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Breaking: All Cargo Operations Suspended at the Port of Miami

***Bumped and Updated***

***News conference scheduled for 3:30pm 4:45pm with DHS, FBI, US Border Patrol, and the Coast Guard***

Update 6:30pm: Sorry, folks, but I got so tired of waiting for the press conference that I just decided to go to the grocery store, which I was trying to put off until the press conference was over.

This is what appears to have happened:

The driver got to the Port of Miami and needed access to make a delivery. He didn't have a day pass or proper identification, so he was directed to another area of the port. When he was asked if he was alone, he said yes, but then two other men were found in the back seat of the cab. One report said it was a language barrier that caused a "miscommunication." Nonetheless, officials implemented normal security measures, so the bomb squad and HazMat were called in. The three men are still being questioned.

Apparently, one person who spoke during the press conference said that at no point was the port closed, but the AP is still reporting that the cargo area of the port was closed all day.

The Miami Herald reported that two 55 gallon drums were found on the truck, which officials said was not true. The Herald's site has not been updated yet.

One way to look at this is that with all the airport security false alarms that took place last year there was bound to be a port security false alarm. I wouldn't be surprised if we have more port security false alarms in the future as well. At least we know that security officials at the Port of Miami were alert and reacted quickly.


This is just breaking on Fox News. Apparently, Port of Miami security detained and searched a cargo truck and found two men of Middle Eastern origin hiding inside. Now, from what is being reported on Fox, all cargo operations have been suspended, what ever that means, and the FBI and customs officials are on the scene.

Update: Fox is now reporting that illegal immigrants have been arrested. I don't know if that includes the driver as well as the two men found inside the truck or what. More information as soon as I have it.

Update II: The driver of the truck had all the correct identification and authorization to be there at the port, yet he gave inconsistent statements, which caused the search. The entire port is in lock down with police everywhere.

Just great. Now we have those who work at the port sneaking illegal Middle Eastern men into the country through the ports. Are the Democrats prepared to handle with with heavy fist? I seriously doubt it.

Added: One commenter said that Bush doesn't' have a stellar record on illegal immigration. I agree whole heartedly. But this isn't just an illegal immigration issue. This is a terrorism issue, which is why the port has been locked down and the FBI and the police are all over this. The Democrats are not strong on terrorism and national security issues.

Update III: Fox is saying that the FBI, DHS, and local anti-terrorism forces are converging on the port. The Democrats have talked the talk on port security. Will they follow through?

Update IV: The Conservative Voice has a report, but so far there isn't anything new.

Update V: The driver, who was also Middle Eastern, was arrested as well.

One commenter said that the port is operational again, but so far I haven't seen or heard any reports saying that .

Update VI: Fox is now reporting that the two men were hiding in the sleeper part of the cab, not in the cargo portion of the truck as previously reported. Also, the cargo portion of the port is closed but the vessel portion is open for, I believe, the cruise ships only.

Update VII: The bomb squad is now on the scene, presumably to search the back of the truck.

Update VIII: More from the Miami Herald.

An FBI spokeswoman in Miami said an Iraqi semi-truck driver trying to get into the port was been arrested after the cargo in his truck did not match what was declared on the truck's manifest.

A second Iraqi nationakl (sic) and third Lebanese national were found hiding inside the truck, the official said.

''Right now, we're trying to figure out what these men were trying to do,'' said Judy Orihuela, the FBI spokeswoman.

She said the incident began when the Iraqi driver tried to make a delivery at the port and was told he needed a day pass.

During the questioning, inconsistencies surfaced as to the cargo. It in his story and the Lebanese national was found, she said.

The incident prompted a shut-down of the port as members of several federal, local and state law enforcement agencies converged on the busy facility. Among the agencies responding was the Center for Domestic Preparedness, an agency that deals with suspected weapons of mass destruction.

Orihuela said the men appear to be in the U.S. legally and have resident status. They are not on any watch list.

