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Ruffini's Back in Business

The blogging business, that is. Patrick Ruffini.com is up and running again with a new layout and new content. Patrick is about as smart as they come in politics and I really look forward to reading his blog regularly again, including the new features.

This site is now home to three new blogs. This one, On the Side (in the box off to the right), and Overclocked, a blog about all the latest happenings in technology. I've never been one to clutter my blog with miscellany and breaking news. Now I don't have to. The homepage will carry in-depth political analysis, spotlighted front-and-center; On the Side will carry the stuff that's catching my interest right now with minimal commentary; Overclocked is for you if your definition of the Big Three is Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo...

The 2008 Presidential Wire has been completely rebuilt. It was only the past couple of months that I rediscovered how smartly the community is driving it. Almost always, the most clicked-on articles are the most interesting ones. I got to thinking about how to better spotlight the hot articles, how to make sure you know what's going on the instant you hit the page. I've settled upon a two-column design with popular stories on the left and latest stories on the right, with the headlines growing bigger as the stories grow more popular. Your feedback on this one is greatly appreciated, and I'll be making some tweaks in response to how you all are actually using it.

And that's just the beginning.

Go on over and take a look.

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