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American Passports Found on Bodies of Jihadis in Somalia

Zawahiri issued a message yesterday begging jihadis to take up the fight of jihad in Somalia because the Ethiopian troops have successfully killed many and cornered the rest. From the Times Online:

The remnants of the Islamist militias that controlled much of Somalia until last week dug in to face a final assault from Somali government soldiers and their Ethiopian allies today as the country called for urgent international help.

American warships patrolled off the forested, southern coastline of Somalia to prevent the fighters escaping by sea from Ras Kamboni, a settlement on the Somali Kenyan border where extremist Islamist groups have run training camps since the late 1990s.

Somali commanders said hundreds of Islamist fighters had withdrawn to Ras Kamboni after abandoning Kismayo, the last town under the control of the Islamic Courts Union that was driven out of Mogadishu, the Somali capital, last Thursday.

"They have dug huge trenches around Ras Kamboni but have only two options: to drown in the sea or to fight and die," reported Colonel Barre "Hirale" Aden Shire, the Somali Defence Minister, who said that Ethiopian aircraft would be used in the attack.

Good news, yes, but the Somali government made a pretty frightening discovery: American passports were found on the bodies of dead al Qaeda jihadis. Here's the report from The Blotter:

A senior official in the Somali government's new Ministry of the Interior told ABC News government forces had recovered "dozens of foreign passports," including several American passports, on the bodies of al Qaeda fighters killed in combat between forces affiliated with the Union of Islamic Courts (UIC) and Ethiopian forces in Somalia.

According to the same source, most of the foreign passports were Sudanese, Pakistani and Yemeni, but several American, British and Australian passports were also recovered.

The senior Somali government official told ABC News that the American passports found on the dead bodies near Baidoa, in Somalia, would be turned over to the American government.

I hoped the passports were fake, but Rusty Shackleford at The Jawa Report thinks they may be legitimate:

Given the fact that the "Foreign Minister" for the Islamic Courts Union is an American citizen named Ibrahim Hassan Addou, I find the reports that American citizens are among the dead in Somalia very credible. Are the Americans al Qaeda fighters or simply Somali expats who have American citizenship and then went back to Somalia to fight for the Islamists? I'm not sure that the U.N. backed Somalian government is the best source of information given their sketchy past.

Reliapundit at The Astute Bloggers makes a point that I agree with and I think needs to be repeated:

Bush has been right all along:

Bush has repeatedly said that we are fighting the enemy over there - (meaning Iraq, Afghanistan, the Philippines, the Horn of Africa, etc.) - so we don't have to fight them over here.


These jihadists did NOT become radicalized in Somalia - or because of Iraq, (or Afghanistan). Like the 9/11 perp's, they were likely radicalized long before OSLO collapsed.

If we were not fighting them in Iraq and elsewhere, then they'd be free to attack us here - as many others already have. And every one we kill makes us a little safer.

Indeed. Unfortunately, these jihadis seem to be like the many headed hydra. Every time one head is lopped off, another grows in its place.

Update: One of the liberal trolls asked if my comparison of the jihadis to the multi-headed hydra meant that we can't win. No, that was not what I was saying. I was simply saying that this war is difficult but not impossible. Heracles was able to defeat the hydra by cutting off its heads and then cauterizing the wounds so a new head couldn't grow in its place. One could argue that getting rid of Saddam and instituting a democratically elected government was like cutting off a head and cauterizing the wound. The cauterizing, however, has been and will continue to be a messy job for a while.


Comments (32)

So are you saying we aren... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

So are you saying we aren't any safer because 'killing them only begots more of them'.

Steve: We are only safe as ... (Below threshold)

Steve: We are only safe as long as we stay in the fight and kill them on their home ground. Cut and Run will make them the winners in that area and they have nothing to lose by following us home.

There is no way we can fight them here in the U.S. Half or more of the citizens have shown they will fold like a wet dish rag and beg for mercy, which will not come.