Needless to say, this is not an illegal immigration issue. Instead of trying to sneak people out of the port, the driver was trying to get sneak the men and whatever is in the truck's cargo hold into the port. He also tried to get a day pass saying he was making a delivery. This does not sound good.

Fox News said a news conference is scheduled, which is going to be attended by the FBI, the US Border Patrol, Coast Guard, DHS, and other government organizations.

Border patrol agents are also on scene.

Update IX: Fox News says that a HazMat vehicle has been escorted into the port by Miami police and was taken to where the truck is being held. Former Assistant Director of the FBI Bill Gavin, speaking with Fox News via telephone, said bringing in a HazMat vehicle is standard protocol if the authorities can not identify what's inside the truck. He also said that the reaction from the authorities is necessary in a post-9/11 world.

Update X: Gateway Pundit links to a Miami Herald post that says two 55 gallon containers were found on the truck.

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Comments (54)

Watch these terrorists cla... (Below threshold)

Watch these terrorists claim they are political refugees.

"Are the Democrats prepared... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

"Are the Democrats prepared to handle this with a heavy fist?" Really?

You tell me Kim, since Dems have been in power of Congress for all of a week, what should they be prepared to do for finding some people in a truck in Florida? Bomb Cuba? Go to war with Iran?

And is Congress even in charge of the heavy handed response of the Port of Miami? Should this Congress, after 5 years of all Republican rule since 9/11, now make it so every container and truck is searched? If so, why isn't your question, "Are the Republicans ready to answer for why port security is a joke?"

Kim, I consider myself a co... (Below threshold)

Kim, I consider myself a conservative and I voted for Bush twice. But please, Bush has not been exemplary when it comes to illegal immigration.

The Islamists claim their c... (Below threshold)

The Islamists claim their culture is superior, but are reduced to cowering in the back of cargo trucks???

Yes, by all means, convert us all to your dysfunctional way of life. Jesus! Literally.

"Are the Democrats prepared... (Below threshold)

"Are the Democrats prepared to handle with with heavy fist? I seriously doubt it.


You always manage to inject a degree of obtuse historical ignorance into your otherwise adequare reporting. The credit for current state of port security is owed exclusively to the current administration and last congress who had virtually unlimited funds to handle homeland security and still did a terrible job with our borders and ports.

It's great that they caught these guys, but we cannot be sure how many more get in each day as a result of the "bottom of the lis" prioritizing that border/port security has gotten the past 5 years.

Kim, I too agree ... (Below threshold)


I too agree with you stmt asking if Dems are prepared to handle stuff like this.

Maybe Im not as smart as I think I am, but when asked if someone 'is prepared', that to me indicates something happening in the future, not something that has happened.

We know the lib trolls will try to spin anything posted on this board, but, what exactly is it about Pelosi?reid that makes anyone comfortable with how they will handle ongoing threats?

Kim, I consider myself a... (Below threshold)

Kim, I consider myself a conservative and I voted for Bush twice. But please, Bush has not been exemplary when it comes to illegal immigration.

And the Democratic congress will improve this situation?

The House was the main impediment to a worsening illegal immigration problem. That has now changed.

Also, let's hope this is only an illegal immigration problem.

I believe one of the incomi... (Below threshold)

I believe one of the incoming majority's top priorities is to implement 9/11 commission reccomendations re: port security, something largely ignored by BushCo, which is hard to believe because I'm sure there's lots of money to be made there by some cronies of the administration. What's taken them so long? Oh, I remember now, too busy invading a country that had nothing to do with 9/11.

I agree with Bill K. Bomb or invade somebody/someplace. Show'em we mean business.

Kim, you have a propensity ... (Below threshold)

Kim, you have a propensity for being a kneejerk rightie hack attempting to turn everything into an issue about the Democrats.

Looks like you can pick up a talking point w/ out even having to check in w/ your Limbaugh/Hannity puppeteers.

I am waiting for just one slightly challenging essay rather than your pavlovian reguritation about Democrats.

Amazing that you did not take Pelosi to task for the over-the-cliff USC football player...or are you still developing a scenario for that?

