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Today's the Day!

It's only three hours away! Time to head on over to Blogical Conclusions and leave your prediction for who's going to win and by how much.

It's the Ohio State Buckeyes versus Florida Gators. I can't wait!

Script Ohio was recently voted the best college tradition. Here it is on YouTube for those who haven't seen it. It's always a senior sousaphone player who is chosen to dot the "i."

Hang on Sloopy.

Throughout the day, I will update this post with other Buckeye news and information.

Comments (53)

Go SEC!!!!!!... (Below threshold)

Go SEC!!!!!!

If history is any indicatio... (Below threshold)

If history is any indication, the Heisman winner fares not very well in these games.

Then again, none of these Heisman winners had Jim Tressel as their coach.

Having said that: GO BUCKS!

Should be a good game. Too... (Below threshold)

Should be a good game. Too bad it won't really decide who is the National Champion, despite all the hype.

The winner of tonight's game, if they possess any sportsmanship at all, would immediately invite Boise State for a game next week to determine the real crown.

Not that it will happen, but the hypocrisy will be noticed this year, at least by serious sportsmen.

That was freakin' cool.... (Below threshold)

That was freakin' cool.

Please DJ.While Bo... (Below threshold)

Please DJ.

While Boise State should be mentioned, you can't say that they are the only ones not being recognized as legitimate contenders. Chiefly among them, LSU, along with many other 1 loss teams that deserve a shot.

We'll see how it all turns out tonight. If OSU destroys Florida then hands down they deserve the number one spot. That being said, I hate the BCS and would love to see the final top 8 in a playoff system so these discussions become non-existent.

So in order to move College football in that direction, I hope Florida crushes the Buck-eyes.

I agree a playoff is decade... (Below threshold)

I agree a playoff is decades overdue, JR. But if we cannot have one, let's at least agree that "undefeated" means something, something that should not be ignored when handing out BCS slots.

Oh, so this is why the demo... (Below threshold)

Oh, so this is why the democrats chose to shut down work for the day.

The only way a playoff work... (Below threshold)

The only way a playoff works is if it a 16 team, four round playoff consisting of the 11 conference champions and 5 "at-large" schools.

In an 8 team playoff, Boise State would still be on the outside looking in.

Go BUCKS!!!... (Below threshold)



The NFL will never allow th... (Below threshold)

The NFL will never allow the NCAA to have a football playoff and siphon money and viewers to College Football.

Yeah, but did you see my Wa... (Below threshold)

Yeah, but did you see my Wake Forest Deacons Jan 2?

The proudest Cinderella team in college football.

<a href="http://sports.yaho... (Below threshold)

Jim Delaney, President of the Big 10(11), is the biggest roadblock to a playoff system in College Football. A weak Big 10(11) in the future may help a playoff system along.

I-O... (Below threshold)


DJ, Agreed, undefe... (Below threshold)


Agreed, undefeated should mean something, but it can't be the only thing. If that was the case each and every big college team would be vying to schedule the temas in the lower third of the rankings every year. Conferences have to be taken into account as well and the SEC was a monster this year. At least Boise State went to a BCS bowl, and of course had one of the most amazing finishes to a game that I have ever seen.

superdestroyer: point taken, 16 would be better, although I would simply settle for a 4 team playoff at this point.

College basketball has play... (Below threshold)

College basketball has playoffs ...

So does college badrball ...

Even College Football has playoffs, at Divisions I-AA, II, and III.

There's more than a few College Presidents who badly need to be mercilessly pestered to bring Division I-A football up to the 20th century, let alone the 21st.

... er, 'badrball' should b... (Below threshold)

... er, 'badrball' should be baseball.

Yikes Tom, Delaney sounds l... (Below threshold)

Yikes Tom, Delaney sounds like a freaking mob boss!

And the Rose Bowl getting deals that no other bowl is allowd, sounds a LOT like felony collusion to me.

DJ:I thought you m... (Below threshold)


I thought you might like that link, given that you were a football referee at one time. I can just see him in his office now, talking to one of the school's Presidents..."I need you to do me a small favuh...for the good of the family..."

Also, good luck to you with your fight.

"Don't give up. Don't ever give up." ~ Jim Valvano.

Thanks Tom. I could tell y... (Below threshold)

Thanks Tom. I could tell you stories about what it's like for Texas High School football coaches, too. No names but one coach I knew took over as head coach with his team in last place, first year he takes 2nd in his district, 2nd years wins the district loses in the Regionals. Third year he's already got boosters, high-powered money boys, telling him he's expected to win State or else.