Nan and crowd are simply following the habit of cut and run of leaders like Hanoi John/Slick Willie and will be the next to make the dhimmi party responsible for millions of people being slaughtered, again. The difference this time is we are fighting a group of radicals that have vowed to kill us all and they don't mind coming to the U.S. to do it. I don't remember us being in Iraq on 9-11 and they made a costly, for us, visit simply because we had spent 8 years running from them.

This last commentor should ... (Below threshold)

This last commentor should be institutionalized for the safety of the public.

So, aRepukelican, do you th... (Below threshold)

So, aRepukelican, do you think we ought to leave, and then...

Seal the borders (Isolationism has worked SO well in the past) and hope nothing happens, or...

Institute a police state, with everything monitored ala England with all their TV cameras, or...

Bend over and take it like a man (So to speak) and accept attacks and bombings as our due for daring to fight Islamic radicalism? Or...

What? Have you got some other course of action that has more than a snowball's chance in hell of actually working?

Come on, man - it's pretty easy to come up with one-line snarks when you don't like something. It makes you feel good and all happy and self-justified, but what does it accomplish aside from masturbatory ego gratification? It's not exactly thought provoking, and you certainly didn't offer any alternatives.

When you've got an enemy that IS vowing to kill you, that has already managed to strike and cause a hell of a lot of damage, it doesn't make sense to expect that enemy will let you walk away and never bother you again.

I have a plan that might wo... (Below threshold)

I have a plan that might work, but does our country have the balls to do it?
Make a list of all Muslim cities, 2nd list of their holy sites, assign each one a number.
Then have all the leaders of the Muslim countries to a joint meeting, explain to them they (the Muslim leaders) have 60 days to stop this BS.
Give them copies of the two lists, and explain that after 60 days, if the attacks and killings have not stopped, a number will be pulled out of the "hat" for each list, and what ever number comes out, that place is completely destroyed.
I know, innocent people (collateral damage)will happen, and it's cruel. But what the terrorists are doing is also cruel. The Muslim leaders, their denials aside, have allowed this to fester and explode; teaching hate in their schools, etc. Until the Muslim leaders quit spending and supporting terrorist activity, we will have a lot of dead American's, not only soldiers, but innocent people.
Even then, who knows if it would work. Just my idea, it's probably a wrong one, but what the hell?

Allen,IMO, the only ... (Below threshold)

IMO, the only way to confront a bully is not to 'talk' with him, but punch him harder than he has ever been hit. Bullies usually are weaklings in disguise.

Id also tell Iran go ahead, build nukes, BUT, if ANY nuke gets detonated ANYWHERE, that at any time, there are dozens of missiles withing firing range of your nation. They will be released, and Iran will cease to exist.

I'm glad to see pukelican t... (Below threshold)

I'm glad to see pukelican take sides with America's enemies. He fits in well with islamic sissies.

I agree with you about bull... (Below threshold)

I agree with you about bullies, but I find it hard that all Muslims are guilty or support terrorists but at least give them the chance to change/fix the problem. That way (maybe)world complaints about America wouldn't be so harsh.

Allen,Actually, I ... (Below threshold)


Actually, I think your plan has some merit. We have to get just as nasty with these folks as they have been with us. The reason why the Ethiopians have been so successful in beating back the jihadis is that they haven't had to concern themselves with being compassionate because they aren't as scrutinized as we are. They just went in and did the job. Because we're America, the rest of the world along with the media scrutinize all that we do and are set to pounce when the see anything that can be seen as mean or cruel.

Gianni has it right, but it... (Below threshold)
Paper Tigers:

Gianni has it right, but it needs to go a step further. Every country needs to know that if we are hit (not just nuclear but biochem), we will respond with nuclear at the country that breeds the attackers. Yes, that means we have to believe that protecting this country is important enough to hit, what would unfortunately be, mostly innocent people. This is not something anyone in their right mind wants to, do but if it comes down to them or us, I choose us.
Here's the point:
Muslim countries do nothing to root out and eliminate the hostiles. If they knew with certainty, that we would respond that devastatingly, they would themselves, eliminate the radicals and terrorists from amongst them in order to prevent being annihilated. Ahmadinejad, and his kind, would be quickly overthrown.
Would the paper tiger that we have become, ever take such a stance?