Oh, and BTW, seems that the Port is back in operation.

Remarkable how stuff like t... (Below threshold)

Remarkable how stuff like this *always* happens before Bush wants to expand his war...

Lordy, blackcat77, please t... (Below threshold)

Lordy, blackcat77, please tell me you were kidding. If not, you're starting to sound like the lunatic DUers.

Kim, if only you could real... (Below threshold)

Kim, if only you could realize how absolutely ridiculous and desparate you're sounding these days....

Lordy Kim, tell us you're n... (Below threshold)

Lordy Kim, tell us you're not really Alex, the Demophobic Bunny-Boiler.

Even more remarkable is wai... (Below threshold)

Even more remarkable is waiting for the fantasy liberal-land martial law and internment camps Bush has been waiting to impose on everyone who disagrees with him.

Liberaltarians were thought of as the black-helicopter types, but you left-wing nuts are surpassing them with all your bogus conspiracy theories and all those "rights" you keep thinking are being taken away.

The poor mideasters could n... (Below threshold)
Rahm Emannuel:

The poor mideasters could not afford a plane ticket....This is discrimination at its worst..

The chimp is wagging the banana again..

Why do I think this article... (Below threshold)

Why do I think this article will quickly become another Jamil Hussein moment, where a so-called outrage becomes "Never mind. My bad."

Any evening now, sometime a... (Below threshold)

Any evening now, sometime around 6:00 pm, Kim will post the following:

Breaking: Democrats Steal Sun From Sky!

Democrats in Washington, lead by Nancy Pelosi, have broken yet another campaign promise and have stolen the sun from the sky, plunging America into darkness. I haven't found any reports on Fox News yet, but it is clear from just looking out of my flag-draped window that the sun is gone from the sky, and we all know that the Democrats in Congress are behind this!!!


Yeah, breaking all right, breaking us up with laughter over this sideshow of insanity being exhibited by the wingnuts -- who were complacent and docile while their protectors were in complete plower -- but have come absolutely unhinged ever since election day.

Any chance the truck driver's name is Jamil? I'm sure Lorie is checking on that.... lol.

Frank nailed it above: "The credit for current state of port security is owed exclusively to the current administration and last congress who had virtually unlimited funds to handle homeland security and still did a terrible job with our borders and ports."

But conservative bloggers like Kim aren't really interested in matters like Homeland Security -- they are only interested in political power -- and as they lose more and more political ground to the left they've become more and more desperate with their lies and spin.

Kim,Maybe before y... (Below threshold)


Maybe before you haul off and make ridiculous accustations about Democrats or whomever, you should just report the event and see what is really going on.

Talk about being flagrant, jesus. This isn't a question, at this point, of what the damn democratic congress is going to do, it's a question of what the FBI, the DHS, and the Border Patrol are DOING.

Not every event has to be linked to partisan nonsense, you know.

BREAKING...Fox News ... (Below threshold)

BREAKING...Fox News has reported that the truck is 40"feet long, capable of carrying 43,000 lbs. of cargo. Could it be a 21.5 kiloton nuke????

Until something happens at ... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

Until something happens at one of the ports (or as a result of lax security), how can anyone say that our port security is lacking? Have any of you snuck a suitcase nuke into the country lately? I didn't think so. As you conspiracy nuts know, there is much that goes on that we don't know about. Unlike you, however, I don't think the administration is trying to take away my rights when it is protecting me. I slept well under Clinton, and I sleep well now.

BREAKING... Fox News... (Below threshold)

BREAKING... Fox News has reported that the 3 Middle-Easterners aboard the suspect truck have been found, by the NSA telephone Surveillance Division, to have been in top-secret, underground collaboration with Martian Muslim Greys, known to be experts in explosives nuclear bomb-building technology.

The life of Brian (no pun i... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

The life of Brian (no pun intended), Lee, Brian, and arepukelian: Wait for every post to appear on a single coservative website, then pounce on it with every ounce of energy in the comments section. Amazing! Do you guys ever go anywhere?

