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Zawahiri Calls for Jihad in Somalia

Zawahiri knows that his al Qaeda is being trounced in Somalia so he's calling for a jihad:

A recording said to be of Al-Qaeda's second-in-command has urged Islamists to join a fight against the Somali government and its Ethiopian allies.

In the recording on a website used by al-Qaeda, the man said to be Ayman al-Zawahiri urges the use of suicide bombs and ambushes seen in Iraq.

He said the West was waging a crusader war against Islam in Somalia.

In Somalia, government forces backed by Ethiopian troops are fighting fleeing Islamists near Kenya's border.

The BBC's Karen Allen in Nairobi says there are fears that a protracted Iraq-style guerrilla war could be launched by the retreating Islamists.

Somalia's interim President, Abdullahi Yusuf, has called for a "speedy deployment" of international peacekeepers in his war-torn country.

The voice said to be Zawahiri, though not yet confirmed as being him, called upon Muslims around the world to join a jihad in Somalia.

"I appeal to the lions of Islam in Yemen, the state of faith and wisdom, I appeal to my brothers the lions of Islam in the Arab Peninsula, the cradle of conquests, and I also appeal to my brothers the lions of Islam in Egypt, Sudan, the Arab Maghreb, and everywhere in the Muslim world to rise up to aid their Muslim brethren in Somalia," he said.

He said this could be done "through offering sacrifices, money, opinion, and expertise so as to defeat the slaves of America that it sends to death on its behalf".

Counterterrorism Blog has the transcript of Zawahiri's video.

The Jawa Report has the video.

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Maybe it's time to recogniz... (Below threshold)

Maybe it's time to recognize Somaliland. It's the northern part of Somalia, and it's NOT in anarchy; it has its act together and even held elections not that long ago. Why not reward them for being competent, and along the way deny that part of Somalia to the Islamists?

Meanwhile, 5 days have pass... (Below threshold)

Meanwhile, 5 days have passed since a non-Muslim terror attack and still nary a peep from the Explosive Eunichs...

Gee, Goat... could it be be... (Below threshold)

Gee, Goat... could it be because it is a Spain only problem (ETA has wanted an independent Basque since 1959, and has been comitting terrorism and mayhem in Spain since before Al Queda was formed), and this being an American blog, it isn't of much interest?
Considering that there were no deaths, and ETA went out of their way to warn the govt and airport to avoid deaths (something the Muslim variety rarely does) AND that Spain made it clear after the Madrid bombing that they can be intimidated by terorist actions, this is almost a non-news piece of news. As in dog-bites man.

Now, if you want to see things discusse in the blogosphere, why don't you get your own blog?

Considering that there w... (Below threshold)

Considering that there were no deaths

Actually, there were two.

But it's definitely a regional issue. Basques aren't threatening the planet with beheading over cartoons or whatever.

I see that noted Lion of Is... (Below threshold)

I see that noted Lion of Islam Al Zawahiri has yet to step up to the plate and martyr himself. And I doubt that Ethiopian troops will restrain themselves against terrorists and their enablers the way we have to, even though Ethiopia is a charter member of the Crusader West.

I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE HIS B... (Below threshold)


How long until the U.N. sta... (Below threshold)

How long until the U.N. starts discussing sending in 'peace keepers' to protect the Islamists ?






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