KimI love your compa... (Below threshold)

I love your comparison of greek mythology with real life war. Hilarious. If only zeus would come and just eliminate all the Muslims. Wait, wait I forgot the bible doesn't teach turn the other cheek. I guess you christians are on the eye for an eye plan. I can't wait to be sitting in heaven at the judgement seat of Christ and listen to the true judgement of your thoughts and actions. God does not differentate between between evil thoughts and evil deeds.
At the rate things are going Kim, your children might be able to enjoy some of the cauterizing personally in Iraq. Would you be willing to send your own children or husband to fight and die? Or does someone else have to get the blood on their hands for you?
If your kids get into a confrontation with a bully at school, do you teach them to fight the bully? Funny that is not what my christian parents taught me.

Apparently I just made a re... (Below threshold)
Paper Tigers:

Apparently I just made a revision to Allen's statements. Guess I should read EVERY post.

If your kids get int... (Below threshold)

If your kids get into a confrontation with a bully at school, do you teach them to fight the bully? Funny that is not what my christian parents taught me.

I have a brother who is 13 yrs older. When I confronted a bully after moving to a new school, my parents didnt do jack, except ground me because I got a detention. My older brother said if you run n hide, more people will seek you out to mess with you.

He was a Marine, did some boxing, and some martial arts. He taught me a few moves on a saturday afternoon, and implored me that all Id have to do is fight back once, and no one would ever F with me anymore.

They did, I responded, they got hurt, including a broken nose from a well placed elbow, I got suspended, and no one bothered me ever again.

Whats the moral? Fighting back is sometimes an option, but running and hiding is NEVER an option, albeit one the looney left always want to try.

During the Falkland Island ... (Below threshold)

During the Falkland Island war (Britain & Argentina), A British soldier was asked about winning. His response (if I remember correctly) was to be more savage than the enemy was. Almost every country holds the US to a higher standard. Who was it that said "walk softly and carry a big stick"?

If we, as a country, want to end the terror war that is on going, we need to use the big stick. But give every country the chance to clean up it's own homegrown, financed, supported idiots.

Then if they don't or refuse to do so, use the big stick. It would only have to be used a couple of times for the hard headed despots to get the message. We don't have to nuke them (option)but conventional weapons would work very well, just a lot of them.

They are like bullies, hit back and they will leave you alone. Run and hide from them, and they will find you and bully you some more.

Personally I detest violence, but at times you have to use it. When you do, do it fast, and very very hard. It does send a hell of a message to bullies when that is done.

The media pretends to think... (Below threshold)

The media pretends to think they're the vanguard when it comes to U.S. national security policy. They make assertions they really have no business making (calling Iraq a civil war) and grabbing whatever secrets that we may have and publishing them to the detriment to us all.

The left may gripe about Fox News, but they have NBC/ABC/CBS/MSNBC/New York Times/LA Times/Hollywood all working in conjunction to set about their left-wing fantasy-land utopia. If they get their way, here comes the 70's all over again.

Conservative women in Ameri... (Below threshold)

Conservative women in America have more balls than liberal men. And that is a sad, sad fact.

Jeff:If your ki... (Below threshold)


If your kids get into a confrontation with a bully at school, do you teach them to fight the bully? Funny that is not what my christian parents taught me.

My folks didn't want me to fight either. So I didn't, and got hassled all the way through Jr High and High School, until midway through 11th grade. A bully followed me into class on a break, and I finally had enough. I knocked him down and kicked him out the door. Think I broke a toe doing it, but after that, I didn't have any problem. 4 1/2 years of being hassled and beaten up - ended with a few well-placed kicks. In retrospect, I wish I'd done it a hell of a lot sooner, maybe I wouldn't have had a lot of the self-esteem problems I had, and still have close to 30 years later.