From what I hear, that is not all that uncommon, especially in places like the Big Bucks Conference.

Thanks for your good wishes too. Good thing I'm not vain about my hair - anymore. Hope I look good in a hat, maybe a nice fedora?

It's not hard to be undefea... (Below threshold)

It's not hard to be undefeated when you are playing high school teams. Come to the SEC, we'll show you what a tough schedule is about. Talk to us about 'undefeated' then.

DJ:Wow, pretty sev... (Below threshold)


Wow, pretty severe treatment for newfound success. I'm sure there are some stories like that in Ohio, too, given how big it is up here, too.

If Earle Bruce can look good in a fedora, then I don't think you'd have any problem pulling it off.

As a fellow (albeit part-ti... (Below threshold)

As a fellow (albeit part-time) blogger and an alum of the OSU Marching Band, I very much appreciate Kim's interest in the activities of OSUMB. You'd be surprised at the effort that goes into putting any marching band, particularly OSU's and other high-end bands, on the field. Tryouts for the OSUMB were more horrific than the bar exam, in my opinion. It's nice to know that these efforts are appreciated.

Buddy:Two of the B... (Below threshold)


Two of the Big 10(11)'s "high school" teams didn't do so badly against the SEC in two pretty big bowl games. ;-)

Penn State beat Tennessee 20-10 and Wisconsin beat Arkansas 17-14.

But, you're right. The one tonight is for all the marbles. May the best team win. (Hopefully for me, it's the Buckeyes.

Playoffs!? Playoffs!? You... (Below threshold)
Coach Jim Mora, Sr:

Playoffs!? Playoffs!? You're talkin 'bout PLAYOFFS?

J. R. If there was... (Below threshold)

J. R.

If there was even an 8 team playoff, that would mean that the final two teams would play three road games. That is almost as many road games as some of the big name teams play all years.

A 16 team tournament (which would be equivalent of every other NCAA tournament) would mean that the final two teams would play four road games. Can you image a first round game between Middle Tennesse State versus Ohio State in a neutral site like Mobile Alabama or Charlotte North Carolina.?

Tom:I was talking ab... (Below threshold)

I was talking about BSU.

What big teams did they play this year to be considered for the big game? Oregon State (at least they broke the top 25)? Hawaii? San Jose State? Oh wait, maybe New Mexico State? OHH I get it! Lousiana Tech!

Boise State is undefeated. But as I said, they played a bunch 'o high school teams.

Buddy, those "high school" ... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Buddy, those "high school" teams had some good-sized lines and more than a few quality players.

Which reminds me, how long's it been since you suited up? I get the feeling you never did, maybe your total experience was in a chair watching real men take hits while pretending you could do that even once without needing traction. I worked HS games as a ref, got to pull chains in a few college games, and so I know that only a total moron pretends the best high school team is even in the same galaxy as the weakest I-A college team, but then only a moron would advertise his lack of knowledge and experience by assuming that less hype means a weaker team.

DJ: Your 'feeling' is incor... (Below threshold)

DJ: Your 'feeling' is incorrect. But we'll just leave it at that, mkay?

To put Hawaii or Lousiana tech in the same league as Ohio or any of the rest of the top ten is a bit silly. To claim that a team that played a bunch of those teams is equal to UF or OU is equally silly.

DJ, I have suited up and Bu... (Below threshold)

DJ, I have suited up and Buddy is right, I would like to see how they would have fared against OU, or even Michigan. (you can see which conf I have put myself behind ;)) I bet you they would have been slaughtered, even with a few star players they would have been run over by their defenses and then their offense would have ran circles around what ever defense they could have put up. Boise has had their time in the spotlight. I hope to see them try again next year, but I just don't see it happening with the squad they will have left over.

I guess I need to remind yo... (Below threshold)

I guess I need to remind you, they did beat OU, and it took a nifty comeback by a very good OU team to keep it close!

The question is why you assume results? Afraid your mega-money school might not stand up to a team you never considered "worthy"?

OU == OSU I miss typed it..... (Below threshold)

OU == OSU I miss typed it... And my argument still stands, I make no assumptions. I base it on scoring stats of the teams that they played against...

LOL, you know what they say... (Below threshold)

LOL, you know what they say about statistics, and I also remember what the analysts predicted about the Fiesta Bowl on the basis of such statistics ...

Look, I'm not saying Ohio $tate does not have a fine team, possibly the best in Division I-A. I'm just saying the one thing we know for sure is that the current system is not going to prove who should be champion, the way it's done in every other sport, and in football at every other level.