Mentioned Brian twice. Thin... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

Mentioned Brian twice. Think I meant Hugh. Oh well, now comes a raft of posts about how stupid I am!

As usual, the faux outrage ... (Below threshold)

As usual, the faux outrage of the day is never mind, nothing to see here. I can't get enough of the best unintentional comedy site on the Internets!

The Jamail Hussein moment c... (Below threshold)

The Jamail Hussein moment consisted of finding out about his lies. Nice try Lee, but no cigar.

And no, the democrats don't have the balls to handle any of this. They are only good at putting something together like a minimum wage hike. With real national security issues, they are a big ball of estrogen.

BREAKING... " At no... (Below threshold)

BREAKING... " At no time was the port closed...either for cargo or passenger operations."

So much for Fox News which has reported all sorts of inaccurate versions of the news this afternoon.

No weonder that Wizfools are so egregiously misinformed!

Kim...switch channels lest you appear to have become Alex- the Bunny Boiler.

I detect sock puppetry with... (Below threshold)

I detect sock puppetry with the new names here, arpubeklican, etc. The wackjobs love our blog, don't they?

Pathetic they have to hang out here and over-post the crap out of threads, instead of DU, etc.

Your right Mitchell! ... (Below threshold)

Your right Mitchell!

I used the name Rahm Emmanuel to be funny & be a lib for once!

It was very enlightening being a sockpuppet!!

mitchell, "Our blog". Oh, b... (Below threshold)

mitchell, "Our blog". Oh, brother! It's the Wizbang crew's blog and all real comments are good comments. Goose egg= No Good!

What's taken them ... (Below threshold)
What's taken them so long? Oh, I remember now, too busy invading a country that had nothing to do with 9/11.

Ignorance like this must be bliss. Regardless if it had anything to do with 9/11, Saddam has had a history of two things: supporting/funding terrorists and using chemical weapons.

The next time I hear some lefty whine about how we should intervene in darfur or some other place they deem we need to be hands on for human rights, we should point to the millions of people Saddam killed, maimed and tortured (and those via proxy providing money/shelter to the PLO, Abu Nidal and YES, al qaeda) and then ask where the hell were you guys?

You trolls are both sad and pathetic.

Your funny sockpuppet #2!</... (Below threshold)

Your funny sockpuppet #2!

Is Your birthday on the 14th too?

I gamble but I dont do drugs.

How old am I? iF yOU WERE REALLY mE yOU WOULD KNOW? doodoodoodoodoodoo

Sockpuppeting is f... (Below threshold)
Sockpuppeting is fun. I generally have to snort a bunch of dope to get into it, but immitatting these democrappies sort of gives me a hard on...well..that could be the meth too, I cain't never tell.

Very funny, Beaudreaux. You've just been banned for posing as another real Wizbang commenter. To the rest of the liberal trolls: you're welcome to dissent all you want to anything I say, but I will not tolerate anyone posing as another real Wizbang commenter.

Kim, Trolls??? I thought a ... (Below threshold)

Kim, Trolls??? I thought a troll was one who linked "Russian Lolita" to a 300-pound German skank. Or is that a spammer? I'm confused.

Steve of Norway who posted,... (Below threshold)

Steve of Norway who posted, "supporting/funding terrorists and using chemical weapons."

Do you ever know what you are talking about? Yep, Saddam coughed up $25K to families of DEAD palestinian suicide bombers & yes, he used the chemical weapons that Reagan/hand-shake Rummy passed out to him. If that is grounds for getting 3000K+ Americans killed & getting this country into his quagmire, then you are one sicko.

Go off, volunteer, and ride into Baghdad on the gun-barrel of a US tank, if you believe so much, you f__king CHICKENHAWK P.O.S.

..sad and pathetic?...regar... (Below threshold)

..sad and pathetic?...regardless of (whether) it had anything to do with 9/11/...thanks for making my point.

