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Road Trip!

Let's see... Monday/Tuesday, I moved. (I ended up staying up for 30 hours straight, with maybe a half-hour nap in there somewhere.

Tuesday, I slept.

Wednesday, I unpacked, got set up, and did some basic errands.

Now, in about an hour, I go on an overnight business trip. (Work decided I didn't really NEED a whole week's vacation.)

If there's WiFi or other internet access at the hotel, I'll be on tonight/tomorrow morning.

Don't let the world blow up before I have a chance to comment on it, please.


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Comments (2)

Those all-nighters get toug... (Below threshold)
Farmer Joe:

Those all-nighters get tougher as you get older, don't they?

I can't do 30 hours anymore... (Below threshold)

I can't do 30 hours anymore, and you're not that much younger than me. Glad you survived it okay.

Of course, even in my youth I think the best I ever did was about 36 hours or so before I collapsed.






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