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Less Than A Week 'Til Jack Is Back

I started watching the Fox series "24" from the first episode of the first season and have followed the show religiously ever since. I received several emails from new fans who started watching the series after reading my weekly "24" posts and wondered whether or not I would continue the posts this season. I absolutely will and offer this post as a place for anyone wanting to comment on the upcoming season to have at it. Some fodder for those who like to engage in wild fantasy theories -- I am still holding out hope that Tony Almeida isn't dead.

The season premiere will kick off next Sunday night, January 14 with a two-hour special, with two additional hours next Monday night. You can catch up on previous seasons by watching the DVDs, or get a quick recap at the "24" website with character and episode guides. Blogs 4 Bauer has some of the latest gossip and discussion, including some talk of Jack Bauer and a unicorn. Probably my favorite "24" blog is by Dave Barry, who explains the reason all those perfect phone connections, downloads and other technical miracles that occur on "24" are completely realistic. Only six days to go...

Update: I am not alone in my Almeida fantasy scenario.

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the premiere (all 4 episode... (Below threshold)

the premiere (all 4 episodes) has been leaked on the internet...

I'm one of the ones who joi... (Below threshold)

I'm one of the ones who joined the club after reading your posts. I started watching last year, and I borrowed the DVDs of the previous series to get caught up. I then got my mom into it--she rented the 5th series and watched 8 epidsodes in a row! She says she doesn't know if she can watch it on TV--she'll hate having to wait from one week to the next as well as watching commercials.

My one prayer is that they don't kill off Chloe, and I'd love to have her smart-mouthed ex back in season 6.

If the left is correct, ... (Below threshold)

If the left is correct, 24 should flop now because the American People don't want to support someone who "tortures" people. Even terrorists.

Man, "24" must be some kind... (Below threshold)
Jim in Texas:

Man, "24" must be some kinda powerful "TV crack." It took me three years to kick "Buffy" so there's no way in hell I'm gonna watch "24."

Now, if I can just get my wife off of "House" we can get back to "TV weed" like the "Muppets" DVDs

We're going on a one-week v... (Below threshold)

We're going on a one-week vacation next week, starting Sunday! So what are we doing on vacation from 8-10 on Sunday and Monday night? Yup...room-service dinners while watching the return of Jack!! No kidding! And yes, we Tivo'ed it. We just don't want to be behind the curve in 24 discussions! :)

When you're addicted to something you can either seek a cure or embrace the addiction!!

Jim in Texas,Don't... (Below threshold)
Brian Day:

Jim in Texas,

Don't make me come out to Texas and slap you up side your head! Your wife is a great woman for watching "House". :-)

Lorie: and I'll be running... (Below threshold)

Lorie: and I'll be running my list of 24isms again this year.

Steve,My goal is to ... (Below threshold)

My goal is to post a 24 link or tidbit each day leading up to Sunday -- you can bet yours will be included.

I agree with those who think it isn't enough to Tivo the show and have to watch it live. I am too afraid I would hear a spoiler before watching the recorded version and pretty much have to watch it when it first airs. I will record it too though, just in case I want to replay a scene, the phone rings, etc.

The anticipation is starting to get to me. I am really looking forward to Sunday night, and then Prison Break a couple of days later. What could be better?

Jim in Texas,-----... (Below threshold)

Jim in Texas,

Man, "24" must be some kinda powerful "TV crack." It took me three years to kick "Buffy" so there's no way in hell I'm gonna watch "24."
OMG! Buffy was my gateway drug into the spoiler world. I was hooked on spoilers since the end of S2 all the way until this past year. This is the first season that I have been clean. I have had no spoiler info on any show at all. It is nice to have that monkey off my back.

As for 24, it is the single best series on television today.

And Lorie,

Thanks for the linkage regarding the Tony isn't dead club. I really do believe he is coming back at some point. Soul Patch just can't be dead. He can't be!

yo jackie baur is the bombd... (Below threshold)

yo jackie baur is the bombdiggidizzle fo shizzle. he came to my house on saturday and started kickin some ass in the livin room!

and tony aint dead. hes hiding because i saw him in episode 2 of this season when ahmed was getting shot by baur. his head popped out of the curtain like a zombie. i asked my cousin who works as baur's friend in the government (i have an actress cousin yall!) and she said i was full of shit but i dont knw man i think i saw him.

anyway, i sorta missed the beginning of the last episode with the "atom bomb" what's an atom bomb? they mustve explained it earlier but im not sure.






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