Conservative women in Am... (Below threshold)

Conservative women in America have more balls than liberal men. And that is a sad, sad fact.

So Ann Coulter really IS a man! Ha, I knew it.

As a Christian father, I ta... (Below threshold)

As a Christian father, I taught my kids, when dealing with bullies, to aim for their nose. Being Chrsitian does not mean being a pussy or a fool.

They make assertions the... (Below threshold)

They make assertions they really have no business making (calling Iraq a civil war) and grabbing whatever secrets that we may have and publishing them to the detriment to us all.

So Iraq is not in a state of civil war? Please elaborate.

If we were not fighting ... (Below threshold)

If we were not fighting them in Iraq and elsewhere, then they'd be free to attack us here - as many others already have. And every one we kill makes us a little safer.

Wow, I was unaware there are hordes of evil muzlims at the Canadian and Mexican borders, just waiting to overrun us.

"...I wish I'd done it a... (Below threshold)

"...I wish I'd done it a hell of a lot sooner, maybe I wouldn't have had a lot of the self-esteem problems I had, and still have close to 30 years later."

I have no doubt that a large percentage of the tough-talking conservatives are actually victims like this -- who's past failures and defeats drive them in unhealthy directions, like backing a nonsensical invasion of Iraq under the phony flag of a "Global War on Terror."

In addition to the ridiculous expenditure of American lives and resources, and the fact that it's been repeatedly shown that our safety is actually reduced through these misguided efforts in Iraq, these walking "damaged goods" willingly advocate whatever misguided and ill-advised route their puppeteers want to foist on the American public, and blindly push forward on their puppeteers initiatives.

They use fairy tales and mythology as analogies, because "reality" -- as we know - has a distinct left-leaning bias, and reality cuts against their beliefs. Instead they try to cover up reality, the on-going smear campaign against the mainstream media is a perfect illustration of this attempt to cover their ears and hide from the truth. They want to beleive that Jamail Hussein just doesn't exist, so they repeat that lie over and over and over again. The U.S. military and Iraqi Ministry of Information acts as puppeteers and pull the strings behind the scenes, helping further these lies.

These victims choose to believe that criminal acts like the al Qaeda's acts on 9/11 are actually part of a mythical multi-headed hydra, and instead of capturing and prosecuting the criminal responsible for the 9/11 crimes they want to act like terrorists, and terrorize others instead. It's their big chance to punch a bully in the nose -- something these damaged individuals have wanted for a long, long time. Saddam Hussein is a known bully -- so they allow themselves to buy into a smokescreen of lies about his connection to the 9/11 crimes, and support the Republican drive to in and take him out. His is a backward country, it should be a 3 month campaign, max. George said so...

These victim's psychological "damage" has helped get us into the debacle of Iraq through their blind support of the Project for New American Century's agenda, and these damaged individuals are not capable of thinking clearly enough to recognize the disaster that's resulted, much less help guide our country in directions that will get us out of it.

They are oblivious to the damage they are doing to our country and to the Iraqi people in the process.

Conservative women like Coulter have balls? No, they have damage that needs psychiatric attention. One need only read a few pages of Ann Coulter's spew to understand that. Coulter's hateful spew, and that of the conservative court jesters like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, pushes the hot buttons in these damaged individuals, and motivates them to fight back in irrational ways.

THe Republicans know this, and have learned how to push those hot buttons". They use bloggers like Kim, who are so willing to believe half-truths lies and repeat them blindly, and they push those hot buttons in these bloggers -- who in turn push the hot buttons of their respective readers.

"If we were not fighting them in Iraq and elsewhere, then they'd be free to attack us here - as many others already have. And every one we kill makes us a little safer."

Sounds like a cry for help from a frightened, terrorized individual to me, and sending our young men and women to die on foreign soil isn't going to make their feelings of victimization go away.

Blood-thirsty, damaged individuals like this will never be satisfied, and they will never be willing to stop flailing away at the demons inside their mind. They will never spill enough blood to be satisfied.

