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US Strikes Al Qaeda in Somalia: Update

Last night I linked to a CBS News article that gave us great news about the United States, in conjunction with Ethiopian troops, going after al Qaeda in East Africa, specifically the masterminds behind the 1998 embassy bombings. They may have been successful.

A U.S. Air Force AC-130 gunship attacked suspected al-Qaeda members in southern Somalia on Sunday, and U.S. sources said the operation may have hit a senior terrorist figure.

Additionally, Fox News' sources at the pentagon are also saying that several al Qaeda targets have been killed.

Today we're hearing that the strikes have resumed and with US helicopter gunships:

MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) -- U.S. helicopter gunships attacked suspected al-Qaeda terrorists hiding in Somalia Tuesday, a Somali official said, a day after U.S. Special Operations forces launched at least two air attacks against suspected al-Qaeda members in this restive Horn of Africa country.

The attack helicopters were trying to kill Islamic extremists, said a defense ministry official who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak. The report could not be verified.

Rick Moran has even more on yesterday's air strike at his blog Right Wing Nut House and goes into detail on how the strike was brilliantly executed. Be sure to scroll down and read all of Rick's post because he also exposes how lefty bloggers are dismayed that we used the military option instead of negotiating with the Islamic Courts Union, the ICU.

Update: Jim Hoft has much more on the second air strike as well as the photos of the terrorists we were targeting.

Update II: Jay at Stop the ACLU has a blog roundup.


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Comments (18)

Uberlibbies coming to the d... (Below threshold)

Uberlibbies coming to the defense of the terrorists rights in 3, 2, 1....

Yeah, and then in about 4 m... (Below threshold)

Yeah, and then in about 4 months, Moran will have a different opinion on the air strikes.

The AC-130 Gunship is one m... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

The AC-130 Gunship is one mean machine. One of it's nicknames is "Spooky". Follow link below to see what Spooky can do, in this case Al-Queda targets in Afghanistan. Trolls should not watch this unless wearing Depends.


Rick Moran's post is wrong ... (Below threshold)

Rick Moran's post is wrong on this point:

Funny how the Agonist writer failed to mention that tiny detail of a declaration of jihad against largely Christian Ethiopia by the radicals in ICU long before the invasion.

According the CIA Fact Book Ethiopia is a predominantly Muslim nation.

This illustrates one of the long-term challenges with our strategy of relying on the Ethiopians as proxies. Ethiopia is also facing a number of internal rebellions including a long-running conflict with the Oromo Liberation Front . Now they've bitten off Somalia with its nearly 100% Muslim population and it may be more than they can chew.

Either way it seems likely that, like Afghanistan, Somlia's central government will continue to be weak and entirely dependent upon outside support for survival. It will face a long-running guerrilla war with Islamists both inside Somalia and Ethiopia. So it may be a bit premature to start popping the corks on the champagne bottles.

Turns out there's <a href="... (Below threshold)

Turns out there's uncertainty on the religion point. However, there's no doubt that Ethiopia is historically a Christian nastion; Christianity got a very early start there.

Bandwagoneers: Read the new... (Below threshold)

Bandwagoneers: Read the news before it happens and stay ahead of the propaganda mill. http://antiwar.com/justin/?articleid=10238

Gee, Rick Moran was wrong o... (Below threshold)

Gee, Rick Moran was wrong on something? Go figure. The number of inaccuracies in each of his articles are numerous.

bryanD: have a link to a ne... (Below threshold)

bryanD: have a link to a news organisation? Or just leftist agitprop? (Remember the pipeline through Afghanistan? That was the only reason we were there, according to Ted Rall et. al. Funny how that never happened. Let me know when stuff you guys say has consistent predictive power. "Baghdad will be like Stalingrad!".......)

Gee Pete - and just today I... (Below threshold)
Rick Moran:

Gee Pete - and just today I reinstated all the people I banned over the past two years. I even reinstated YOUR IP - which either reveals me to be a fool or a saint.

And I see you are just as non germane and idiotic commenting here as you were at my site - which, along with your insults and incoherence, got you banned in the first place.

Suggestion: When you charge me with "numerous" inaccuracies in "each of my articles," dontchya think that maybe you should back those statements up a little with a link or two along with an explanation?

I've written more than 1700 articles on my blog. It would be helpful if you went through each of them and pointed out where I was "inaccurate."