After the unspeakable tragedy of 9/11, our fearless leader elected to invade and occupy a country that had no part in the attack, although he did his best to conflate the unrelated issues. Terrorism=evil, Saddam is evil, what are we waiting for? No proven connection. None. He invested comparatively little in terms of port/border security, largely due to the sucking of US capital into the Iraq debacle.

aRepukelican, I'm ... (Below threshold)


I'm getting sick and tired of your nasty comments toward other commenters. So far you've offered nothing of any substance to the debate. Instead the only thing you've contributed is some of the most putrid name calling I think I've ever seen. If you can not offer anything more than what you have so far, then I suggest you hit the road and find another website willing to put up with you. If you want to continue to have commenting privileges here, I suggest you shape up. If I don't see any improvement in your comments in my threads, you're outta here.

Have I made myself clear, buddy?

Ever notice that on lib bog... (Below threshold)

Ever notice that on lib bogs, dissenting opinions are deleted yet libnuts come here, and other conservative blogs and prove over and over again all of the things they truly lack in life.

Hardly, Kim... So... (Below threshold)

Hardly, Kim...

Some of the more putrid, personal attacks have been from the likes of _Mike_, Rob_la_ca, scrapiron, lord ragschaft, jhow66, and any number of the other wiztards and trolls.

You just don't like what he has to say. So ban him. Establish your free speech zone. Any opinion you like as long as it's yours...

Most of the folks you call trolls were speaking out against the Iraq war, when you were out beating the war drum.

I feel sorry for your brother-in-law's family. From what I read, he was a quality guy.

To the extent that you worked against the war, or you advocated for war, you are proportionaly responsible for the death.

YOU are personaly responsable, Aunt Kim, for why "daddy" didn't come home for Christmas.

THAT clear enough for YOU, buddy girl?

KimSorry for my in... (Below threshold)


Sorry for my intemperate reply to Steve of Norway.

I will attempt to respect your parameters.

Thank you, aRepukelican. Yo... (Below threshold)

Thank you, aRepukelican. You can respond to me as you want (within reason, of course) because I put myself out there by blogging, but to call another a chickenhawk POS is out of line. I will be enforcing these rules toward all commenters by the way.

This is to all commenters: recently, comments around here have deteriorated into a nastiness free-for-all and that must change. We can disagree with each other without being so disrespectful.

Two things. Have any of you... (Below threshold)

Two things. Have any of you lefties followed the investigation of the papers/documents captured during the invasion of Iraq? There are hundreds of incidents that prove a direct connection between Saddam and the terrorists on 9-11. People are so stupid they won't believe anything that has been proven because it doesn't fit their Left wing anti-american ideas. I believe an order issued by Saddam in July 2001 to attack Americans and American interest around the world will eventually be proven the order to attack on 9-11. Eventually proven will be too late for the millions that will die as a result of the cowardance of the dhimmi's. The number alaughtered by Islam with the help of the dhimmi's may even exceed the number (3 to 5 million) the dhimmi's got slaughtered in Southease Asia since the weapons of today are more effective.

The incident in Miami proves once and for all that no one that cannot speak and read english should be allowed to drive on the highways of America. The left wingers will change their mind one at a time as their family members are killed on the highways.

Scrap, Im sure lib... (Below threshold)


Im sure libbies will argue for an Iraqi connection with the OKCity bombing, but anyone paying attention that day wil remember the 1st APB was for a middle eastern man.

The Third Terrorist a book by Jayna Davis, a local TV reporter who was very unhappy with the shoddy investigation by Reno-Freeh, pursued info so much the FBI eventually consulted her.

Why did Klinton-Reno call off the APB for a middle eastern man, and what did they hide?

There are terrorist threats... (Below threshold)

There are terrorist threats, but this isn't one of them; we need to remember to get the facts first, even if that takes a little time.

"Incident at Miami port just 'miscommunication,' authorities say"


No one can say at this time... (Below threshold)

No one can say at this time whether this is a terrorist threat. It could be a probe of defenses to evaluate our responses. Or it could be "bad communication." Or it could have been part of an operation that was indeed thwarted.