And you miss the point, Lee... (Below threshold)

And you miss the point, Lee -

The damage was done very early because I was subtly, tacitly, and then overtly told to NOT fight back. That fighting was wrong. That there was never any reason to fight. Turn the other cheek, let them hit that one also. Eventually they'll get tired of it and find someone else to torment - right?

But what about ME in the mean time?

Bloodthirsty? No, I don't believe so. Damaged? Yes, I am, though every day I work at dealing with it. If I'd had a Karate course when I was 10 or so, and told that sometimes you HAVE to fight, and knew I'd have the support of my parents if it were justified, I believe my life would have been a lot better. Instead, I was supposed to apologize to those who harmed me, because somehow I offended them. I must have, otherwise I wouldn't have been beaten up - right?

What did it teach me? To try to go through life without offending anyone, without speaking up for myself, without asking for anything - even if it was due. To try to hide in plain sight. Stay beneath the radar, and you'll make it to the next day unpummeled. Be a coward, have everything taken from you, and just be glad you weren't hit again.

It taught me to never, ever stand up for yourself. Never stand up for what you think is right. Never express an opinion, never speak up when something is wrong. Never help out someone less fortunate, or who was being picked on, because you'd get the attention of the bullies yourself.

That's no way to live. And I don't want to see the US go that route - cowering for fear of possibly offending someone, somewhere. That's no way at all to exist.

I have to agree with Lee on... (Below threshold)

I have to agree with Lee on a couple of things. However, if 9/11 would have never happened, we would still be in Iraq. This is supported by the Downing Street Memo's for one, comments by some that our President planned to take out Saddam no matter what.

But besides the above point, we had 9/11, and as much as I don't care for Bush, he is fighting them over there. If anyone thinks the terrorists don't have cells in this country, well IMHO they aren't thinking straight.

And as Americans who were attacked on 9/11, we damn sure don't need to worry about offending anyone. Nor cower in fear. As a disabled vet, way past my prime, I say take the fight to them, using every method we can think of.

I also think sitting down and explaining to Muslim countries to clean up their mess or else would work. The present way we are fighting the terrorists may be wrong. We need to take the gloves off and use the power we have and get it done fast. That would, in the long run, save lives, not waste them the way it is now.

Allen,One simple q... (Below threshold)


One simple question?

In the 5 years since 9/11 and the Billions of dollars spent on HLS, how many "cells" have we uncovered?

If we were not fighting ... (Below threshold)

If we were not fighting them in Iraq and elsewhere, then they'd be free to attack us here - as many others already have.

There were no Iraqis on board the planes on 9/11. There were no Iraqis in any sort of leadership of Al Qaeda on 9/11. There was no Al Qaeda presence in Iraq before 9/11.

I refuse to wet my pants in terror that these Somali Islamists are going to invade my neighborhood when they can't even hold onto a destitute village in the backwater of the world known as Somalia. We've got much more serious threats in the world than groups like these.

To the western leftists, co... (Below threshold)

To the western leftists, communism was never a threat either. Totalitarianism, be it communism or islamofascism, is always a threat to free people. You guys need a new playbook.

Hmmmm. Remember that the M... (Below threshold)

Hmmmm. Remember that the Minneapolis airport taxis that refuse to carry passengers with alcohol are almost all driven by Somalis. The local Arab-Muslim leadership, however, is the one issuing the fatwas (unique to Minneapolis-St. Paul) about that issue, with Somali local leaders not too happy about it. It's clearly part of a wider attempt to radicalize the Somalis in America. So, did a few become even more radicalized and opt for jihad?

LeeThat was a bril... (Below threshold)


That was a brilliant post & analysis that you made above... a very exacting examination of so many of the resident Wizfools and the ranks of their bretheren.

Kudos to you and your insight w/ regard to the current class of Bush conservatives.

I think Lee's just tweaking... (Below threshold)

I think Lee's just tweaking off his rat turds.

Such argumets are the bully... (Below threshold)

Such argumets are the bully anology are fundamentally flawed and are simple putative assertion for America's military industrial complex, the corprate elite, and the North American dominant group of North European ancestary and their idealogy in a bid to empose their will and political agenda on the citizens of other countries.

