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Oh Give Us a Break.... Now Killer Bees are in New Orleans?!?!

First the Corps of Engineers destroyed 85% of the city. (with an assist going to Katrina in the box score) Then we had The Fires... Then came the Tornadoes ripping up things all over town...

Now we get Killer Bees? KILLER BEES?!?!? Give me a freaking break....

Tests confirm killer bees found in St. Bernard Parish

ARABI -- Testing from the Department of Agriculture and Forestry revealed a swarm of Africanized bees--more commonly known as "killer bees"--were discovered inside a St. Bernard home in October 2006, Department Commissioner Bob Odum said Friday.

This is the farthest east Africanized bees have been found in Louisiana, Odom said.

The house in question was located in the 2200 block of Esteban Street in Arabi, Odom said. The contractor hired to knock the home down noticed a high population of aggressive bees living in the structure and contacted a local beekeeper.

After discovering the severity of the problem, the beekeeper notified local mosquito control officials, who treated the area and collected samples to be sent off to the Department of Agriculture and Forestry for positive ID, Odom said.

Many of you might remember stories from Chalmette, La during Katrina. It abuts New Orleans on the SE corner. That's St. Bernard Parish. To give you an idea the amount of damage to that parish, (county) over 3 months after the storm, there was not one single building in the parish that local officials considered habitable for overnight stays.

Now with hundreds of thousands of abandoned, ruined structures it's no wonder Africanized bees are moving in. There's nobody to stop them but the demolition crews.

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Obviously part of Bush's co... (Below threshold)

Obviously part of Bush's continuing Genocide-- er, Ethnic Cleansing-- er, you know, Thing he's doing to dark skinned democrats. Africanized bees against African-Americans, though, has a poetic touch to it.

Get Shot or Killer Bees?<b... (Below threshold)

Get Shot or Killer Bees?
Get Shot or Killer Bees?
Get Shot or Killer Bees?

Glad to call New Orleans Home

Nagin didn't say anthing about a "honey city."

I guess killer bees know not to mess with Harry Lee.

OMG, Paul. I don't want to ... (Below threshold)

OMG, Paul. I don't want to think about what might happen next. I know you love New Orleans, but do you think it may be time to move?

Flood, fire, tornadoes, bee... (Below threshold)

Flood, fire, tornadoes, bees... sounds like a new version of the Plagues of Egypt. Maybe you oughta take the hint...


Dang, Jay Tea beat me to it... (Below threshold)

Dang, Jay Tea beat me to it... Was just going to say something along the lines of "4 down, 6 plagues to go"...

Arguably, Nagin could also count as one too...

Obviously the bees took up ... (Below threshold)

Obviously the bees took up residence there so they could get in on some of those juicy FEMA handouts.

And given NO's geographic l... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

And given NO's geographic location, a plague of frogs is certainly foreseeable.

Chocolate-bees... (Below threshold)


This is really old news. D... (Below threshold)

This is really old news. Don't you remember that made for TV movie "Savage Bees" (1976)? The VW Bug was covered with bees, and they drove the car into the supper dome and turned on the air conditioner until the bees would get cold and go dormant.

Don't forget <a href="http:... (Below threshold)

Don't forget a higher violent death rate than Iraq.

Still, I'm not ready to throw in the towel and move. When that frog plague happens, I'll consider it. :-)

I remember that movie. I s... (Below threshold)

I remember that movie. I saw it when I was a kid and it scared the crap out of me. I still think of it every time I go to the Dome.

Paul:Holy cow! Ar... (Below threshold)


Holy cow! Are you putting up the white flag yet? Look at it this way. It can't get any worse, right?


LOL, LOL, LOL!! I remember that movie, too, and I was convinced the whole country would be overtaken by them in a few years time.

"Your weapons are useless a... (Below threshold)

"Your weapons are useless against them!"

Actually, this is great new... (Below threshold)

Actually, this is great news about the bees, as they apparently carry the vaccine to the Black Oil (not to be confused by locals with Murphy Oil) virus. The truth is out there.

If you see locust, I'd repe... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

If you see locust, I'd repent. The end would be near...


Actually, this is great ... (Below threshold)

Actually, this is great news about the bees, as they apparently carry the vaccine to the Black Oil (not to be confused by locals with Murphy Oil) virus. The truth is out there.

No, no, no. The bees carry the virus itself, not the vaccine! Stay away from those bees!

So you need big decoy flowe... (Below threshold)

So you need big decoy flowers. Pronto.

Maybe paint the Superdome like a big flower? Then install 10,000 bug zappers around it?