And there is no use in pretending that we should be ignoring this. Sure, there's bigger things going on than football games, but if we're going to have football games and call someone "champion", we owe it to everyone to do it right.

And the BCS, whatever it is, is not the right way to crown a champion. Maybe OSU would wipe the field with BSU, but you can't say you know this would happen, not honestly, not after what we saw in the Fiesta Bowl.

Buddy:I'm with you... (Below threshold)


I'm with you, I know you're just being sarcastic for emphasis about the high school reference, but after watching them play OU, I think BSU would give any CFB team a run for their money.

I agree that the BCS sucks.... (Below threshold)

I agree that the BCS sucks.
I also think OU doesn't play the same calibur of teams that are found in the SEC.
Having said that, GO GATORS!!!

Halftime, Big Ego State los... (Below threshold)

Halftime, Big Ego State losing by 20.

Boise State is looking more and more like the True National Champion to me.

DJ:Big Ego State? ... (Below threshold)


Big Ego State? Hey, I live in Ohio!!! I'm giving hat's off to Florida. They're better prepared, better coached, and are executing their game plan perfectly.

Man, that was ROUGH. I've n... (Below threshold)

Man, that was ROUGH. I've not seen too many teams obliterated like the over-rated OSU squad was.

Tom B:Yea, I was b... (Below threshold)

Tom B:

Yea, I was being over the top, intentionally. The SEC is still a brutal conference. I really believe that most teams in this conference can beat almost any team in the country on a good day.

I hoped UF would win, but I never thought it would be such a mismatch. OSU got down mentally, early on, and never even were in the game from about the 2nd quarter. Amazing game, and great game plan on the Offensive side for UF. No fancy crap, just pound that ball. And the D, whew, that was harsh.

And I gotta do it. Troy wh... (Below threshold)

And I gotta do it. Troy who?



Anyone who claims Boise Sta... (Below threshold)

Anyone who claims Boise State is the true national champion must be kidding: look at how weak their schedule was here. The only impressive win was against OK and they were ranked 7. Sorry, but not good enough to be national champs.

Well, hat's off to Florida,... (Below threshold)

Well, hat's off to Florida, they definitely deserved it. I'm not sure OSU is overrated, it's pretty tough to beat 3 #2 teams in one season, but man...they just got beat in every phase of the game. The 4 short fields Flordia had in the 1st half made all the difference. Like I said, Florida just out-prepared, out-played and out-coached Ohio State.

In these games, it's all about minimizing mistakes. OSU didn't do that, and Florida punished them for it.

Florida gave OSU a butt whipping, and that's going happen when a well-coached team catches another one on an off night. In my book, Florida is the National Champion over Boise State due to the strength of the SEC. Again, congratulations to them.

I'm still pretty happy with OSU's season. It's pretty rare to get into 2 National Championship games so soon. (2003 and now 2007).

Ohhhhhh! Gotta love them... (Below threshold)

Ohhhhhh! Gotta love them Gators!

OSU needed to be knock down a few notches and learn some humility!

Smith whoooooooo?????

Go GATORS!!!!!!

OH! PS:AT L... (Below threshold)




Ouch, that one had to hurt ... (Below threshold)

Ouch, that one had to hurt the OSU fans. Great season, bitter ending. Kim you're getting a rep for just coming up short, the Tigers and now OSU. Could you do me a favor and post about how you are rooting for the Saints this weekend so the Eagles will win(I kid, I kid).

And I got what I wanted, Florida destroyed 'em, now let's start talking about a playoff system. It's needed. And DJ, saying that Boise State is the true national champ is just silly.

There's only one team which... (Below threshold)

There's only one team which made it through it all undefeated. If there'd been a playoff, we'd know who was champion. Florida is not undefeated and Boise State is, and yes that matters in my book.

Does that make Boise State #1? I'm not seriously saying so, but I am saying that Florida cannot claim the title by right, either, because they got a deal denied to deserving teams, a field which by all rights should have included Boise State.

If Boise State ever wants t... (Below threshold)

If Boise State ever wants to be taken seriously they need to play a stronger schedule. I looked at the schedule that matthew linked and never saw a bigger collection of patseys in my life. If you need to join another conference then do it, but any ranked team would have been undefeated with BS's schedule so quit yer bitchin'.

"Does that make Boise State... (Below threshold)

"Does that make Boise State #1? I'm not seriously saying so, but I am saying that Florida cannot claim the title by right, either, because they got a deal denied to deserving teams, a field which by all rights should have included Boise State."

