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The Word of 2006: Plutoed

At least Pluto has status if not for being a planet.

Publicus points us to this very funny piece at The Onion.

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Completely non-political po... (Below threshold)

Completely non-political post: very funny, relevant article from The Onion:



Okay, since we're being so ... (Below threshold)

Okay, since we're being so proper and correct about classifying things, when are they going to reduce Europe from continent status? It's really just a portion of the Asian continent. It's not even a sub-continent.
It's just the place where all the map-makers lived for a long time.

Vee: I think the term you ... (Below threshold)

Vee: I think the term you are looking for is Islamification.

But Plustoe's planetary sta... (Below threshold)

But Plustoe's planetary status lives on, as Marzipan's rapid growth shows.







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