Having been placed face down on 140 degree foreign concrete with a nervous 18 year old holding a loaded M-16 at my head because some jerk-off didn't relay the right number of folks in my vehicle, I can relate to security responses to "miscommunications."

Its good to see port security does handle these situations rather than ignore them.

"No one can say at this tim... (Below threshold)

"No one can say at this time whether this is a terrorist threat."

Perhaps, but the authorities now seem to be discounting that. We should wait for more facts before getting alarmed, or concluding decisively that there was not threat. The best indication we have from the authorities is that no charges will be filed and that there was no threat. But, for the final word, we'll need to wait for the final word...

Much ado about nothing. It... (Below threshold)

Much ado about nothing. It's days like today when I am embarrassed to be an American. I saw the "breaking news" on Fox this morning, flipped it off, and had a great Sunday. The rest of you should have done the same. A great country like ours shouldn't be afraid of our own shadow. These sorts of feeding frenzies are exactly what the terrorists want.

I do not comment here often... (Below threshold)
Melissa In Texas:

I do not comment here often, but this is a daily read for me.

Kim, I would like to apologize in advance for what I am going to say, but I do feel that this needs to be addressed. I am sorry.

Posted by: John at January 7, 2007 09:02 PM
John, or whomever you may be (or want to be).
That comment was completely off the charts.
Yes, there are many back and forth pokings and proddings on these blogs, but you should be ashamed of yourself!
Attacks do not get more personal than that.
Obviously, you are as ugly on the inside as your post suggests.

I would also like to say that I am so sorry that this scumbag John felt the need to be so horrible to you.

Melissa,Go ahead a... (Below threshold)


Go ahead and appologise to the person who feeds you this kind of crap day in and day out...

Kim writes... Just great. Now we have those who work at the port sneaking illegal Middle Eastern men into the country through the ports. Are the Democrats prepared to handle with with heavy fist? I seriously doubt it.

Added: One commenter said that Bush doesn't' have a stellar record on illegal immigration. I agree whole heartedly. But this isn't just an illegal immigration issue. This is a terrorism issue, which is why the port has been locked down and the FBI and the police are all over this. The Democrats are not strong on terrorism and national security issues.

By the way, I don't attempt to make my living by lying to you.

ahh a-hole if Your going to... (Below threshold)

ahh a-hole if Your going to impersonate Me do it right!

You are not capable of hurting My feelings ..so go impregnate some other blog with your pre-adolescent rant..

By the way?? who spared you the .09 to use the computer at plastic pelosis house?? you gelfling!

Just a reminder -- <a href=... (Below threshold)

Just a reminder -- it takes two to tango.

Middle Eastern men? Aieeeee... (Below threshold)
observer 5:

Middle Eastern men? Aieeeeee! We're all gonna die! Save me!

Update: XI: What, it was another hysterical screw-up?

Oh, never mind.

People are so stupid the... (Below threshold)

People are so stupid they won't believe anything that has been proven because it doesn't fit their Left wing anti-american ideas. I believe an order issued by Saddam in July 2001 to attack Americans and American interest around the world will eventually be proven the order to attack on 9-11.

People are so stupid they won't believe anything that HASN'T been proven because it doesn't fit their right-wing anti-american ideas.

While these men may just be... (Below threshold)

While these men may just be guilty of poor language skills and stupidity, what happened to them was the right thing to do.

And in regards to Kim's commentary in the original post, it is unfortunate that she chose to interject political affiliation with this incident when this should transcend political idealology. Kim don't you know that is the job of the liberal trolls around here (who by the way seem to be multiplying like rabbits!).

JR: My metaphor is more lik... (Below threshold)

JR: My metaphor is more like a kaleidoscope of trolls: a few mirrors strategically placed, and when viewed through a pinhole all it takes is a little twisting and turning to make a few colored rocks change into endless patterns that appear to be complex and constantly changing. Almost mesmerizing...






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