it does now.

Concerning Oklahoma, they have been ranked in the Top Ten by all the polls and BCS for the entire season, so saying they "aren't that good" is simply incorrect.

Jim, A 16 team pla... (Below threshold)


A 16 team playoff is necessary if a recreation of every other NCAA playoff is desired. In basketball, baseball, etc, all the conferences are included. If you want to exclude conferences, you are basically killing their programs.

An 8 team play that would exclude conference champions (like Wake Forest) is an unworkable idea that is a non-starter.

If you want to exclude the non-BCS teams then the wins against such teams should be excluded from the records of the BCS conference teams. Maybe an LSU instead of being 10-2 should just be considered 7-2 that does not sound there as good.

One of the Greatest Game... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

One of the Greatest Games Ever in College Football

Yup, definitely one of the greatest games ever, but not the greatest. That honor still belongs to "The Play", Cal vs. Stanford, 1982. A game (and yes, I'm bragging here) I was in the stands for.

Classic John Elway drive to put Stanford ahead. Then with just :04 seconds to go...

"Garner laterals..."

"The band is on the field!"

"The Bears have won! Oh my God! The Bears have won!"

View it here

I'll say it again. Oklahoma... (Below threshold)

I'll say it again. Oklahoma just wasn't a very good team this year. Being in the top ten for most of the year does little to prove a team's worth. Michigan was ranked #2 for a good portion of the year, and they were obviously over-rated. The Big twelve was horrendous this year, and the "best" team it had to offer(OU) got manhandled by a Texas team, who then lost to a terrible K.St. and an even worse Tx A&M. Boise State got lucky they only had to play OU. A team that "deserved" to be there would eat Boise's lunch, and then go through their pockets for loose change.

I'm personally tir... (Below threshold)
I'm personally tired of SEC teams getting the cold shoulder from the BCS...over the past few years, LSU had to "share" a title, and Auburn had no claim to one at all, despite a perfect season in arguably the toughest conference in the nation (see the SEC bowl record over the past few years). At least the Trojans' defeat of the Wolverines yesterday set this year's game up to be a fairly clear 1 vs. 2 matchup.

Only an SEC fan (or a Notre Lame fan) can claim prizes for the future based upon the results of past. For every success an SEC team has had in bowl season, I can point to a high-profile flop by an SEC team (UTK and ARK come immediately to mind).

And don't get me started on Notre Lame and their current bowl game loss streak. But who knows, maybe the SEC will lay another egg on Wednesday, before FLA gets destroyed by tOSU.

The only advantage a playoff system would have would be to limit the number of teams one league could send to the playoffs to two, and we would be spared the drudgery of eight teams from a 12-team conference going to the post-season as they now stand.

One can argue 'til the end ... (Below threshold)

One can argue 'til the end of time over the "toughness" of the SEC in relation to the other BCS conferences, but I don't think it's possible to defend the position that the WAC is anywhere near as tough as the SEC. If you want to see a team "lay an egg" then go ahead, let Boise play tOSU.

Jim, you have your facts wr... (Below threshold)

Jim, you have your facts wrong. Oklahoma was not ranked in the AP Top 10 all season long. They were dropped out of the preseason Top Ten when they dismissed their starting QB Rhett Bomar at the start of two-a-days. They did not reach the top ten again until after they defeated Oklahoma State on November 24.

That game was one of the most exciting games I have seen in a long time. Although I was dissapointed with the outcome, I still enjoyed the overall game.

shut up sooners you got bea... (Below threshold)

shut up sooners you got beat. get over it. I watched the game B S U won the game. they out played the sooners they out coached the sooners. Like it or no they are 13-0.

I think that this game reve... (Below threshold)

I think that this game reveals an increasing parity in our major sports. As in virtually all pro sports and college basketball, on any given day an underdog can show up and spank a more talented team. We saw this all season in college football and the NFL. George Mason and Boise State represent a growing wave of teams on the cusp of "elite" status. From here on, the top seeds won't always breeze through on talent and depth.

This game proved contrary to Travis' shortsighted elitist opinion that Boise State can play a competitive game with any team in the nation. They may not win, but they sure would make it more interesting than virtually any SEC-zzzz game on the tube.






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