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Zalmay Khalilzad Officially Nominated as US Ambassador to the UN

Secretary of State Rice has just announced that President Bush will nominate Ambassador Khalilzad as the US Ambassador to the United Nations. Ryan Crocker will replace him as the US Ambassador to Iraq.


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Comments (6)

Finally...an actual diploma... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

Finally...an actual diplomat where we need one...nitpicking aside...He is widely accepted and most of all respected...Dufur and Iran need serious attention...I wish him well...

As good as Ambassador Khali... (Below threshold)

As good as Ambassador Khalilzad is, going to the UN still amounts to pissing in the ocean.

At least Bolton was shown t... (Below threshold)

At least Bolton was shown the door - what a worthless sot he turned out to be.

surprisingly enough, lee, i... (Below threshold)

surprisingly enough, lee, i've read many interviews with other diplomats and UN personnel who have said that Bolton actually wasn't that hard to get along with. many actually credited him with being somewhat effective at pushing the US effort to reform the UN.

all your comment shows is how willfully ignorant and blinded by partisanship you are. you are blinded by your own prejudices. i suggest a little more open-mindedness on your part. =)

ke_future:The Japane... (Below threshold)

The Japanese ambassador to the UN was VERY complimentary to Bolton.

I'm sure others didn't like his style. One thing he did was--*gasp*--expect people to show up on time for Security Council meetings when he presided. They'd stroll in an hour late or more, like the typical useless unserious people they are. The first change by the new presiding officer? Not bothering to hold meetings on time!

The time is long overdue fo... (Below threshold)

The time is long overdue for serious reforms at the United Nations, and not just implementation of the ususal reform plans. The place needs to be grounded in the principle of democracy and less influenced by the dictators of the world. Like this:








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