I do non't see how invading foreign countries and stationing your troops in other countries will make America or North America for that matter any secure. The basic premise of such idealogy as War On Terror is logicial. As in the case of Afghanistan for instance. It was years before 9/11 that the US slaped a UN sanction against the people of Afghanistan; It was only reasonable for the people of Afghanistan to invite in Al-Qaida and have them train their solders there. The globe is not a supermarket the US owns. And as diverse as the human race is with its different cultures, believe systems, and political systems as well. It is only logical if the citizens of Afghanistan decided that they want the Sharia as their legal system and that the Taliban are their legitimate government. I don't see why would cause any trouble to America or its people.

However, the stark reality is way even before 9/11 that caused America trouble. The US would not rest untill it suffocated Afghanistan with a UN sanction. What followed it then is well-know in the West; American femanists and right-wing zealots used the American media to make a case for war. Oh, a woman is flogged in Afghanistan; Oh, some Western missionaries are sent to prison by the Tablibans and so on.

Say Afghanistan is a sovereign country. And some one is doing something illegal in that country and does not abide by the rules of that land, then it follows naturally that someone should be imprisoned to face their offenses. it destroys the political evolution of other nations. As an African that has been living in the West ever since he has been 12, my view of what you are calling radicals is that most Westerner call Muslims regardless of their religiousity or even without belonging to any group organization that has any reason- etre for any islamic politcal cuase.

I am very much convinced that the issue is not about radicalism. There are just as much American born radicals and extremism. My own view of radicalism is when you try to impose your own soical, cultureal, religious, political, economical views and military power onto those others upon whom have no legitimate legal claim.

I have seriously come to the conclusion that by Western standars. Anyone that is not eating a big fat pork-chop and is not wearing a vanity fair mini-skirt or is not living off the ushery of interest is a radical. Our views here are in the West are far more intolerant and far more ne0-fascist that of any nation I have seen in the eyes of Far East or the Middle East. In addition, what the dominant group and their idealogy fools the mass into as extremist is the legitimating of dictators like Hamid Karzai and Nuri Al-Maliki as democratic government. I believe the whole darn War On Terror is an expansive robbery of the public covers by the ruling elite and is made to look just by the media, the religious clerks, and special interest groups.

What other sentiments can you entertain with me but to admit it is that neo-colonialism and neo-Nazi-Christain-under-the-pretense-of-"secular-West-fascism. To justify my assertions let me give you an example: few Somalis are hateful of America or its people. Yet America through its CIA has funnelled millions and millions of American tax dollars secretly the war-lords in Somalia for the past-dacade. These war-lords are simply war criminals who employed rape, mass-killings of thousands of ordinary Somalis. And when the people of Somalia for instance stood up to the warlords in Mogadishu and have formed their own judicial, executive, and legislative branches of government and cleaned up the mess Washington was financing as its allies on War On Terror. The Western media shifted its tone and branded them new-Taliban. The American government emmidiately rushed some badly-formulated UN resolutions together, pressured its European allies to support her, sent its navy to the coasts of Somalia, asked Ethiopia to invade Somalia and formally recognized the warlords as the countries legitimate government.

Having said that, I do not think such cowardly acts would make America or any other Western state any more secure beyond its nation-state boundaries. If anything such acts seed radicalizations of all sorts. It is because of this tradition of propping up rappist, and war-criminals, and ex-drug lords while shunning the legitimate governments by the will of the people for the people that radicalizes and alienates much of the "others" against America.

There are four players in S... (Below threshold)
Ali Samale:

There are four players in Somalia current war; each of them have separate aims and objectives and each one would like to use the other three; hence, the weak puppet Somali and unpopular ethiopian governments wants to use the short signted US admins in order to maximuse their rewards by saying they recovered US and western passports and even killed Alqaeda suspect. at end US makes more enemies in this part of the world and instead of using the other three they would that they are ones used by.






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