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BBQ Ribs in the Winter? Oh yeah!

A blogger friend of mine, Greg Tinti at at The Political Pit Bull, has created a new blog about his other passion, food. It's called Relish and it's a lot of fun. Check out today's post about how to cook BBQ baby back ribs in the winter.

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No need to electrify, kim..... (Below threshold)

No need to electrify, kim...freezing one's a$$ off while char-broiling one's front half is the price ya pay for real food. I grilled last night for my "birthday dinner" a couple days early.

And if you're not cooking over wood, you're missing the joy of grilling.

I also managed to char-broil some crow to perfection for ol' JD...seems after I made a statement about the strength of the SEC, looking forward to the LSU/Notre Dame and OSU/Florida games, he said:

maybe the SEC will lay another egg on Wednesday, before FLA gets destroyed by tOSU.

And yes, it is time for a playoff system.

The 1st winter storm after ... (Below threshold)

The 1st winter storm after I bought my first home in 1987 knocked power out for maybe 2 days. A few of us decided to have a 'grill fest, out of necessity, else we'd lose much of the food we had in fridge. So began an annual tradition of grilling(its not BBQING)after the 1st real snowfall. I still grill 1-2x a wek, and inevitably will get looks from neighbors, who just smile and shake their head.

I usually use chunk charcoal, and but I will when doing a long n slow cook, like beer can chicken.

I will be the first to admi... (Below threshold)

I will be the first to admit that my testosterone induced primal instincts drives me to grill year round.

And I have a question, "does the meat make the beer taste better or does beer make the meat taste better"?

I never seem to try grilling with out beer drinking. And I don't waste it as a marinade but only for the occasional flame up.

Oh, and real men do clean the grates on the grill between cooking sessions. Previous debris on the grate does not equate a secret special recipe. IMHO.

You'll need to grill up eno... (Below threshold)

You'll need to grill up enough crow for me, too, Bo. Who were those guys last night masquerading as the OSU football team, anyway?

Kim, could've been any give... (Below threshold)

Kim, could've been any given overrated Big 10/Big 12/PAC-10 team....

Conference bowl stats (in order of number of bowl appearances):
SEC: 6-3
ACC: 4-4
Big 12: 3-5
Big 10: 2-4
Pac-10: 3-3
Big East: 5-0
CUSA: 1-4
Western: 3-1
Mid-America: 1-3
Mountain West: 3-1
Sun Belt: 1-1
Independents: 0-2

BCS representation of the SEC isn't the problem...BCS recognition is the issue.

And please forgive me for s... (Below threshold)

And please forgive me for semi-hijacking the thread, Kim. You mentioning grilling reminded me how much I was enjoying the steak & the game last night...lol

Bo, I don't think ... (Below threshold)


I don't think the Buckeyes were overrated; the way they played last night was an anomaly. If the Bucks had played as they did during the regular season, they would have defeated the Gators.

But I do agree with you and others that having a playoff is a good idea that would give me, as a fan of college football, a lot of great games to watch.

I have an answer.y... (Below threshold)

I have an answer.

yes! ;-)

If Greg had a Big Green Egg... (Below threshold)
Bob Jones:

If Greg had a Big Green Egg Ceramic Smoker/Grill he wouldn't be trying to "bbq" ribs in an indoor electric oven. He'd be doing it the proper way "BBQ" is done, outside, low & slow, over lump charcoal with chunks of hickory wood for about 4 hours.

That's how ribs are done year round in my neck of the woods.

Wow, that's impressive, Bob... (Below threshold)

Wow, that's impressive, Bob.

If you live in Central or S... (Below threshold)

If you live in Central or Southern AZ, technique for BBQ ribs is about the same all year long. Only advantage in winter is less chances of sunburn or dehydration.

I often eat BBQ in the wint... (Below threshold)

I often eat BBQ in the winter as I sit by the pool. But I live in Florida.






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