You can't reward teams for playing total cupcake schedules.

Give UF Boise's schedule and not only are they undefeated, they likely win evry game by at least 2 TD's. Give Boise UF's schedule and there are, minimum, 3 losses.

DJ, dude, let BSU come play... (Below threshold)

DJ, dude, let BSU come play in the SEC (or the Big 10 even) conference for one year. We'll see where they end up. My guess is fluttering below Vanderbilt or Michigan State. To claim because the beat a mediocre Oklahoma team (go Stoops!) in overtime they deserve to play for the championship is inane. Otherwise, they haven't PLAYED anyone this year in their 'undefeated' season. Now to be sure, that was a great game, but it was one game that they won by a nib.

To make my point, OU had lost to Oregon. I'm frankly surprised they did as well as they did. To compare the WAC to the the Big 10 or SEC is beyond silly. Should there be a playoff? Heck sure, more football! Would BSU have gotten anywhere in a playoff. I very, very much doubt it.

The speed difference in the SEC is huge. That 'myth' was proven by Troy Smith sitting on his butt more times in one game than any time else in the season, and his dismal passer rating. Smith is a great QB, no doubt. But when your o-line is getting creamed all day and you don't have time to move, the best QB in the nation can't do jack.

15 teams would have gone un... (Below threshold)

15 teams would have gone undefeated this year if they played Boise State's schedule.

And you're an idiot, DJ.

Of course, we all knew that when you defended the way the Super Bowl was officiated last year.

The critical flaw in your a... (Below threshold)

The critical flaw in your anti-Boise arguments is this: I am talking about the fact that Boise State won all of its games, while you are assuming Boise State "would have lost" if they had a harder schedule.

Despite name-calling (way to look mature, Barndon), only an "idiot" confuses his assumptions with facts.

You do not know that Boise state would have lost. And because Boise State is the only undefeated team in Division I-A, you elitists cannot claim that your team is the Champion.

As it happens, I have no dog in ths fight. I never went to Boise State or any of the schools in the BCS hunt this year, nor do I resent any of them. But I am laughing my sides silly at all the excuses Big Money Conference are making to avoid the clear, undeniable fact that without a playoff, there is no champion who earned the name.

And Mike/Buddy/Kent, how about you admit that schools like Boise State can't get the time of day from snob schools like Overpriced University and Big Ego State. I'm old enough to recall when BYU had legitimate championship contenders that always got snubbed, and when they tried to play the "name" schools, they couldn't get a sniff. Certain schools in particular like to play pansy schools with good names rather than take a chance playing a solid team who just doesn't get the SportsCenter hype.

Again, only a playoff sorts this out. But it looks like the guys who are used to special treatment from the BCS are not willing to actually prove it on the field. And this year for sure, Boise State did what they couldn't do, and obviously that's really embarrassing for all that money spent by boosters and snotty alumni.

Funny you have something to... (Below threshold)

Funny you have something to say about the 'name calling' when you did the same crap. You started it. Can't take the heat? Don't spout crap in the first place, and thats exactly what you're peddling.

I'm not being elitist. I'm being factual. San Jose state (Who has a winning record in the WAC conference)or some other rotational WAC team is usually the standard whipping post for UF's homecoming. I know what those teams are like because we play them from time to time.

I thought the WAC conference was tough? Who had the most number of bowl appearances and wins this year? Was it WAC?

Didn't think so. Drive through.


Interesting tactic, Buddy. ... (Below threshold)

Interesting tactic, Buddy. When you can't win on the merits of your argument, you ignore the relevant facts and try to twist the context.

The fact that just will not go away is this - there is only one team which defeated every opponent it faced. Therefore, every other team has a factual defeat on its record, while those who want to disparage the undefeated team must create imaginary defeats.

Pathetic, really.

And Mike/Buddy/Kent, how... (Below threshold)

And Mike/Buddy/Kent, how about you admit that schools like Boise State can't get the time of day from snob schools like Overpriced University and Big Ego State.

They did last year and were positively slaughtered by Georgia in a game not even as close as the absurd score indicated.

They BARELY beat an above-average OU squad.

I'm old enough to recall when BYU had legitimate championship contenders that always got snubbed, and when they tried to play the "name" schools, they couldn't get a sniff.

Join a real conference. It's a simple solution. Florida had to play in the insanely tough SEC. An SEC with at least 3 teams who could've taken OSU to the woodshed and with at least 8 that could have handled BSU.

If you play cupcakes all season, beating all of them isn't special. It's expected.






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