My brother's friend was dis... (Below threshold)
Mike Jones:

My brother's friend was displaced from New Orleans and he tells me of this horrifying new danger he encountered when returning to his flooded out home - land sharks. Apparently the big oil refineries nearby have a history of releasing large amounts of depleted uranium, causing this bizarre permutation. These look like real great whites, but they slither with the efficiency of a snake, on land. My brother says they move quite elegantly, and since they move so slow it is easy to keep away from them.

I'm just saying to him, these are fucking sharks on your lawn!

Who knows why the MSM doesn't pick up on this, they're everywhere.

Hell (check) High Water (ch... (Below threshold)

Hell (check) High Water (check) SUPERBOWL ( )!
At least the bees are wearing the right colors. Black and Gold baby! I went into town this last Saturday to gut a home in my old neighborhood. I was worried about snakes, giant rats, roaches and spiders, but who would have thought of killer bees? Actually I ended up having a blast. It great for getting the anger out. Hope things are going well for you too.

"Hey, wazzup BRA!"</... (Below threshold)

"Hey, wazzup BRA!"

(sad to say, you can take a guy halfway around the world, even make him live among the infidels in the Northeast (Boston) for a time, but you can't take the Parish out of him...)

I remember fondly when Savage Bees hit the silver screen. Aside from the [then] ridiculous notion that NOLA would be invaded by African Bees, the funniest thing about the movie was the (even more) ridiculous notion that the Dome could actually get COLD.

There is a scene in the movie where our heroine drives the VW (yes, the choice of car she drove was a shameless attempt to leverage the Herbie audience) into the Dome, where the center screen display slowly but surely counts down the temperature, eventually reaching the 45degF temp required to make the naughty mean bees go to sleep.

Everyone I knew roared at that scene, because one of the Dome's more famous teething problems was its horrible air conditioning system. When it first opened, people literally sweltered during football games.

Meanwhile, doctorj, is anyone actually living in the Parish anymore? My brother was trying to make a go at things again shortly after the storm, down by the old PGT Beauregard High School, but I haven't kept up with things since. My sister that lived in Meraux moved across the lake. And one of my best friends from high school, Mike Voss, who lived on the eastern edge of Chalmette, not far from Meraux (on the lake side of Judge Perez Drive, near the Canal) has moved out of the area too. All of them lost their homes, and almost all of their possessions, in the storm.


Bill, I was workin... (Below threshold)

I was working in Gentilly Woods. I do hear updates on the morning news of St. Bernard though. I good portion of the tax base was recouped because of the Murphy Oil plant and a surprising amount of the population had returned. (1/3rd to 1/2). A couple of weeks ago they said they were still waiting for 500 trailers. (FEMA in action.) I read once that young couples that grew up in St. Bernard were buying up destroyed houses in nice neighborhoods and doing the work themselves. They end up with more house than they otherwise could afford. I live in Hammond now and many from Da Parish have settled here. Wonderful people!
I worked through a church. The first thing the priest did was sit the volunteers down and give a little speech. It started out "This was a man made, not a natural disaster." I thought of you immediately.LOL!

I remember that back in the... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

I remember that back in the 70s they were talking about killer bee,s then they came out with those dumb movies like THE SAWRM and others

I always found it curious t... (Below threshold)

I always found it curious that "Africanized bees" is synonymous to "Killer bees". I wonder if we could apply the same concept to terrorists, aka Africanized Muslims.

Why is this so surprising? ... (Below threshold)

Why is this so surprising? They've been in Texas for several years now and they will expand their territory. But obviously they're a bigger deal to the media than to the population at large. I guess that's because they have such a great name: KILLER BEES! Makes you want to click the story just looking at the name...

To Henry:Wouldn't th... (Below threshold)

To Henry:
Wouldn't that be more like "Muslimized Africans" than the other way around? And even that's not right because the vast majority of Muslims aren't violent so it's pretty lame to brand all Muslims, and especially all Africans with the label of "killers."

blackcat:I'm not imp... (Below threshold)

I'm not implying that Africa is the source of radical Islamic thought or killers in general. I'm just borrowing the term from the bees.

Bees are mostly non-violent, but can be violent with some provocation. Africanized bees are so defensive that they perceive virtually everything to be a threat and attack. I think the analogy holds with Islam. The "Africanized" version of Islam is the extremist version to which all Islamic terrorists hold. Hence terrorist = "Killer Muslim" = "Africanized Muslim".
I think #4 on the wiki makes the case for the term Africanized Muslims the best though.






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