Or maybe you were being just a wee bit hyperbolic?

Or maybe you were just lying through your teeth and going around to various websites trying to defame me?

Larkin:You are tec... (Below threshold)
Rick Moran:


You are technically correct. Ethiopia is 40% Christian with animists and Muslims making up the bulk of the rest.

As I recall, there used to be a fairly large Jewish community that was driven out during WWII...

JohnAnnArbor, Justin Raimon... (Below threshold)

JohnAnnArbor, Justin Raimondo's articles are always hyperlinked to a dozen sources. Plenty of background. Check his archives against subsequent events. Impressive. And the Basra bomb plot by the UK SAS was reported accurately the FIRST time there too. As for his site (anti-war.com), not crazy about the name, but as a former marine, who am I worried to impress? And have you checked out the search-news-by-country field at left? Excellent! Just sayin'. W'bang's a nice place to visit, but is liable to stunt your growth.

My point on Ethiopia is tha... (Below threshold)

My point on Ethiopia is that there is a large Muslim population there that could provide a base for an anti-Christian insurgency in that country.

Also, while I don't have the statistics, I believe that the birth rates among Muslims in this area of the world are very high (I know nearby Yemen's population is exploding). If the Christians in Ethiopia aren't outnumbered now they probably will be in a decade or so.

While we may have scored some hits on the Islamists I think in the long-term we will likely face a lingering Islamist insurgency in Somalia and a steady disintegration of Ethiopia's cohesiveness and ability to function. Ultimately, the entire swath of the Horn of Africa from the Indian ocean into southern Sudan could dissolve into a Balkanized set of warring fiefdoms providing fertile ground for ongoing Al Qaeda operations.

Rick - I thought that post was well done. I have favorited your site (which you may regret since I'll likely disagree fairly often).

Did bryan just call antiwar... (Below threshold)

Did bryan just call antiwar.com a propaganda mill?
I totally agree! Wahooo!

Heh I bet I can pinpoint on... (Below threshold)

Heh I bet I can pinpoint on a map where those soldiers are based, or at least forward based. The old French Territory (now a country called Djibouti) inbetween Somalia and Ethiopia has a US Navy base there.

I'm glad I'm being sent to the USNS Zeus soon (in the Pacific), 'cause my last ship (USNS Saturn) pulled into Djibouti for supplies...

Thank God for the AC-130 gu... (Below threshold)

Thank God for the AC-130 gunship. I've seen film footage of the carnage that thing can dish out. I would hate to be somebody on the receiving end of that firepower. If any Al-Qeada operatives were in the area, they're dead now(as well as any other people unlucky enough to hang out with Al-Qeada types)

Hey Rick Moran,foo... (Below threshold)

Hey Rick Moran,

fool or saint? Go with "A." Your articles are full of inaccuracies. When these inaccuracies are pointed it out, you choose to ignore the criticism or censor your critics. And why are you following me anyway? Don't you have some blogg begging to do? I really enjoyed how a certain "B rated" blogger described you. It went something like this:


I must say, well said.

Perhaps you'd like to addre... (Below threshold)
Rick Moran:

Perhaps you'd like to address my point about your lack of proof regarding my innaccuracies?

I thought not.

I don't respond to every criticism I get because there is no point in opening a dialogue with idiots. And by "censoring" do you mean deleting comments that are shallow, insulting, and so off topic as to be ridiculous? Yes, I plead guilty.

And this blogger who said "something like" what you quoted - are you allergic to links? Or, more likely, no such blogger exists and you are lying again. Even if the guy exists and you somehow approximateed what he said, the incoherence of his criticism only proves that you are an ignoramous when it comes to recognizing either clear thinking or good writing.

Umm Rick,I gave yo... (Below threshold)

Umm Rick,

I gave you a hint as to who the blogger was by calling the person a "B-rated" blogger. That is what you called this same blogger.That is why I used quotation marks, oh brilliant writer. Your articles are full of inaccuracies. Not only that, your opinion changes every few months. That is why you have very little traffic. Going through all of them would require me re-reading your work. That is something that is just too painful (actually dull is the better word) to do. Now get back to your begging for money. By the way, I made a donation to your site, it is in the mail....just keep looking out for it. The Rightwing Nuthouse? More like The Nuthouse...






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