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No, It isn't Joe Biden

Visit Wizbang Politics to find out which Democrat congressman's website was copied from a Republican congressman's -- so much so that the Democrat points constituents to the Republican's office for various services.

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But Biden is sooo good at c... (Below threshold)

But Biden is sooo good at copying.

This is out right stealing.... (Below threshold)

This is out right stealing. Look at the Flag request. The paragraph is identical..

"If you are a resident of Nebraska's First Congressional District, you may purchase a U.S. flag from the office of Rep. Jeff Fortenberry."

If you Google the flag text... (Below threshold)

If you Google the flag text, you will find other web sites that use the same language and page layout.

The first two that I found were both from the "R" side of the aisle. So what does that say?

I'd say the fine Congressma... (Below threshold)

I'd say the fine Congressman from Wisconsin finally had his page corrected. As of this morning, the Wisconsin Congressman had Nebraska in his flag request. The entire content of that page was nearly word for word of that of the Nebraska Congressman. Sorry, but web pages, html markups and links are copyright to their Web owner regardless of what party they belong to.






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